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Legal Fight Brewing in Jackson House

6/4/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned four of Katherine Jackson's grandchildren will be moving from her house this month, and the mother of the kids has lawyered up for a fight.

Katherine Jackson
TMZ broke the story ... Katherine told Alejandra Jackson -- who had been living at the Jackson family compound in Encino with her kids, Jaafar, Jermajesty, Donte and Randy, Jr. -- that her brood had to move out, because Katherine had her hands full just watching over Michael Jackson's 3 kids.

Katherine is allowing Alejandra and her kids to move into a nearby condo owned by the Jackson family, but Alejandra is pissed. Katherine is in Indiana until June 10. We're told when Katherine comes back, Alejandra has to move.

But it's not going to be that easy. We've learned Alejandra has hired Trope & Trope, a powerful law firm, to negotiate a separation agreement of sorts. We're told Alejandra wants some assurance that her family will be financially protected if she moves. As a result, she may challenge the move or negotiate a separation package -- which would include a place where she and her kids will live (not necessarily the condo) and what financial support she gets.

Alejandra has gone after Jermaine in the past for failing to pay child support -- and now that she's being forced to move, the money battle has been reignited. Jermaine is the father of two of the kids and Randy is the father of the other two children.

Katherine asked Alejandra to move after the stun gun incident. TMZ broke the story that Jaafar ordered a stun gun online and was playing with it at the house -- something that triggered an investigation by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services.



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Big Mamma Cornbread    


1606 days ago


Since Michael's money is supporting Katherine Jackson, it looks like Michael's money is supporting the rest of the Jacksons too. Everyone of them has their hand out including Joe Jackson. The brothers (fathers of the boys) should be supporting their own children and the woman who bore them. She certainly wasn't fussy about who she had children from and she expects Katherine to support her rather than her lazy x-husbands. Disgusting!!!

1606 days ago


Shut the Fruuuunt Door!! Are you kidding me!!
Oh wait, it's California!! I get it now...

