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Lindsay Lohan -- Face-to-Face with Dr. Drew

6/5/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is headed for a showdown with one of her most outspoken critics -- Dr. Drew Pinsky -- and it's all going down at a Weenie Roast.


TMZ has learned Lohan has snagged tickets for the KROQ Weenie Roast concert this weekend in Irvine, CA -- and Dr. Drew is also on the VIP list.

Of course, Lindsay ripped the good Doc recently -- after he stated that if LiLo was his daughter, he would plant drugs on her and make sure she got arrested ... to ensure she would get treatment. The two have yet to kiss and make up.

The concert is set to go down this afternoon -- we'll keep you posted.


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Hey LiLo....I would pay big money to see you kick Dr Drew in his little duck-balls......he's such a quack!

1568 days ago


it's funny because planting drugs on her and getting her arrested is exactly the sort of thing Michael Lohan would do.

1567 days ago



25. It's so funny how people here say the liberal press isn't talking about the oil spill. Apparently you don't read/watch the news. It's all over the place. Get off TMZ for a second to get your news for God's sake! And blame Obama???? How about the Republicans and their Drill Baby Drill mantra? YOU are in bed with big oil. Democrats have been saying for years that we need to get off fossil fuels -- it's running out people. What will you do then? Have a war, obviously. It's amazing how Republicans can flip blame so quickly and when Democrats complain about how it's affecting the environment you say "Go hug a tree." You can't have it both ways you dumb*sses!

Posted at 6:53 AM on Jun 5, 2010 by Debbie

Couldn't agree more, Debbie. I noticed ev1 started in on Obama about the oil spill, what about BP? They have a long history of ignoring safety for profit. What about Bush and Cheney deregulating the oil industry?
It makes me sick what is happening.

Posted at 8:43 AM on Jun 5, 2010 by mrsj


mrsj, I couldn't agree with you more. Republicans love to spin anything that has to do with Democrats.
Of course Obama is being blamed because he's a Democrat.
If Mccain had become our president, I'm sure the lame ass Republicans would continue to blame Democrats and/or BP.

1565 days ago


First... I agree with #7, Howdy, and #10, Mack. 100%.

Second... I always thought it was cheesy whenever celebs started trying to be at the forefront of issues. It's usually more of a publicity stunt than anything. And the fact that they act like because they're famous they're qualified to deal with those issues or act like they even have a clue what they're talking about. It's even better when they demand specific actions by world leaders, because they know so much abou the issue at hand. But that's just what they have to do to feel good about themselves so that's cool I guess.

And third... WHY do we need celebrities to tell us to donate to a worthy cause??? As if everyone doesn't already know what's going on with the oil spill. The whole "I wasn't going to donate but Ben Affleck and Heidi Klum said I should, so now I will" mindset is ridiculous.

1565 days ago


Has anyone taken into consideration the parks and wildlife including deer, fish and birds that could be affected should a hurricane come ashore? Round bands of hurricane storms bringing oil, rocks and debris will cause irreparable damage to our beautiful coastlines. I will let the media write the tombstone for our coastal areas, or maybe that reporter seen on the news with the last name Patterson that seems to know everything. BP’s director should be locked-up.

1562 days ago


If I want to read about an oil spill I'll watch the news or read the paper. Unless Lilo has oil on her, take your political propaganda to a more appropriate forum like Topix.

1560 days ago


61. If I want to read about an oil spill I'll watch the news or read the paper. Unless Lilo has oil on her, take your political propaganda to a more appropriate forum like Topix.

Posted at 4:06 AM on Jun 14, 2010 by NoBreederRat


Finally, someone with a brain! I have been thinking the same thing.
Do all these people want Lindsay to be the Gulf oil spill spokesperson? Insanity!

Thank you

Debbie & mrsj once again thank you both.

I hope you Republican idiots start paying attention to the news!

1559 days ago


. 10. Reason celebs are quiet about the spill?

