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Lindsay Lohan: 'I Don't Do Drugs'

6/2/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan boldly proclaimed in 2007, "I don't do drugs" ... even though her urine told a very different story.


TMZ has obtained a statement Lindsay wrote in connection with her 2007 arrest for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, following a wild chase on Pacific Coast Highway.

As we just reported, according to the police report, Lindsay's urine showed the presence of cocaine.

And cops say they found a small amount of cocaine in Lindsay's pants pocket, but Lindsay had an explanation for the police:  "I am wearing a pair of borrowed jeans from a friend/assistant ... She wore a pair of my jeans ..." 

Lindsay also said, "I am sober.  Promises in Malibu, CA, I left 2 wks ago or so & completed my stay & am & will continue to be drug free."

And Lindsay goes on:  "[the assistant] and her boyfriend currently use & may have set me up."

Lindsay ends her statement with these words, "I don't do drugs.  Thank you God bless."


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What the heck
This is from 07 so lame

1581 days ago


I do not do drugs and I am not a ginger. LOL

1581 days ago

Pretty LL    

Not one word out of this s***bags mouth is the truth. EVER

1581 days ago


Liar, Liar, Pants with Coke in the pockets on fire.

1581 days ago


You never know what an addict is going to do and addiction is as unique to each person as their fingerprint. Some people totally quit all at once in one final showdown like a sudden total quit or total quit after rehab. For others it can be kind of a evolutionary process where they've decided they will totally quit but keep on using a little until they find the strength or wherewithall to quit all together. A lot of people do it completely on their own, some need help. It's a multifaceted, multidimensional spectrum of possibilities. To be honest, we don't even know how much of an addict she really is and she may be in the process of trying to heal herself now. Just wish her well and hope there is no more trouble when this whole thing is over. That is all any decent person out there would do.

1581 days ago


What the fudge does a 2007 statement have to do with the absolute trainwreck that is currently Lindsanity Lohan?

She said it in '07, so it must be true now?

Good Lord.

1581 days ago


SOMEBODY PLEASE..just throw this gal in jail where she belongs...and out of the Lohan news!
She lies each and every time she opens her botoxed 50 year old mouth.
Her imminent bleak demise is going to be on the hands of each and every person who prevents her from doing some good time behind bars.

1581 days ago


I don't do drugs, I'm just famous for my drug use

Also alcohol isn't a drug


1581 days ago


LOL - that is just hilarious! WOW what a pile of crap.

1581 days ago


Lock her up. And God Bless.

1581 days ago


She's an aggressively arrogant delusional liar who's such a drug addict that she doesn't even know when she's on drugs. AND, it's ALWAYS someone else's fault; "someone set me up" is her paranoid delusional excuse of choice (how many times have we heard that?). Enough already; I hope she's forced to answer the coke question and finally admit in open court that she actually has a problem. Otherwise, I say toss her pampered little poodle ass in jail; I'm sick of the sight of her...

1581 days ago


Lindsay lies? You dont say? Well Im sure her obsessed fans will have to disagree, Im sure that urine test was wrong or her father paid someone to sabotage it because if Lindsay says she was drug free then its true! She said god bless!

1581 days ago


Yeah right. She is a waste case.

The only reason she went and had her wisdom teeth pulled was so she could dope it up on pain pills. Im a moron and I know this. The judge in her case must be a total dimwit.

1581 days ago


If anyone thinks for a second that Lindsay is not an addict then go down to your local drug corner and look at what a drug addict looks like. Then looks at some of the pictures of her without make up with dirty greasy hair and dirt looking cloths, deep wrinkles in her forehead and her spaced out expression. People who arent addicts dont look that way constantly!

1581 days ago


This is from 2007...desperate much TMZ? What will the next Lindsay story be? How Lindsay chipped a finger nail? Go get some real news!

1581 days ago
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