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Gary Coleman's Ex -- All Smiles in the Wake of Death

6/4/2010 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Shannon Price decided to pull the plug and end Gary Coleman's life -- the actor's ex-wife was already smiling and posing for photos.

Shannon Price and Shielia Erickson

TMZ has learned the photos seen here were taken on May 29 -- just one day after Gary died. The woman smiling with Shannon is Shielia Erickson -- an agent who worked with both Shannon and Gary.

The photos were taken around the same time she sat down with a camera crew and did an interview about Gary's death.

We're told Shannon wanted to do the interview "to get her side of the story out" -- amongst speculation that she may have killed Gary.


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I think TMZ is barking up the wrong tree. Obviously if the police held their investigation and found nothing then it's clear that TMZ is just making stupid alligations. Maybe Harvey did it?

1605 days ago


I can't believe she hasn't been arrested yet... We should all call the Santaquin Police Department‎ & demand an investigation and a public statement on the case. Gary didn't have good family, THAT MEANS WE ARE ALL HIS FAMILY. The phone number for the PD is 801-754-1070‎. Call there & tell them YOU WANT SHANNON PRICE INVESTIGATED!

1605 days ago


And to be totally petty, someone needs to make twit-face cognizant of that gnarly top-lip curl especially if she plans to do more interviews and photo shoots (we all know she will...have to fund those Vegas, high end shopping sprees, after all!)

1605 days ago


Two words...


1605 days ago


Will she be asking for donations to get her teeth fixed too?

1605 days ago

Rolex sucks    

Harvey and weird Mike are not barking up the wrong tree.


The Santaquin Police Department‎ had other pressing cases on their agenda, in the form of a box of donuts!

Let's LQQk closely at the investigation!

FAT PIG 1 Hey the guy is hurt "any glazed donuts left"

FAT PIG 2 Yeah he prolly fell down the stairs sh*t happens "i'll have a jelly instead"

Detective FAT COP 3 Okay fellas thanks for contaminating the crime scene! I hope you idiots saved me a donut!


& another murderer goes free.

1605 days ago


Let's get real. This chick isn't all there.

1605 days ago


These Hollywood agents and producers are blood suckers. All they care about is the money.

1605 days ago


Why is it when someone famous dies they are instantly forgiven? Need I remind you guys he's hit a woman on like 3 separate occasions and this short little midget had one hell of a temper as well?

1605 days ago


Good grief this poor woman was hit several times with the ugly stick, yuck !

I had been divorced for over 20 years when my ex-husband died, and he and I managed to co-raise our children,we were close and cared about each other too. When my son called me to tell me that my ex had died I fell apart. I was devastated and it took me a long time to get over it.

But here is this woman smiling for the camera's a day after her ex-husband dies ?????? What's wrong with her ? Except for the obvious fugly, who on earth would be smiling for the camera less than 24 hours after a death of a loved one ???

1605 days ago


Ya, she looks innocent as all heck..NOT!
Gary didn't know what happened to him. If they were divorced, why were they supposedly in bed together? Did you hear that recording... UGH...she could not even put a towel over his head to save his life. She could not help him cuz she did not want to look at the blood. I pray she never has children! I hope and pray the cops investigate this well. It has foul play written all over it.
Shes asking for money to pay for his funeral...dont give into it, if they were divorced, why would she be the one paying for a funeral. I think his parents stink too, coming into the picture now that he is dead. What a shame.

1605 days ago

Rolex sucks    

@#29 David

Point taken Dave!

However twisted and bitter Gary became, at one point he was a decent person. His negative actions towards the end of his life should have no bearing on a murder investigation! The reason we can't have people whom commit murder going free is because of the LAW.

1605 days ago

Rachel Denise    

Everything done in the dark eventually comes to light....May Justice Prevail...........I smelled a rat when they said he fell and she was in his presence along with some manager person....we have to be so careful of the person's we allow in our world/personal space........some start out with motives..ill will and bad intent........Watch ur back and ur front people...,money, greed, power, a shot @ stardom.......Great possibility this chick played a major roll in Gary's death......the original story I heard was he was in the Yard doing some work...????.....R U serious.......Gary wasn't that tall so he technically had a shorter distance to fall.....what ever happen to physics and the laws of gravity...and the man was ill...more that likely weak and washed out from dialysis......we need a investigator that has medical background and common sense to get on this pronto.........story didn't sit right with me the first minute I heard he had fallen.......Too Frickin SAD..........Lord give us the strentgh..Rest Eternally Mr Coleman..Let Us Pray

1605 days ago


They just look thrilled with themselves! The agent is an ******* bitch too. Heartless bitches!

1605 days ago

Sad sad    

The only motivation I can see if she did have anything to do with his death is that he had no money. She had no money. Maybe she thought if he accidentally died she would get some fame and money from his death doing interviews. I have no idea. Her actions are really strange. Maybe she is partly retarded. Bizarro

1605 days ago
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