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It's Curtains for Charlie Sheen!

6/5/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will serve part of his jail sentence at a theater in Aspen ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Charlie is eligible for work release while he serves his 30-day sentence for 3rd degree misdemeanor assault.

We've learned Charlie will work at Theatre Aspen, a renowned professional theater, where he will coach actors, help in the fundraising department and perform various other tasks.  Although it is work release, Charlie will not accept a salary. 

We're told Charlie will still be considered an inmate at the jail.  He will be free to leave jail at 8 AM for work every day but he must return by 8 PM.

We're told the Pitkin County Sheriff's Department has given its nod of approval, but the work release must be approved by the judge.

Charlie will be in court Monday at 4 PM, where the plea bargain and work release plan will be formally submitted to the judge.  Assuming all goes well, Charlie will check in at the jail later that day.


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Unbelievable. Yep, that's real punishment alright. A 17 day vacation in Aspen. The only difference is he doesn't have 5 star accommodations when he goes to sleep at night.

1572 days ago


OMG!! First of all, when you are on "work release? most of that money that you are to be paid goes back to the jail to pay for your room and bored, you really never see most of, this guy threatens and beats women, is a drug user and now his punishment is to go play dress up and we get to foot the bill for that too???? no wonder the rich get richer..what a joke

1572 days ago

Are you sure?    

He just has to sleep in jail? That's all? Celebrity justice!!

1572 days ago


Media TakeOut = TMZ EEO blogsite

Silly people.

1572 days ago


This is not jail, this is a place to sleep.

1572 days ago


@TMZ... The Gulf is covered in "oil." You draw a lot of people on your website! They need help. Where are all the celebrities? This is huge! TMZ can make a huge impact with fans and helping. TMZ needs to be a leader!

1572 days ago


What an idiot..makes millions of dollars , live in a mansion , keep marrying skank gold digger's, Why cant you people stay singel for a minute..Now this fool may go to jail..Because two drunks were fighting..WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM..???

1572 days ago


a couple of weeks ago I couldn't get the judge to dismiss a driving citation...The legal system is really awful in this country....It cost me two hundred dollars for that citation.
I sufferred more making a faulty right hand turn than a violent felon with priors...
I watched this courtroom judge deny other hard working Americans any financial break on their citations...She was a *unt..."Off with their heads and get my cake"... Judges are lemmings...
Americans have no idea what slaves they (we) have allowed ourselves to become.
Congratulations Charlie...
You are above the soup.
America you DO know what it was like living seventeen hundred years ago....
Thanks Charly for illustrating our present condition.

1572 days ago


#6 I don't know what your on or what your drinking but this is TMZ!! Just a bunch of bored people looking for a laugh, not to be bored by your bullsh*t!! Bye Bye as you walk through your doors not open fires not what??? You are out there!!

1572 days ago


While to most people this punishment may not seem like much... but if you take the "average joe" off the street and his wife or gf tries and charges him with spousal abuse... he'll get a slap on the wrist and told thats not nice( even with "proof"). Charlie does have alot of information to share with other actors so at least he will be doing something with his skills. Yea the place hes staying isnt the big house but no one serving that amount of time would be moved to a state pen. Its just how the justice system works-- fair- no but hes not getting special treatment. If it did go to trial he would prob end up getting no time because the wife was drunk, at one point took it back and was just not reliable with her story.

1572 days ago


So he needs to work all 30 days instead of just sitting behind the bars!

1572 days ago


So his sentence was basically just drive by the jail now and then. I guess money can buy anything. I just hope his wife does not go back to him. Charlie seems to have a pattern of mistreating women - at his age he's not going to change.

1572 days ago



It gave an interesting introduction of charlie.. Charlie does have a lot of information to share with other actors so at least he will be doing something with his skills...

Wishing him all success...

1571 days ago


In essence he admits ripping his wife's glasses off her face, putting a knife to her throat, he's a repeat violent offender and this is his punishment?

1571 days ago


His interests would be better served staying behind bars. Anything weird happens in the jailhouse, then it's a matter for the jailers to resolve. Outside the jailhouse, then it can more directly impact his sentence and release. The idea is to get it done and not risk further problems by causing an uncontrollable scene in a small town.

1571 days ago
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