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Spencer Pratt -- Still Nuts Over Heidi

6/2/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dressed in his mountain man militia wear best, Spencer Pratt hiked over to Malibu today -- and told us he thought his marriage to Heidi Montag was strictly made-for-TV.

The bearded & ring-clad 26-year-old told us Heidi is still his ideal mate -- but since she moved out ... he's gotta move on. 

He also took a shot at Heidi's reality replacement partner -- Jennifer Bunny -- insinuating that she's using Montag to get famous.

Spencer also claims he's running out of cash -- and hopes to hit the jackpot in his new career ... as a screenwriter.


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This guy is going to go postal if it get's him publicity...
Creepy...He convinced himself it is an act...but he slowly became
his character...the line has been erased....

This is going to be the ultimate reality show horror story of the decade...

1604 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

What a flippin' ca-REEP. Good luck with your screenwriting, weirdo (and by 'good luck with your screenwriting' I mean, 'you should seriously consider moving to Iowa and get a job painting houses or something') Hollywood is currently instructing its collective assistants to refuse your calls.

1604 days ago

hot snot    

Fallopia! We do NOT want his butt in Iowa! No way. He can stay where he is, he is disgusting. I had to finally watch the video because of everyone's comments about the twitching, yes he is CREEPY! and most likely tweeking. i hope he dies. To bad he hasn't yet.

1604 days ago


Spencer is insane. That's it. There is obviously something wrong with him mentally. We need to stop laughing at him and actually get him some help. Sane human beings don't act the way he does. I know we all have our special quirks, but he has taken it to another level.

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1604 days ago


He is acting as scary as he looks! Is he that stupid or high not to catch what the questions were about??
Now he is playing the pity card, no money home etc.
I feel for the landlord that has to clean up after those two!!
Who has the dogs?

1604 days ago


He is so HIGH , needs to go on the next Celebrity Rehab!!

1604 days ago


****ers like that should be drinking STARBUCKS...****ER GET AWAY FROM MY COFFEE BEAN..

1604 days ago


this dude is one crazy azz idiot.....i can see his meal ticket is gone (she was able to support him with her nekkid pics)and hes running outta cash...and who in the hell would buy a script from this (p) rick! he might as well go back to his mama the bitch cause this dude is thru...his little show is cancelled and so is he...her too for that matter

1604 days ago


NO! He thinks someone would have the audacity to use Heidi to make money and get 'famous'. That would be a horrible thing to ...........oh, wait.

1604 days ago


D - O - U - C - H - E

1604 days ago


Possible real signs of schizophrenia setting in.

He's gone mentally downhill from here on in!

Straight jacket needed...

1604 days ago

J Simp    


1604 days ago


He certaintly looks like his gone over the edge!!!!

1604 days ago


One thing I know about is bad acting. If you believe this you probably thought Joaquin Phoenix was legit rapper.

1604 days ago


The honeymoon's over, Heidi thinks she's all that and she can be someone without him. I suspect she'll have a show on soon featuring the woes of being single and dating again.
I found that they're relationship kinda reminded me of that couple in every high school who had no friends and basically did every thing together and lost their basic identities along the way.
Then again, I'm putting too much thought into this. Who care.

1604 days ago
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