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Cops May Have Found Body of Drew Peterson's Wife

6/5/2010 10:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There may be a huge break in the disappearance of Drew Peterson's fourth wife. TMZ has learned authorities believe they may know exactly where the body is buried, and then plan to dig for it tomorrow.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Peterson, an ex-cop who is currently behind bars awaiting trial for the murder of his third wife, told an inmate yesterday how he killed Stacy Peterson, wife number 4. Stacy's body has never been recovered.

Our sources say Peterson told the inmate he had an accomplice help him dispose of the body. The inmate then told authorities about his discussion with Peterson, which led them to the alleged accomplice. We're told the accomplice informed Will County Sheriff's officials and prosecutors that the body was buried just outside Peoria, Illinois.

Will County Sheriff's deputies and prosecutors took the alleged accomplice to Peoria Friday, and the accomplice led them to private hunting grounds. The owner allowed authorities to enter his property and the accomplice then led them to the site where Stacy's body was allegedly buried. The accomplice told authorities the body was stuffed in a metal drum that had been buried underground.

On Friday afternoon, authorities brought police dogs onto the property and we're told the dogs immediately took them to the place where the witness said the body was buried. Authorities then put prongs in the soil and hit a mass below ground that could be the drum in question.

We're told State Police are now guarding the property and authorities will begin digging Saturday morning.

UPDATE 6/5 10:00 AM PT -- State Police confirm the search is underway.



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I find this kinda hard to believe but I guess it's possible. No mention of this in any Chicago news source this morning.

1609 days ago


OK, I don't understand how this case falls under the heading of Celebrity Justice. Is Drew Peterson a celebrity? If so, why? Because he is suspected of killing two women? That is what celebrity is about nowadays? Very sad state of affairs if this is what qualifies as celebrity.

1609 days ago


#59--Angel----I had a very similar experience with a Newark NJ cop. I was stalked, I had the gun held to my head, I was choked and called all kinds of names by this insane psychopath.

Even after ending it I would see his truck parked outside my house in the middle of the night. I too had no where to turn to assistance because as you said the cops back each other up.

But I've healed from it. I've moved on. I moved far away and never looked back. I hope you do the same. You seem so angry about it. So bitter.

Stop giving that abuser so much power in your life. You need to decide to change your attitude, otherwise you are wasting valuable time in your life being angry at someone who probably moved on to his next victim already. He ain't thinking about you anymore, so you need to stop thinking about him. It's the only way your ever going to heal and take the power back in your life. JMO

1609 days ago



1609 days ago


HA HA! VICTORY SHALL BE MINE, VILE CREEPS! How Suweeet!! COPS HERE ARE JUST NOW FIGURING OUT THAT THEIR HOLIER THAN THOU COMPLEXES WILL LEAD TO THEIR DEMISE, TOO! Van Der Sloot AND this Peterson monster deserve it soooo much! Hey, TMZ -- Is Orenthal J. Simpleton still locked up? Let's do a serial killer page? Or at least, a smug baztards headline?

1609 days ago


This all sounds too good to be true. I hope you TMZ folks are right about this.

1609 days ago


Why do I smell something fishy here? I know 4 walls can make you go crazy, but Drew's been isolated from the general population and he's not under any real stress... yet. I can't see him telling a fellow inmate anything factual, especially the exact whereabouts of Stacy and the identity of the person that helped him. Something stinks. Being a former cop, he knows "the rules." If you commit a crime like this, you tell absolutely nobody. Not your best friend, wife, Mom, mistress... NOBODY. You do it and keep it a secret till you die, then you take it to your grave with you. My gut says he's playing with them. Then again, maybe is really IS that stupid.

1609 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

I hope this true that they have the body.What I don't understan is as smart as he thinks he is and being an ex cop why he would tell a jail house rat now?

1609 days ago


False report. He is in isolation.


1609 days ago


"There may be a huge break in the disappearance of Drew Peterson's third wife"
I think you mean FOURTH wife ;)
Hope they can put him in jail forever!

1609 days ago

LA Native    

Criminals seem to love to brag in prison, happens all the time. It gives them "street cred" in prison. This is what saves us in the end. These people like him and van der Sloot, Scott Petersen, etc. are narcissistic sociopaths, and care not of the consequences of their actions so they end up doing really stupid things that get them in the end. They always think they are above it all, but they are sadly mistaken and justice will be served.
I have a neighbor just like this, and we've all been watching her dig her own grave due to her self-centered thinking and evil ways. Her attitude is just like these creeps. Anyway, if justice doesn't get them, karma will.

1609 days ago


and to believe this clown has like 3 women writing him in prison who want to marry him..good lord

1609 days ago


What a slimball. It was apparent that he killed Stacy but without the body, it was going to be guilty to convict him of her murder. With both convictions, he may get the death penalty. Which may be what he wants. In the Illinois prison system, all death row inmates are single celled and death row is the smoothest running cellhouse. The inmates stay on death row for years and there are ver few inmates on death row compared to general population or protective custody. He would probably die of old age before he the death sentence is carried out. If he ends up on death row, he will be better off. I used to work there, I know. This guy is a real bozo and he is only manipulating the system. He told this guy so this information could be used to help his plan. His antics don't stop.

1609 days ago


Why would anyone be stupid enough to put the body in a metal drum? Just bury the damn thing and let the animals eat it up. Why leave it all there to find?


1609 days ago


Sorry for the errors in my previous post. That is what happens when you don't proof read. Drew is a slimeball, not a slimball. Lol. And it was going to be "difficult" to convict him of Stacy's murder, not it was going to be "guilty" to find him guilty. Again, sorry for not proof reading. I know better.

1609 days ago
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