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Cops May Have Found Body of Drew Peterson's Wife

6/5/2010 10:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There may be a huge break in the disappearance of Drew Peterson's fourth wife. TMZ has learned authorities believe they may know exactly where the body is buried, and then plan to dig for it tomorrow.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Peterson, an ex-cop who is currently behind bars awaiting trial for the murder of his third wife, told an inmate yesterday how he killed Stacy Peterson, wife number 4. Stacy's body has never been recovered.

Our sources say Peterson told the inmate he had an accomplice help him dispose of the body. The inmate then told authorities about his discussion with Peterson, which led them to the alleged accomplice. We're told the accomplice informed Will County Sheriff's officials and prosecutors that the body was buried just outside Peoria, Illinois.

Will County Sheriff's deputies and prosecutors took the alleged accomplice to Peoria Friday, and the accomplice led them to private hunting grounds. The owner allowed authorities to enter his property and the accomplice then led them to the site where Stacy's body was allegedly buried. The accomplice told authorities the body was stuffed in a metal drum that had been buried underground.

On Friday afternoon, authorities brought police dogs onto the property and we're told the dogs immediately took them to the place where the witness said the body was buried. Authorities then put prongs in the soil and hit a mass below ground that could be the drum in question.

We're told State Police are now guarding the property and authorities will begin digging Saturday morning.

UPDATE 6/5 10:00 AM PT -- State Police confirm the search is underway.



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I sure hope Drew was stupid enough to blab and that this is where Stacy's body is. TMZ, you rock for this dynamite scoop.

1516 days ago

janet aguiar    

he did it from day one and thought he got away with it...hope his lawyer can sleep at nite...hope he rots in hell with van der sloot

1516 days ago


If convicted, can arrangements be made for him to serve his time in a prison in Peru?

1516 days ago


That arrogant b@$tard is going to get his due...FINALLY!!! Shooting off his mouth has cost him his life!!! I hope he is profusely tortured for what he has done to the women and their families!! May he become someone's biotch in jail many times over! Maybe that will wipe that smug look off of his ugly face!!He is pure evil!!!!

1516 days ago


This is juicy!

I can't believe that after all those years of being a cop that he couldn't figure out not to trust another criminal not to use this info for their benefit. HAHAAHHAA. Man, this guy isn't nice OR smart. Just kill him already.

1516 days ago


I don't believe it! I live in Romeoville 10 minutes away, there is no story. Leave Drew alone. He is innoncent until proven guilty, ****y yes but guilty no one knows this. Stop assuming.

1516 days ago


OMG I sincerely hope this lead is accurate.

1516 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

I hope they can bring Stacy's family closure and justice.

1516 days ago


Innocent until proven guilty is a rule of the court barring punishment until a guilty verdict, not a law that bars the public from forming their own opinion on the matter. hah.

1516 days ago



Cops are s***. Most have the capability of murder. Thay are angry, narcissistic and power hungry. Can't stand any of them.
let him fry.

1516 days ago


This report is misleading. "May have found" is not "have found". This story, if true, would be all over the headlines of every major newspaper. I can't find it anywhere. TMZ, you either scooped the world or led your readers on. I read your site every day since you were first with Michael Jackson's death. If this is not true I am dropping you from my favorites list.

1516 days ago


Can't find this info elsewhere so I am hoping and praying this is true. I do find it hard to believe that this idiot spilled any info to anyone else. You would think that he, of all people, would know better than this. I hope that they do find something today and that at least her family will have the peace of mind that will come with giving her her proper rest.

1516 days ago


TMZ you've been "had" by Drew's legal team. This is BS just to get a mistrial on his current hear-say trial.

1516 days ago


Oh let's hope that all the husband's of missing wife's are caught this week. Like Susan Powell. Just looking at her husband's plea's for his wife are truly spoken from a guilty man. Let's hope the snow has melted and Susan Powell's body is found this week too ! Too many psycho's thinking they are smarter than the police. Van der Sloot WOW. Caught redhanded murdering someone. Now he doesn't have Daddy to help him cover up this murder. This may not be justice for Natalie, but we can all breath easier knowing he can't hurt another young woman....Drew Peterson..ha ha ha....your ****y attitude and ego finally/hopefully got you caught with killing your beautiful wife Stacey !

1516 days ago


Damn this guy actually told an inmate what he did? Did he ever watch any tv lol, I mean this always happens. The inmate looking to catch a break rats him out. Great news. Hate this guy with a passion.

1516 days ago
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