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Erin Andrews' Stalker: I Owe ESPN Nada

6/3/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael David Barrett, Erin Andrews' convicted stalker, claims he's penniless and it's totally unfair for him to reimburse ESPN for frivolous expenses related to his prosecution.


Barrett's lawyer filed legal papers today, challenging the U.S. government's motion to force Barrett to pay $327,442.27 to ESPN.  The sports network claims it's out that amount because of various expenses related to the investigation and prosecution of Barrett, who secretly spied on Andrews in various hotel rooms.

In the docs, Barrett's lawyer scoffs at some of the expenses, which he says include ESPN responding to press inquiries. 

Barrett's attorney claims his client is "virtually penniless" -- that he has cashed out of all his retirement accounts and lost his job.

Barrett's lawyer says ESPN is just a third party that has nothing to do with the prosecution and is just trying to cash in.

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Cry me a river! ESPN aka Disney can shell out 100 million for the rights to broadcast a sport, yet they worried about some pocket change.

1568 days ago

Yeah I said it, WHAT?!    

Victim? She may have been a victim for a couple of months, but once her agent or herself saw the exposure she was getting... Victim who?! Victims don't go on a dancing show scantilly clad, to empower themselves. Sequins and samba don't scream I am taking back my life! They scream,"Look at me! Remember when that horrible thing happened to me? Now watch my tits jiggle in this number!!! Do you see how I am taking my power back, it's with a box step!" Give me a break! She should've helped with an organization like RAINN. They help women who have been raped, victimized, and violated as she claims she has. What's her way of dealing- milking the situation to squeeze 15 minutes of mediocrity out of Hollywood. She is not a genuine person- or victim.

1568 days ago


ESPN is Disney. And the Mouse doesn't play around. Especially if It can smell money.

1568 days ago


First he made her as* famous, no one knew who she was before hand. Second, i wouold think any woman being stalked wouldnt end up on DWTS with her breast hanging out or doing a bedroom dance, please give me a FB she loves all this and from it all she will end up in Playboy down the road because this bit** loves the attendion.

1568 days ago


How come this guy aint in jail? Aint being a peeping-tom an offence? Creep.

1568 days ago


she will pay for it..it got her attention which she craves

1567 days ago


Tough s*hit where did this guy get all the money he used to stalk Erin? does this piece of s*hit have his printing press in his basement?. He get caught and now he's broke bulls*hit. If he wasn't stalking Erin and minding his business he wouldn't be in Club Fed and out of job. So not he did the crime he's doing the time and ESPN wants their money back they are entitled to it. Hey David Micheal it time uplogen moron. To put in easire terms Erin Andrews' would have never give the time of day she wouldn't even give you a second look. Do the time and pay back the money.

1567 days ago


It makes me sick to read all of the comments that people are writing about Erin Andrews. She is a sincere and kind person who had something horrible happen to her. It's funny that so many people are all up in arms about her doing a dancing show. It's not like she wears those costumes on the sidelines, actually, she dresses extremely professionally during her career job. The things that she wore and did on DWTS were completely appropriate for the job that she was doing.

As for this s***bag, he deserves everything he gets. He should have to pay ESPN and anyone else that is involved. I don't think that ESPN is doing it because they want the money, I think that it is more the principal than anything else. This guy will be out of jail in 5 years or so and he will be able to go on living his life. He should have lasting reprecussions, and if it means that he is going to have to pay ESPN for the next 20 or 30 years, then that seems pretty fair to me.

1567 days ago


People, the cops found evidence he did this to many other women besides Erin Andrews.

While folks who frequent this website might not have known who she was before the stalker, if you watched ESPN, read Playboy, Maxim, etc. before, you knew who she was. Playboy named her Sexiest Female Sportscaster several times, she mad the Maxim Hot 100 several times, in short the lady had a following before the creepy stalker.
Hey-if nobody knew who she was, how did this dirtbag know who she was to stalk her?

1567 days ago
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