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Lindsay Lohan -- Face-to-Face with Dr. Drew

6/5/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is headed for a showdown with one of her most outspoken critics -- Dr. Drew Pinsky -- and it's all going down at a Weenie Roast.


TMZ has learned Lohan has snagged tickets for the KROQ Weenie Roast concert this weekend in Irvine, CA -- and Dr. Drew is also on the VIP list.

Of course, Lindsay ripped the good Doc recently -- after he stated that if LiLo was his daughter, he would plant drugs on her and make sure she got arrested ... to ensure she would get treatment. The two have yet to kiss and make up.

The concert is set to go down this afternoon -- we'll keep you posted.


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I love a good weenie roast!

1546 days ago


I side with Lindsey on this one. That was an idiot thing for him to say. He's old enough - and supposedly smart enough - to know better. There are many other, far more qualified, people for her to see for any issues she has.

1546 days ago

E Thompson    

Lindsey, your alcohol and drug abuses are beginning to show in your face. You look a lot older than you are.

1546 days ago


"What about Bush and Cheney deregulating the oil industry?"

Obama was the one that allowed BP to drill. Have you realized that Obama has been President for nearly two years? The destruction is on HIS hands and 47 days later he has done nothing. Even Bush sort of did something about Katrina. You libs and cons makes me sick. I am neutral. But when I see crap I call it. Obama, who I voted for, has been crap. Our country is going down the toilet. No jobs. No money. Debt everywhere.

1546 days ago


Dr Drew is then a confirmed liar and manipulator. Sort of like the "addicts" he treats. Glad he wasn't my Dad. It's sad that Drew has turned addiction treatment into a celeb show, making it as cheesy as Hollywood. Medical treatment is a serious thing, not a show. Sadly we now classify any bad behavior as addiction, turning this into faddish medicine. Pop science. In otherwords, neither medicine nor science.

Maybe Dr. Drew needs to check himself in for fame addiction.

1546 days ago


I've sponsored addicts and have been involved with them for a long time. Although there have been thoughts of planting drugs on people to get them help has crossed a lot of people's minds you don't do it. Pathetic that someone who in famous for rehabbing addicts even mentions it. Also is very illegal. Drug counselors don't make a lot of money but, like those who work with kids, they get a lot of satisfaction from helping people. Dr. Drew, on the other hand, is out for the cash. I believe the reason Lindsay turned down the million dollars to be on his show is that she is serious about recovering and knows what he and his show are--phony.
I don't blame Lindsay for disliking him. Do you honestly think Tila Tequila would be on the show if she wasn't getting paid? Do you think she's going to air all her "character defects" in front of millions on TV like someone would in group in a real treatment facility? If you want to know what addiction is really about read "Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired" instead of watching a stupid reality show--nothing real about that show.

1546 days ago

Peter Sc    

He should stay off her case. What makes her movies sell is her lifestyle.
If that is taken away from her then she has nothing which would cause us to remember her namne.

1546 days ago

matthew vykydal    

EVERYBODY AT WEENIE ROAST!! POUR BEER ON LINDSAYS SCRAM BRACLET!!! THAT WILL ENSURE DR. DREW WINS!!!! and yes!! please, we gotta do this oil spill now!!!

1546 days ago


I agree 100% with the first person who posted!

1546 days ago


dang right he would plant drugs on her so she would have to get help.he see's ratings in her he wants her to get help so bad.yet they delayed the show because they couldnt find any so called a or b llist stars for his show.she is no worse than dr jew is.

1546 days ago


. @TMZ Why are all the celebrities being "quiet" about the "gulf spill?" This is a disaster. We need to start a donation for the cleanup. If this oil washed up on "Haiti," they would all be over it! This mess is in our own back yard! Please help!


on top of that why isnt our so called president doing anything other than photo ops for political reasons.

1546 days ago


please just stfu

1546 days ago


I agree with "Trish". Celebrities are all over tragedies in other countries but are never seen or heard from when tragedy hits the US. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. And I might add just as a footnote, most of them are liberal Democrats. I'm independent so I go with what I feel is right regardless of political affiliation. Celebrities apparently don't feel like the poor and unfortunate people in America are as important as the poor and unfortunate in third world countries. Since they have all of the money I say let them pay for it.

1546 days ago


I'd like to see Dr. Drew get popped for possession while trying such a stupid stunt. He was a fool to say that and it's borderline harassment and defamation. Lindsay is doing good. Leave her alone TMZ. Meet us at BJ's Pizza in Laguna Hills 10:45 after the show. you're all welcome to come :)

1546 days ago


I put $100 on Lindsay for a KO in the 1st round.

1545 days ago
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