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Dog Whisperer Getting Divorced

6/4/2010 8:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0604_milan_EXTMZ has learned "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan is getting divorced.

We've learned his wife, Ilusion, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court.

The couple has been married for 16 years.  They have two kids.

Ilusion is seeking joint custody of their kids, as well as child and spousal support.

She's repped by attorney Lisa Meyers.

Both Cesar and Ilusion say they "remain caring friends and are fully committed to the co-parenting of our two boys."


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definitely gay!!!!

1599 days ago


Sorry to hear about the divorce. I enjoy his show and always thought he had a beautiful family. I wish them both happiness in the future.

1599 days ago


Even though they are separating from each other but the nice thing is that they are both committed to their children. This is a very important factor for parents.

1599 days ago


Mas Puto !!

1599 days ago


#76. Myra.. well, it's not an opinion, it's fact. Someone posted a link to a video of one of CM training episodes. He CLEARLY, as bright as day kicks the dog, to instigate it, then starts choking it by it's leash, bringing the dog off the ground. Do you even know he has been sued by famous people, one for almost killing the persons dog, for his methods ? Yes, CM is good looking, and can be flirty.. but I'm only talking about HIS OWN method of training, which has been shot down by famous dog trainers, veterinarians, and dog book authors. CM will kick a dog to get it going, use his tactic of choking the dog, all the while the dog trying to bite him, to get away, cause it cant breath. And he says thats the dog acting aggressive. No, its a dog trying to defend itself from a tiny little man choking it and it cant breath.
Wouldnt YOU defend yourself if someone was trying to choke you ?
He's a fraud, and more people really need to be aware of what he does, and see for themselves he's not training any dogs, only making the fearful, and more agressive ! Peace !

1599 days ago


So sad...however, the firsttime I saw Cesar Millan show I really thought he was gay and I was shock to find out that he actually have a wife and two kids...

Huh...onder what the cause to their breakup?

1599 days ago


who's going to the dog house

1599 days ago


It was obvious to me somehow, their energies were so not compatible... I bet they waited until he got this famous in order for them to get more money money money before they divorce... I wonder how he's going to reveal this in his show...

1599 days ago


WHO THE **** CARES???!!!!!

1598 days ago


GAYDAR!! To me he looks like a dude who likes it in the ass like all you other sick bastards!!!! On a lighter note...have you ever noticed how he ALWAYS wears long sleeves??

1598 days ago


I agree---it is too easy to end a marriage. Too many give up and walk away. Many later regret it.

1598 days ago



1597 days ago


Who gets custody of those TEETH????????????

1597 days ago


It is sad that he got divorced, but everyone has their issues. 16 years is a long time, maybe they just didn't connect anymore. I enjoy watching the show, and for those that think he's cruel, I feel sorry for you. It's called Discipline, i'm sure there's worse people out there that kick them and beat their animals- I don't see you calling them out. Cesar is just doing his thing, I'm sure you couldn't do what he does if you were thrown in the backyard with a crazy dog. If you haven't done what he does, then shut your mouth. Nobody likes a sh*t talker. And whatever Cesar is- Gay, Bi, Straight- It doesn't matter, he's a good guy. There are a lot of gay and bi celebrities, and they seem normal. Either way, I'll support him. There is nothing wrong with being your own individual person. Everyone's different, if you cant except them as they are, then that's all on you. No one really cares. In time, I hope his kids are well. I really don't care too much for the wife-she was kind of strange to begin with.

1594 days ago


My pet has a stroller. I do not worry about pet resisting to walk with good manners.

Sorry Cesar I wish you would up-date your "OLD FASHION" pet behavior ideas.

Maybe your too rigid in your marriage too.

1570 days ago
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