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Cops May Have Found Body of Drew Peterson's Wife

6/5/2010 10:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There may be a huge break in the disappearance of Drew Peterson's fourth wife. TMZ has learned authorities believe they may know exactly where the body is buried, and then plan to dig for it tomorrow.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Peterson, an ex-cop who is currently behind bars awaiting trial for the murder of his third wife, told an inmate yesterday how he killed Stacy Peterson, wife number 4. Stacy's body has never been recovered.

Our sources say Peterson told the inmate he had an accomplice help him dispose of the body. The inmate then told authorities about his discussion with Peterson, which led them to the alleged accomplice. We're told the accomplice informed Will County Sheriff's officials and prosecutors that the body was buried just outside Peoria, Illinois.

Will County Sheriff's deputies and prosecutors took the alleged accomplice to Peoria Friday, and the accomplice led them to private hunting grounds. The owner allowed authorities to enter his property and the accomplice then led them to the site where Stacy's body was allegedly buried. The accomplice told authorities the body was stuffed in a metal drum that had been buried underground.

On Friday afternoon, authorities brought police dogs onto the property and we're told the dogs immediately took them to the place where the witness said the body was buried. Authorities then put prongs in the soil and hit a mass below ground that could be the drum in question.

We're told State Police are now guarding the property and authorities will begin digging Saturday morning.

UPDATE 6/5 10:00 AM PT -- State Police confirm the search is underway.



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The Chicago Tribune is running the story - without as much detail as TMZ has, but it's definitely happening. You have to remember, this man is a TRUE sociopath. This has got him back on the front page of the news. If it cost some more time in jail, or even his life, it would be worth it to him.

1563 days ago


I live in the Peoria area and we were all wondering what the hubbub was all about. When they convict him of both these murders I hope they stick him in general population with all the guys he helped put behind bars. I guarantee you he will have a short yet painful life.

1563 days ago


drew peterson is in isolation, no cell mates, and he doesn't talk to anyone

1563 days ago


I always find it amusing when the police say..."we've found something suspicious, buried underground". How do you bury something ABOVE ground? Anyway, I'm glad Peterson is going to get "van der slooted". (Paid back after a long wait)

1563 days ago


Karma! Took awhile, but here it comes.

1563 days ago


Peoria is in my back yard...Creepy, but I hope they nail him.

1563 days ago


@Ed 17 "Typical WHITE people alway's committing these horrible crime's,if it's not this it's raping or molesting lil kid's or thing's of that nature..God it's Disgusting!!"

Typical TMZ idiot. America is 75% White and 12.5% Black. If 75% of Americans were Black we would hear about Blacks raping and murdering people more often too. More white people do it because there's a lot more white people to start with, dumbass.

And in case you didn't notice, during 2004...

For every 100,000 Whites 393 were serving time in prison.
For every 100,000 Latinos 957 were serving time in prison.
For every 100,000 Blacks 2,531 were serving time in prison.

1563 days ago


Mofo sick ass bad cop. Power tripper...(Hey TMZ, I am trying to type, get that new pop up shiz off the bottom of my screen! I hate it). If it IS her, someone please give her a formal, proper burial. This has been going on forever and this smug a-hole has been on every TV show only to hear himself talk. He's already sitting in jail on murder charges of Wife #3. Let's add Wife #4 and hope the justice system "inside" takes care of this injustice.

1563 days ago


As a reminder to all you doubters, for as much as TMZ can be as annoying as hell, they DO break stories. Reference: Jackson, Michael. My family and I were on the text messages last June saying that Michael Jackson was in fact dead, which we read on TMZ and believed, which NO ONE would report except TMZ. Everyone got on board about a hour after MJ was dead, and to this day I am not sure how TMZ knew, but apparently someone on the paramedic team called TMZ. Any-who, I believe this Drew Peterson story to be true based on the same detective work (or same ability to answer the phone when the tip is called in).

1563 days ago


see the problem with Drew is this, hes a sociopath, hes been terrorizing that neighborhood for years as a cop with that undeserved ego, NOW that hes in prison his ego got the best of him yet again and he spilled the beans on himself because the man still thinks he's invincible, guess what pig, you goin down!!!

God Bless Stacy and the young ladies the other sociopath vandersloot killed, justice will be served one way or the other.

1563 days ago

LA Native    

Thats right, Whatever. Harvey has been on the crime reporting scene forever and has always been good at it, long before TMZ came along. He is very careful about what he prints and checks facts, and is rarely wrong. I hope for the people of Illinois that this is finally solved.

1563 days ago

Andy Pandie    

Sick, Sick, Sick Bastard. I hope you don't sleep at night so you can go crazy. Opps, you already are!

1563 days ago


The alleged accomplice allegedly led police to a private game reserve near Peoria, Ill., where police are investigating the site. Sgt. Tom Burek said state police

1563 days ago


"Sources would not reveal what the new information was, or where it came from. Although they did dispute a report that the latest tip came from inmate who had spoken with Drew Peterson as late as Thursday., citing sources, said the inmate passed along the tip to law enforcement.",drew-peterson-stacy-body-dig-peoria-060...510.article

When I was searching (in vain) for other sources earlier, I came across an interview with Peterson's stepbrother, where he mentions helping him carry a blue barrel. The information may have come from police pursuing that lead.

1563 days ago


I like how there's always at least one person to bad talk all cops based on one being a dirtbag. I'm referring to comment #3 y Dirtythirty stating "Cops are creeps". Perhaps, Dirtythirty, if all the Cops you come in contact with are creeps, you may be the one to make them so. Like any Company, unfortunately they will have bad employee's. They may not start out bad but end up so. It's up to the Agencies to weed out the bad ones to keep the bad rep off od the good. Lastly, when you get victimized, who are you going to call ?

1563 days ago
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