The american people are furious also at the feds and Obama for doing NOTHING to clean it up

If the celebs got outraged, my gosh they might actually have to say something bad about the Messiah, and we cant have that now can we?

much better to give him a free pass

If Bush was in office they would be crucifying him

but hey Its only Obama He is one of our peeps, let him have a free ride, dont dare say something bad it might be considered racist
Posted at 4:37 AM on Jun 5, 2010 by mack
Are you serious?

1st - the American people who are upset with Obama regarding the oil spill clearly don’t know what they are talking about. That includes YOU. Your sarcasm shows your stupidity. It’s clearly the responsibility of BP not Obama.

2nd – No President ever gets a free pass. Oh my bad. Bush did for 8 long miserable years.
He lied about WMD’s in Iraq to drag us into a war with a country that did nothing. Bush & his loser cabinet members also said time & time again that the Alcaida were in bed with Saddam Hussein. Not true. Before you start slamming someone, you should really read/watch the news – not Republican B.S.

Perhaps you should look up GEORGE PIRO. He was the FBI agent who spent many hours with f Saddam Hussein & got more information out of him that was 100% true.

By invading Iraq under Bush’s administration, we extended an olive branch for the Iraqis & the Taliban. Saddam NEVER liked the Taliban because they are beyond being extreme religious freaks. Saddam said many times that politics & religious freaks only leads to more blood shed.
Believe me, I do not condone genocide or Saddam. However, the American people were duped that we going to war because of fear of the proverbial “MUSHROOM’ NOT sold on genocide, but WMD’s that Bush & Chaney made up.

3rd – Bush Jr. even made his father cry regarding the invasion. Look it up moron.
So you think Bush Jr. is smarter? Please! He was a C student at Yale – Skull & Bones. The only reason he got into the school was because of his dad. He was a draft dodger & then had the nerve to “pretend” he was flying the plane that landed on the air craft carrier “MISSION ACCOPLISTHED”. TOTAL LOSER!

Obama went to Harvard Law on his own merits, not riding the coat tails of his parents. He is extremely smart. He is not a member of Skull & Bones.

4th - “If Bush was in office they would be crucifying him”. You are nuts. Bush was given “free passes” time & time again. HE LIED to the American public. Obama has not done that.
5th - So, being a Caucasian not liking Obama would make me a racist? I am Caucasian & I like Obama. You are retarded.
The point is that if you accuse Obama for doing nothing, without suggesting what exactly you expected him to do, you probably ARE a racist.

1558 days ago


45. . @TMZ Why are all the celebrities being "quiet" about the "gulf spill?" This is a disaster. We need to start a donation for the cleanup. If this oil washed up on "Haiti," they would all be over it! This mess is in our own back yard! Please help!


on top of that why isnt our so called president doing anything other than photo ops for political reasons.

Posted at 2:28 PM on Jun 5, 2010

Obama is not a "so called President". He is our President.
You want to talk about photo ops?
Bush gave a BS comments to the news at a golf coarse & then said "what this golf shot". He was so busy with being the President that he didn't care.
He also put that loser in charge of Katrina in Louisiana & told the country that he was doing a great job.

Then, after a lot of pressure he finally got rid of him.
What do you have to say about Barbara Bush's comments regarding that the people in the Super dome - "the people have it much better in there then being poor & staying at the dome was much better."
Republicans are rude. They obviously think that if you don't have money, you're better off in a nasty place.

Why don't you do some serious research before you post supid things.

LOOK UP GEORGE PIRO - FBI agent who spent months with Osama.
Obama would never do that. You really think

1558 days ago


16. 14. geeez, that oil spill seems like karma biting ya`ll on your asses.....

Posted at 5:50 AM on Jun 5, 2010 by Jim

everyone is affected by what happens to the sea all over the world you bonhead..not just us...this will spread everywhere the longer it goes have a good drink..

Posted at 5:54 AM on Jun 5, 2010 by electriczipper


Jim is a BONEHEAD! I would be more than happy to serve him shrimp from the gulf. What an idiot.

1558 days ago
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