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Tiger Woods -- Dirty Mouth?

6/2/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No stranger to chewing things up and spitting them out -- Tiger Woods invested in a pack of Orbitz gum during a CVS run in Orlando yesterday.


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Really? Tiger Woods bought a pack of chewing gum? Wow, thank you TMZ, now my life is complete. Please be sure to follow him so you can let us know whether he put it in the trash can or swallowed it.

1606 days ago

J Simp    

Still stalking Tiger huh?

1606 days ago


Tricia & ZR, maybe when comments are not negative towards Tiger means there are people that do not always believe everything they see in print or online. Perhaps they are intelligent enough to know that there are two sides to every story and positive stories about Tiger are very seldom seen. I am not condoning what Tiger did to Elin and the children, but the hatred you two express in your comments is never ending. The

1606 days ago


hum,,i wounder where that mouth has been,,

1606 days ago

Rachel es una puta    

Not just his mouth is dirty but probably his whole body. Yuck how can a decent woman ever touch this guy ??? He must be full of STds.
He doesn't seem to care about anybody else except himself.
Self centered, arrogant, egomaniac and sociopath. He fits in all those categories.

1605 days ago


#60..., Samantha, LOL. The dirtbag is probably talking to his doctor about any one of the STDs he got from humping porn stars and prostitutes without a condom. What an ignorant guy, eh? Let's remember that condoms don't protect against skin diseases like herpes, venereal warts, MRSA, etc.

I wouldn't touch that puto with a 10-foot pole. #1, he's a walking STD menace #2, he's as homely as can be #3, money can't make up for lack of personality, charisma, and character.

1605 days ago


Tiger really doesn't know what he has done yet, because Elin didn't cheat on him. That's what makes me sick about cheaters. Most will never get it, because they marry women that don't cheat. Most cheaters think the worst thing they did was get caught. There's a great quote from the book, Their Eyes Were Watching God, "You've got to go there, to know there."
Tiger's race has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it...it would be equally awful if he had done this to an AA woman or an Asian woman...doesn't matter what the woman's ethnicity is, it is wrong what he did, and those who excuse it and shill for him are almost as stupid as he is.

1604 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

There is no doubt about it, Tiger is one of the Most Low-Life Creeps on the planet, BUT, some thing NICE CANNOT be said of the many SLUTS that he was able to "SLUTERIZE" with?? They must be real low-life types with morals of a "rabbit"-- They are pure FILTH from the inside out type of trash!!!!

1587 days ago


he should have got a bottle of douce to clean his mouth of germs

1575 days ago


you know what, tmz you need to get off Tiger Woods. So he supposely has a few women. Is that a crime? he is not the first married man to do nor the last.
give him a brake, it seem to me your organization has a black man who is rich problem. So he is getting a divorce, isn't that why she married him for a big payoff. shame on your site.

1575 days ago


Betty @ 73 ... what kind of "brake" shall we give to your hero ? ... a drum brake or perhaps a disc brake with anti-lock capability ? Just kidding ! You're correct that adultery is not a crime as such ... however, it is wrong ... very wrong ! Many things in life are not crimes, but they are nonetheless wrong and thus to be rejected (ie: being cruel to someone is not a crime, but it's a type of behavior that person of decency will always reject ... or not helping someone in distress ... or not forewarning someone of an imminent danger, etc).

1575 days ago


black?who says tiger is proud of being black?? he is black but pretends not no be 1............no 1 racist

1573 days ago

Lady Carolyn    

All the people in America need to leave the man alone. Mr. Woods is hurting in his only way. No one really don't know how he is feeling right now but him. Oh I forgot your well think he lying anyway if he did say something about how he feeling. About his situation. I still think this B t Hit the sh t out out him and he save her a s. But no one want talk about that right. Because she a barbie doll and she's so hurt. She knew exactly what she wanted and the b h got it. I guess the man who introduced Elin to Mr. Woods I guess he's waiting on his piece of the pie. Your know who he is.

1572 days ago


Lady Carlolyn @ 79 ... sorry, but we will "not" leave this man alone ! Please remember that it has always been Tiger's motto to "kick'em while they're down", as taught to him by his father Earl. He kicked us, with the fake "goody two-shoes" image, etc ... and so now we're having some fun, by kicking him back.

1572 days ago


Tigers went in looking for some more poly max extremes, a pack of gum and Oh hi rachel whats up!

1561 days ago
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