1606 days ago


Hi Cher,
Great posts as always. I finally got through all of the chapters. Here’s my take on them:
I believe the Jacksons formed some type of business for their publishing rights in the late 70’s or early 80s. Remember not all assets or business ventures are US based. I truly believe Alejandra is pissed off at Jermaine for flashing his lifestyle on network TV, while she and the kids reside at Hayvenhurst. I would be infuriated with him. I believe Jermaine should settle with her as quickly as possible. I also believe that Jermaine should be left alone once he redeems himself. As for Randy the fiery darts are not flying so fast and furious at him as they are in regards to Jermaine. I'd like to believe Randy is current with his child support and alimony. Otherwise he needs to settle the back support and move on as well. All of the children involved are innocent and should not be victimized by ridicule. Not even to the point of having their mother wear the scarlet letter for life. She made a real mess with her life choices, yet she’s still their mom and they love her.
The Jackson: I don’t believe the family was trying to use MJ as portrayed by the media or as believed by the general public. I believe they would present Michael with their ideas and he simply was not interested. Michael is a creative artist. You know, someone who day dreams or have night visions at 3am. They jump up to write it all down or call someone immediately and tell them about it. History tells us that during the Jackson's TV series of the mid 70’s that the show was a hit. Yet, when it was time to renew their contract(s) everyone signed except Michael. He loved performing with his family, but he did not like doing skits, and corny jokes as part of his stage presence. CBS wanted all 8 siblings (Jermaine stayed with Motown) or nothing. MJ was now 18 years old and he did not renew his contract. As a result, the show was cancelled. In my opinion this was the beginning of his “having my way” in the business realm. It did not matter to Michael who did not like it or was hurt by it. (The family did not turn their backs on him). I know there’s a great deal of truth to what you’re saying about the family, yet MJ was no saint in how he conducted himself personally or in the business world either. He did not build his portfolio because he was a nice guy. He did obtain his fortune because he was a good guy who played by the rules all the times. Michael Jackson did what he wanted to do in order to get whatever he wanted. According to his long time friend L.L.CJ, Mike was notorious in blocking artists.
Moocher: stealer, user, beggar or taker
Leech: bloodsucker, parasite, tick, mosquito, or vampire
IMO it’s unfair to label MJ’s family members as moochers or leeches. All of Michael’s siblings had no real childhood either as MJ always reminded the world about his personal childhood pain and suffering. MJ’s mother, father and siblings were on his side during the darkest and most humiliating days of his entire life. When MJ first heard the words “Michael Jackson, you’re under arrest” there was no money to be made or self indulgent notoriety to be gained by the Jacksons. Who on earth with a thriving career wanted to be seen with MJ or associate their life or livelihood with him. A few friends came out much later, but his family was always like “Johnny on the spot” in times of trouble. Say what you will, his parents and siblings loved him all the way through it. These are the people who are referred to as moochers and leeches. These are the same individuals whom people will say for one reason or another “that’s Michael’s house” or “through them out on the street!” “Get a job!” “Deadbeat!” MJ had all the love and non judgmental support of the very people he kept at bay when he needed it most. I love the photos of them dressed in white suits as Latoya and Janet escorted MJ in and out of court. (Yes Latoya shot off her mouth only to recant it later) We know MJ forgave her and they loved each again.
Parents with cute kids who dressed up like the K.O.P. were entrusted into his camp. The strangers were not working simply living the good life, traveling around the world as special guest of the king. They were residing in 5 star hotels and eating in restaurants free of charge as the King’s special guests. The same strangers had free room and board complete with total access to Neverland whether MJ was home or not for years. Yet no one refers to these people as leeches and moochers. No one calls anyone of them a deadbeat, loser, get a job, or through them out on the street.
As for using, misusing, or abusing prescription medication I say so what. He had a medical diagnosis. He needed medicine for pain, stress, anxiety and insomnia. I don’t care if he took the medication for 30 years. Upon a medical diagnosis there is no shame or disgrace in having to take prescription medication. It’s against the law to illegally obtain a controlled substance, but I don’t know of any proof that he did this. He needed proper medical care. Unfortunately he never received it.
As for Janet’s appearance on Oprah, I was glad to see her. I had no problem with her or anything she said. So what, she talked about her brother and promoted her new film. I really don’t see the problem. IMO: Janet talking about her new film did not dishonor his life. Telling the truth as she believed it that Michael was in denial did not bother me. When I said the Jacksons were most likely sick of him being so naïve and not jealous of him. I was speaking to the fact that he actually believed he could allow strangers to reside in house even when he was nowhere to be found.
As for Rebbie, again I say so what. She said what she wanted from her perspective. A lot more will be said later this month all the way through to the end of the hearing. Perhaps, just maybe the Jacksons are simply telling the public that the harsh truth is coming. They are aware of it and they still loved their brother. Maybe the Jacksons just want the public to know they knew about the severity of the drugs and there was nothing they could do about it. I don’t believe for a single minute that the Jacksons should continue to be beat in face over Michael or anything that’s in the past. MJ was a grown man, he could do whatsoever he wanted with his life, health, money and wellbeing. Yes he had vultures all around but he hired and entrusted them into his life. If Janet said Michael was in denial, it does not mean she was lying. Who on earth stops working in order to show loyalty or out of respect for a loved one who’s been in heaven for damn near a year. Life goes on. When MJ was alive people called his family leeches. Now that he’s dead people are still calling them leeches. They are a show business family. I don’t feel they should apologize for consulting with the most famous man in the world who happens to their son, brother or uncle. Granted some of them may have over extended themselves but its over! They will have to figure out how they will settle their debt. Again I say so what, MJ paid for a few things for his nephews. So what, they reside in a house he owns. He gave away over 300 million to the world. I know he did not spend nearly that much on them. If Michael Jackson gave every one of his siblings, parents, and first generation nieces and nephews a million dollars each, it would not be anywhere near 300million. I'm not saying that his siblings need the money. I'm saying there’s nothing wrong with making money. There’s nothing wrong with trying to better your life, and achieve a fraction of MJ’s success. (Read the synopsis on the live in Bucharest DVD. MJ had phenomenal and unprecedented success. I don’t blame his family for trying). I can’t speak for anyone else but if I were in their position, MJ may have had to obtain a restraining order against my ass!
As for the Jacksons reality TV show. You cannot place the Jacksons in the same category as an everyday person. Reportedly, The Jacksons created, produced and marketed their show to several networks. The Jackson were not auditioning like an unknown off the street. The show of course is on A&E. The question is, if its feasible to measure the show’s success or if it makes good business sense for A&E to give the Jacksons a multi-million dollar. Well let’s take a look at who is A&E and how could they measure the show’s success. First of all A&E is a joint venture of Disney-ABC Television Group, the Hearst Corp and NBC Universal. The Jacksons are not fly by night artists. They are Music Icons and industry changers. They were the first black American family to have a network TV variety show. (Nat King Cole had a show decades past but his family was not contracted) The Jacksons were the first artist to have four CONSECUTIVE #1’s. They have sold 250 million units of their recorded work worldwide. The Jacksons are platinum selling recording artists. That’s a very impressive resume for any artist black or white. A network does not make 10K or 100K dollar deals. I am certain the Jacksons and their management team would not insult themselves or their intelligence in bothering to negotiate such a waste of paper and ink effort. Disney-ABC/NBC Universal executives would not schedule to meet with the Jacksons or anyone at all to discuss a 5 or 6 digit deal???. That’s just flat out ridiculous!!!!! As for measuring the show’s success, that’s where the Neilson ratings comes in to play. The Neilson TV ratings are gathered in two ways: Viewer diaries or Set Meters. Viewer diaries are used in which a target audience self records its viewing or listening habits. The Set Meters are small devices connected to televisions in selected homes. The device gathers the viewing habits of the home and transmit the information nightly to Nielson through a home unit connected to a phone line. The technology allows market researchers to study television viewing habits on a minute by minute basis. Neilson can detect the exact moment viewers changed channels or turned off their TVs. Since A&E offered the Jacksons a second season, the show had high enough ratings or surpassed the network expectations that it makes “good business sense” to continue production of the show.
Lastly about this PIE. The PIE has nothing to do with compensation for royalties or anything owed morally or financially. PIE is the code word the Jacksons used for the girls they sneaked in and out of their hotel rooms when they were teenagers. So when they wanted to have **X, they ordered pie. (only IMO of course).

