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Dog Whisperer Getting Divorced

6/4/2010 8:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0604_milan_EXTMZ has learned "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan is getting divorced.

We've learned his wife, Ilusion, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court.

The couple has been married for 16 years.  They have two kids.

Ilusion is seeking joint custody of their kids, as well as child and spousal support.

She's repped by attorney Lisa Meyers.

Both Cesar and Ilusion say they "remain caring friends and are fully committed to the co-parenting of our two boys."


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I've often heard of people thinking cesar is gay, but I have never gotten that vibe. Don't care if he is anyway - he has made his mark on the human and animal world by literally saving dogs and humans through training and understanding. To give something to this world is our mission here....some ignore it or fight it....some embrace it and do soemthing. Hale (hail?) Cesar! You did good. Marriges can never be surely judged if you are not one of the people in the marriage.

An addendum - I think Cesar is totally HOT.

1571 days ago


His dentures are really gross.

1571 days ago


Calm submissive state first,then treat her like a human. Maybe this is where he went wrong.

1571 days ago


Be the pack leader!

1571 days ago


What he couldn't get her to lay down?!

I seriously thought he was gay.

1571 days ago

Hal Wood    

Geez - I thought he was gay.

He wasn't really married - it was an Illusion...

1571 days ago


Ah, this is just to easy to pass up....gonna say it anyway. He should have been whispering in his wife's ear a little more.

1571 days ago



1571 days ago


She probabily wanted to be the dominant one.

1571 days ago


His wife probably got tired of him choking clients dogs, pretending to know what he was doing where dog training was concerned. Actually dude has admitted he is not a certified dog trainer.. just read up on it, and figured choking other peoples dogs into submission was an excellent way to make money ! He's a fraud, and I'd divorce him too, after the few law suites he's had against him. Seriously, after watching countless videos of his tactics online, I cannot believe NatGeo still keeps his show on the air, and I cannot fathom why people would allow him into their homes to hit, kick, choke their dogs, thinking that was proper dog training. Yeah, let me into your home, scare the s*** out of your dog by chasing it around your house, cornering, choking it, hitting it, and at times kicking it. Dude ever did that to my dog, he'd be kicked to the ground, and sued into submission ! Cant believe people actually buy into his crap !

1571 days ago


so sorry thought marriage was solid...hopefully they can patchm things up....sincerely hope she does not take him to the 'cleaners' he is HOT s0 I am sure he will not be alone for long....'why don't you come up to my place, baby' keep on doing all that you do....loyal you Cesar

1571 days ago


#63 EXACTLY !! Actually we dont need his wife to tell his story. It's all over the internet, he's been sued, he's a fraud. He is not even a certified dog trainer. Who in their right mind believes that choking a dog, hitting it, and keeping it for a week in his yard is proper dog training ? The man is a total fraud ! Thankfully someone else here sees him for what he really is, and the abuse he inflicts on peoples pets. People need to do their homework ! Only talent he has is the ability to be pulled by 10 dogs while riding on rollar blades. He's an idiot !

1571 days ago


to ME...that is your opinion and as an american you are entitled to it......but his loyal fans love him and will stand by him...myra

1571 days ago


TMZ... We need your help! You are in bed with celebrities all the time (your close). Why can't you make them help with the "oil spill?" The United States is in trouble! If that oil was gushing on "Haiti," they would have been all over it. This is in our "back yard!" TMZ please help!

1571 days ago


Their kids will suffer more than anyone else!

1571 days ago
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