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It's Curtains for Charlie Sheen!

6/5/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will serve part of his jail sentence at a theater in Aspen ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Charlie is eligible for work release while he serves his 30-day sentence for 3rd degree misdemeanor assault.

We've learned Charlie will work at Theatre Aspen, a renowned professional theater, where he will coach actors, help in the fundraising department and perform various other tasks.  Although it is work release, Charlie will not accept a salary. 

We're told Charlie will still be considered an inmate at the jail.  He will be free to leave jail at 8 AM for work every day but he must return by 8 PM.

We're told the Pitkin County Sheriff's Department has given its nod of approval, but the work release must be approved by the judge.

Charlie will be in court Monday at 4 PM, where the plea bargain and work release plan will be formally submitted to the judge.  Assuming all goes well, Charlie will check in at the jail later that day.


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Don't see this happening at all. Work release is just that in Aspen work. The inmates doesn't get a choice in the work. Charlie will be digging ditches for sprinkler systems and outer crap work. It's the Rocky Mountains folks digging ditches is no they get the guys from jail.

1608 days ago


Only in Hollywood do you get a slap on the wrist.

1608 days ago


dear, charlie how many chances do think your entilted to !!! your gross discusting and vile. and that goes for your current wife ,that must be the current mrs sheeen.what i find amazing is that the court system allows you and the current mrs crack head or ****e whatever you both do. to have custody of those poor children.and please i do hope you have pleasant stay in the aspen will be there for a week or so.

1608 days ago


Something is crazy in America when this marginally talented, violent wife beater is able to make the obscene amount of money that he makes. They need to lock his repeat offender azz up as a third striker. Or do they still do that?

1608 days ago


Charlie has a great lawyer. He must be celebrating

1608 days ago


Could I get the same consideration? I think not!

1608 days ago


Let's see:

You marry Charlie Sheen.

Something bad happens.

You complain.


1608 days ago


Don't you just love celebrity justice???


1608 days ago


happy - He was never accused of beating his wife. Your others - Even prisoners with a long jail sentence's get out of jail for work release. It is not your places to pass judgement on anyone. He will be judged where it counts. I am sure that all of you are perfect saints. NOT!!!!!

1608 days ago


People People People!!!!! Didn't you people read that even his wife told the police that she wanted to drop the case. At least he won't just be sitting in a cell costing us taxpayers money. He is doing something productive. It was one incident and if his wife could forgive him it is noneone's business. Im sorry WOW but nobody goes to jail for a unreturned movie. You are just FULL of it.

1608 days ago


it just goes to show, the famous and rich get away with everything! threaten to kill your own wife and this is justice? typical b.s. this court system that we have in america. if you or i did this they would lock us up and throw away the key.

1608 days ago


i feel that there are such more importants issues to be concerned with..its really no business of anyones what c sheen does or does not do. Im amazed that TMZ and its trash continues to finacially thrive on its reporters and / or show of garbage. this is why its so important to get your GED or you either end up working for the Census or TMZ.

1608 days ago


If this altercation happened in LA Charlie would not have been arrested. Charlie when you act up outside LA you will be arrested so keep a lid on it. You are protected in LA like most of the stars are.

1607 days ago


for Charlie's sake-- i hope they have porn in the Aspen jail.

1607 days ago


i just wont to start out by saying this is a crock of bull **** you guys didnt have any problem destroying chris brown image so what is up with this a slap on the damm wrist for this mother ****er owe i see their different rules for colored folks charlie ass gets another contract this what am saying this world is so ****ed up right now you guys cant see it like they say life goes the **** on

1607 days ago
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