(It’s said that Randy went behind Michael’s back w/some deal during the hearings. Who’s to say that Michael did not put Randy up to an underhanded deal in an attempt to out maneuver or double cross someone without that person knowing it was actually Michael’s dealing and Randy took the blame whenor if the deal went sour.)

i love, love,love my darling Michael. yet he was no saint or a virgin!!!

1606 days ago


He "did not" obtain his fortune because he was a good guy who played by the rules all the times.

1606 days ago


Hi again cher
As for Prince, Paris and Blanket. They will be fine. They have to play with the hand they've been dealt just like their daddy. As for the Jackson's next career move I think they should revamp and capitalize on their greatest asset which is their voices. I believe they should forget about the under 30 crowd when it comes to their music. The Jacksons still have incredible vocals/harmonies. I really think they would do very well musically if they tapped into Jazz. The genre is high end, classy, upscale and universal. I don't care what anyone says they look pretty damn good after all these years. Because the industry is so fickle, I think a televised concert showcasing the Jacksons in the genre of Jazz would be the best option before attempting to tour. I think they should include 3t to help attract the younger viewers. Perhaps a special guest appearance by their good friend Lionel Richie. They've got their work cut out for them. they just have to do it from the heart and somehow it will come together for them.
(I'M still on J5 this week. "I Wanna Be Where You Are" reminds of why i fell in love with him in the first place. Mama's Pearl" reminds me of their saturday morning cartoon.


