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Lindsay Lohan: 'I Don't Do Drugs'

6/2/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan boldly proclaimed in 2007, "I don't do drugs" ... even though her urine told a very different story.


TMZ has obtained a statement Lindsay wrote in connection with her 2007 arrest for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, following a wild chase on Pacific Coast Highway.

As we just reported, according to the police report, Lindsay's urine showed the presence of cocaine.

And cops say they found a small amount of cocaine in Lindsay's pants pocket, but Lindsay had an explanation for the police:  "I am wearing a pair of borrowed jeans from a friend/assistant ... She wore a pair of my jeans ..." 

Lindsay also said, "I am sober.  Promises in Malibu, CA, I left 2 wks ago or so & completed my stay & am & will continue to be drug free."

And Lindsay goes on:  "[the assistant] and her boyfriend currently use & may have set me up."

Lindsay ends her statement with these words, "I don't do drugs.  Thank you God bless."


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She sure fooled me!

1610 days ago



1610 days ago

Kris in NYC    

Why are all of you people saying "its from 2007, who cares!?" Well... her current court case is allll about the 2007 chase/bust, and people are talking about and wondering what will happen in this court case. Things are starting to come out now, so yeah, some people are interested. chill! lol

1610 days ago


In Malibu... drugs do you!

1610 days ago


So back in 2007 Lindsay drove drunk and did drugs. Geez I think that is news back in 2007.
She now has a bracelet on that goes off if she drinks and she gets random drug testing every week.
I guess since she in not in jail for violating her conditions(her bracelet has not went off, and her tests have not shown up anything) TMZ is so desperate to go back and get news from 2007.
TMZ if you want to do something useful, why don't you put up a Lindsay countdown clock on her SCRAM bracelet to run until it goes off, showing she is drinking. At least that will be current news.

1610 days ago

Money in hand    

The Lindsay Lohan Comments CD Box Set.Read by Morgan Freeman.

1610 days ago


Have a had writing analysis analyze her writing. You will be able to tell if she was on drugs writing this letter. It will also reveal other qualities that she has!

1610 days ago


She's a lying, delusional bitch. I can't wait for the judge to question her in open court, forcing her to admit that she does drugs. Stupid whore needs to be tossed in jail for a long ass time...

1610 days ago


Nice penmanship, Linds.

1610 days ago


You're going to hell...God bless.

1610 days ago


I dont care if she lies...she is friggin smokin hoit....she is cute, bi and has great tits...I mean come on...thats PERFECT !!

1609 days ago


9. Are you sure it was her wisdom teeth?

Posted at 3:41 PM on Jun 2, 2010 by please


Yeah right. Like the lush didn't have them removed when she got braces YEARS AGO. She just wants to ****tail out on pills & her dentist is enabling her. She will mess up cuz her head will be in a fog from the pills & she will grab a bottle of booze - OPPS. Then her scam bracelet will go off.
Finally, justice.

1608 days ago


68. TMZ is doing to Lindsay the exact same thing they did to Paris Hilton 3 years ago. Drag up a never ending set of things that have no bearing on anything to whip their readers into a frenzy and try to play both sides of the street.

The police test showed an indication of coke? What did the lab report say???

This is just the latest whitch hunt!

Then we will be flooded with Lindsay surrenders, Lindsay cries in her cell, and the great final show when she is released.

She is going to jail for violation of her probation... everyone on here wants her jailed and it is going to happen on 6 July wait patiently everyone you will get your pound of flesh.

Oh and when she is jailed we will have never ending posts about how light or heavy her time was.

Posted at 10:24 PM on Jun 2, 2010 by Spot


Didn't she plead guilty to 2 count of coke & plead no contest to 2 DUI's?

This isn't a "witch hunt", it's called reality. The girl is seriously screwed up. Everyone needs to know about this sad lost child so that maybe someone else starting down this path will wake up & stop before they spiral into her.
Just my opinion.

1608 days ago

ll is a stup bit    

okay lindsay, ENOUGH with the entitled princess routine = first of all, because you're not - a princess - in any way, second of all because we are - so so SICK of you, YOU ARE NOT pretty, smart or very talented. Piss off, go away. DIE.

1600 days ago
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