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'Celebrity Rehab' in Talks with Liza Minnelli

6/2/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0602_liza_EX_Getty_01TMZ has learned "Celebrity Rehab" is setting its sights on Liza Minnelli to headline its new season.

As we first reported, the show was put on ice yesterday because it didn't have the star power it needed to launch the season.

We're told the parties have been negotiating but no deal has been struck.  Insiders say the figure being negotiated is "in the $500,000 universe."

We spoke with Liza, who says she has "no interest" in doing the show.  But we're told negotiations continue.

Minnelli reportedly said in 2004 she went back into rehab for alcohol addiction.

We've previously reported the names of several other new cast members, including Tila Tequila and Jason Wahler.

We're told the show could begin shooting as early as Friday.


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2. It's Liza with a Z.. NOT Lisa with an S because Lisa with an S go's SSSSSSS not ZZZZZZZ .. *Snap

I'm ready for a drink now

Posted at 10:26 AM on Jun 2, 2010 by LaToya Jackson

I remember that rap! It was from her song "Twist in My Sobriety".

1571 days ago


Good grief...look at those eyebrows Tattoo City.

1571 days ago


Well she certainly needs help.Just last week she was on the Joy Bahar show and she was a wreck.She is pitiful.

1571 days ago

Just Sayin    

tila tequila next to liza?!! YEAH RIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Celebrity rehab has gone to ****s, liza is a fawken legend

1571 days ago


Can't we wave some cash in front of Lindsey Lohan for this love in?

1571 days ago


I thought Tila was a big enough celebrity, as least that what she says.

1571 days ago


Shut up with your stupid comments----she has more talent in her little finger than you could ever dream of. She's from a generation that was less hostile too...she's not a mean person. In her life Liza has experienced incredible things,people and amazing Broadway success and she's a very good film actress. What most idiots like you can't fathom is a truly artistic person like Liza. Artists are DIFFERENT. And yeah, her make-up looks great.
She looks great. Age happens to everyone too, by the way. Morons, try posting your photo when you're her age and lets see how many people think you look not so hot. Judy Garland's daughter is a sweet, complex, high-strung,famous artist who has a very human,imperfect life. As for her critics, ? No one knows who the hell you are, do they ?!

1571 days ago


Why don't they check Leif Garrett in there???
He has been battling this Heroin problem for years now!
My God are they in this to really save lives, or is it all a bunch of Hollywood propaganda???
Don't let another child star lose their life!
Dr. Drew won't you please help Leif???

1571 days ago


Maybe she can be in talks with Bright Smile?!

1571 days ago


I LOVE "Celebrity Retard"
Everytime it's on TV I get the urge to use. The show gives me an excuse and gives me hopes that maybe someday someone will pay me to get high!

1571 days ago

Tim S    

Dr. Drew, for all of us his *possible* good intentions and certain knowledge of addictions is now appearing to the public at large to be another Dr. Phil McGraw; an opportunist whose found a niche' with the afflicted. If he can't find a natural niche' he'll create one by forcing himself into one.
If this guy really cared about these celebs he wouldn't be making his living off them when their in the state we see them in on 'Celebrity Rehab'.
Anonymity is most important not just to the famous but to the man on the street during rehab. Are the celebs that participate just as much to blame? In my opinion, yes. Disgression is a necessary part of living here; increased exploitation of others or one's self is not a good thing especially when you're trying to get sober.
Drew, if you're going to do a show to 'increase awareness' and 'help' do it in the proper way that you already know it should be done. I've no respect for you, the participating celebs or this show. If you want to help people, and if people want to get help, you know what to do and how to conduct yourselves. Get a grip.

1571 days ago


Liza Minelli ruined the movie Arthur. And now Dudley Moore is dead and Liza has makeup eyebrows. What kind of a world are we living in?

1570 days ago


Saw these on Youtube.

1570 days ago
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