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Legal Fight Brewing in Jackson House

6/4/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned four of Katherine Jackson's grandchildren will be moving from her house this month, and the mother of the kids has lawyered up for a fight.

Katherine Jackson
TMZ broke the story ... Katherine told Alejandra Jackson -- who had been living at the Jackson family compound in Encino with her kids, Jaafar, Jermajesty, Donte and Randy, Jr. -- that her brood had to move out, because Katherine had her hands full just watching over Michael Jackson's 3 kids.

Katherine is allowing Alejandra and her kids to move into a nearby condo owned by the Jackson family, but Alejandra is pissed. Katherine is in Indiana until June 10. We're told when Katherine comes back, Alejandra has to move.

But it's not going to be that easy. We've learned Alejandra has hired Trope & Trope, a powerful law firm, to negotiate a separation agreement of sorts. We're told Alejandra wants some assurance that her family will be financially protected if she moves. As a result, she may challenge the move or negotiate a separation package -- which would include a place where she and her kids will live (not necessarily the condo) and what financial support she gets.

Alejandra has gone after Jermaine in the past for failing to pay child support -- and now that she's being forced to move, the money battle has been reignited. Jermaine is the father of two of the kids and Randy is the father of the other two children.

Katherine asked Alejandra to move after the stun gun incident. TMZ broke the story that Jaafar ordered a stun gun online and was playing with it at the house -- something that triggered an investigation by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services.



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Ron Jeremy    

Jermaine Jackson ,I would be ashame to show my face in public .This guy has 2 Roll Royce Phantom that cost aleast $350K apiece and yet he won't take care of his own kid .What a disgrace human being .No wonder why Michael didn't leave any of his brother any of his wealth .They are all s*** of the earth .

1572 days ago


Wait! Let me get this straight. Those four kids are actually half brothers and cousins? This is just gross, and that whore Alejandra has no shame! She's been living it up in that house while she banged brothers. And thinks it's okay for those kids. This family is definelty ****ed up!

1572 days ago


Seriously Mrs K Jackson dosent need all this drama! Jermaine and Randy please come get your babymama and them kids...Such a shame! She needs to go somewhere and get a degree and a job and stop free loading off the Jacksons. I dont know her dumb tail got lawyers any way she dont own nothin...JUST GET OUT! lol!

1572 days ago


Moot point, take three adults and put them all in a family courtroom in Van Nuys, Ca. and let them sort it out, plain and simple. Don't drag grandma into this. Adult children should care for their aging parents and make life easier and relaxing for them.

1572 days ago


My thing is this, How the HELL you sleep with both brothers? The kids must be so ashamed to tell their friends that their brothers is for their father's brother. That is just plain nasty. You should never cross the line when dating, siblings should be off limit.

1572 days ago


Oh my god. She wants MJ to support her and her kids. Why doesn't she go after her childrens fathers and also get a job herself. No class. Pathetic.

1572 days ago


she can't sue Katherine. she should sue Jermaine and Randy. they have to care for their kids. Enough with the garbage. That's why MJ was pissed with his brothers'behavior.But TMZ said months ago that they moved. Did you get your story right? Get a reliable source. Beside Alejandra had a daughter with Randy called Genevieve. Donte was adopted.

1572 days ago


Why isn't this lady get a job and support her children? Or even better why aren't Randy and Jermaine take care of their children and ex-wife?
Why on earth should Katherine support them? What is wrong with you woman?

1572 days ago


OK, I just read a TMZ posting from 2007 where Katherine was ordered that the this woman and her kids must be allowed to live in her home rent free and she has to continue to provide for them. This was because they couldn't verify any income for Jermaine. That in essence meant that Michael was paying for Jermaine's kids and ex-wife.

I just fail to understand how the legal system works in California. Katherine is the grandmother, but why should she be responsible for them and be ordered that they live in her home rent free? She's retired on a fixed income and if it weren't for money from Michael, she wouldn't be able to afford the home herself.

What will happen when Katherine dies? The money she gets from Michael's trust reverts back to the trust. Who's going to pay for Jermaine and Randy's responsibilities then?

1572 days ago


Of course she's mad, she don't want to take care of her own kids. She wants Katherine to do it. She woman has raised her kids, she shouldn't have to raise her grandkids too. Isn't she in her 80's? That woman should be greatful that Katherine has allowed her and her kids to live there. Sounds like she has no respect. Why don't she get out and get a JOB?

1572 days ago


Why doesn't anyone in that family take care of themselves? It's not Katherine's responsibility to give any of them (besides Michael's kids) a place to live, or 'financial support'. They all need to get jobs!

1572 days ago


FREELOADING SKANK!!! And LOSER BROTHERS!!! What trash!!! Good thing Michael is keeping the cash from his children utntil they are older...vultures are everywhere!!!

1572 days ago


BTW, if Alejandra doesn't have money to even feed her kids, how is she paying for a lawyer? Is she going to make Katherine (Michael's estate) pay for that too?

1572 days ago
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