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Spencer Pratt -- Still Nuts Over Heidi

6/2/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dressed in his mountain man militia wear best, Spencer Pratt hiked over to Malibu today -- and told us he thought his marriage to Heidi Montag was strictly made-for-TV.

The bearded & ring-clad 26-year-old told us Heidi is still his ideal mate -- but since she moved out ... he's gotta move on. 

He also took a shot at Heidi's reality replacement partner -- Jennifer Bunny -- insinuating that she's using Montag to get famous.

Spencer also claims he's running out of cash -- and hopes to hit the jackpot in his new career ... as a screenwriter.


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Better put him on suicide watch. This guy is a loon, and when he realizes that he is no where near being a star, he will off himself. Maybe he can get a reality show called, "Spencer for hire, or I'll kill myself."

1572 days ago



1572 days ago


Any one leaching on to her to make it famous is making a huge mistake... very few can stand either one of them whether they are together or not together she has no career in showbiz.

1572 days ago

Illinois person    

Could this dude be any fuglyer? He's beyond gross and a celebrity ZERO with even less than zero talent. Why are all of the good ones dying off and this one is still taking up space?

1572 days ago

go home!    

dude, this character has already been done. He's called Puck from the Real World.

1572 days ago


This might be far fetched but there is a extra starbucks drink to the right of him, which leads me to believe that it is the guys that is taping it. His FRIEND! all the questions seemed too scripted and he did a bad job at pretending to be caught off guard. I mean my neck started to hurt watching him!

1572 days ago


Is there any truth to the rumors that Spencer and his production company (how does this quack have a production company?!) are involved in Heidi's new reality show? If so, it seems likely this is all just completely manufactured drama for the benefit of publicity.

1572 days ago

why is she there ?    

he keeps twitching and turning around, what is he looking for ?
also he looks at his wrist , for the time ?? but is not wearing a watch ?
is he on crack or something ? maybe he is looking for lilo .

1572 days ago


What is up with his outfit and beard. He looks like a mountain man in lost in the Bu. Might work if he was in Alaska.

1572 days ago


He might be schizophrinic... or a major drug addict, which is a common sign of schizophrenia. Typical onset for men is in their 20's... Who knows. He is very entertaining on "the hills" though, without his craziness, it would be crap.

1572 days ago


Useless freakin douchebag, go kill yourself

1572 days ago


No doubt his head is wrapped in aluminum foil under that hat.

1572 days ago

Little Lisa    

WTF - is that a rape whistle around his neck? What's up with the Brad Pitt circa 1992 look? P.S. Spencer - you are NOT, or will you ever be, Brad Pitt

1572 days ago


I don't bash people, but this dude is "CREEPY"! Is he coked up, or what? Looking all over the place, and checking his watch (he isn't wearing one). Ummmm....since she moved out, I gotta move on? Someone using Heidi to get famous? Please! This is the first newsworthy thing she has done. And he is a freak!

1572 days ago


Am I the only one who finds him creepy as Hell?

1572 days ago
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