Can it be I stayed away too long?
Did I leave your mind when I was gone?
It's not my thing trying get back
But this time let me tell you where I'm at

You don't have to worry cause I'm comin'
Back to where I should have always stayed
And now I've heard the maybe to your story
And it's enough, love, for me stay

Can it be I stayed away too long?
Did I leave your mind when I was gone?
It's not my thing trying get back
But this time let me tell you where I'm at

I wanna, wanna be where you are, oh oh
Anywhere you are, oh oh
I wanna wanna be where you are, oh oh
Everywhere you are, oh oh

Please, don't close the door to our future
There's so many things we haven't tried
I could love you better than I used to
And give you all the love I have inside


I wanna, wanna be where you are, oh oh
Any, any, anywhere you are, oh oh
I wanna wanna be where you are, oh oh
I gotta be where you are, oh oh

1606 days ago


465. He "did not" obtain his fortune because he was a good guy who played by the rules all the times.

Posted at 8:03 PM on Jun 7, 2010 by mymjj5
Great Post! Yes, I have to agree with the fact that people who have had phenomenal success tend to make there own rules. As far as Jermaine wanting his share of the Pie? Rolf! He probably made him self sick consuming too much Pie (women) till his heart content, mymjj5's definition. In 1991, Jermaine had a 5 year old and a 2 year old with M. Maldonado. That was interesting about the Neilson ratings.

1606 days ago


437. This is Heartbreak Hotel - Pt.3......
Cher! Wow! You have been typing up a storm! Enjoyed your posts and thanks to all who have posted. Good night.

1606 days ago


About "Forever Michael"

June 26, 2010, The Jackson Family Foundation in conjunction with presents "Forever Michael." " bring together Michael Jackson family members, celebrities, fans, supporters and the community to celebrate and honor his legacy." This Red Carpet event will be a dedication for Mr. Michael Jackson, the greatest entertainer/ humanitarian in the world and of all times. The vision is to bring together Michael Jackson family members, celebrities, fans, supporters and the community to celebrate and honor his legacy. A portion of the proceeds for this event will benefit the Jackson Family Foundation.We have all shared in Michael’s message, and now we encourage all of you the world over, to join us in continuing to spotlight Michael’s endeavors by making a conscious effort to help save our planet. Let’s act now by trumpeting Michael’s message and together we can, in Michael’s words, Heal The World!

Family To Remember Michael Jackson On His First Death Anniversary
June 7th, 2010

Family To Remember Michael Jackson On His First Death Anniversary

June 7, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Family members of the legendary singer, Michael Jackson, will be holding a red carpet celebration event that will feature various performances in his honor. The event that has been named ‘Forever Michael’ will mark the first death anniversary of the King of Pop.

It will take place on June 26th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. VoicePlate Production, the company which is producing the event said that the idea behind the event is to bring together Jackson’s family members, fans, supporters and the community in order to pay homage to his legacy. It will be made open to the public with a charge of $500 for VIP tickets and $250 for general admission which can be obtained from

Apart from this event, hordes of Jackson’s fans plan to descend upon his grave on his first death anniversary despite being banned from the mausoleum.

Forest Lawn Cemetery, where Jackson is buried, has instructed security to remove anyone hanging out in front of his mausoleum. But that doesn’t seem to deter fans who are hell bent on visiting their favorite singer’s burial place on the big day. One of the fans of Jackson said that nothing can stop them from being with him on the 25th.

A representative for Forest Lawn said that they are undecided on how to handle the death anniversary of singer and added that they will abide by the wishes of his family.

-Sampurn Wire

1606 days ago



# Thank you everyone. I do read ur tweets. Don't forget, ur support gives me power. Let's do this again soon. 4:07 PM Jun 6th via web

# I know my brother is at peace although I miss him so much. Now that he is gone, my job is to uphold his wishes & make sure justice is served 4:04 PM Jun 6th via web

# How do I cope? I have a strong Christian faith & find power in prayer… although this month is hard. 4:02 PM Jun 6th via web

# ok... one more... 3:56 PM Jun 6th via web

# My siblings & I knew nothing about this foundation or museum in Gary, nor r we a part of it. I do have concerns & I will be addressing it. 3:54 PM Jun 6th via web

# I love my mom & dad, they r both in their 80's. My concern is mostly about the people around them and how they take advantage of them. 3:52 PM Jun 6th via web

# Last question... 3:47 PM Jun 6th via web

# I didn't abandon my brother in 2005, and I sure as H*** won't do it now! 3:41 PM Jun 6th via web

# These things take time. Please don’t be discouraged because you see nothing happening. 3:41 PM Jun 6th via web

# Re: Mesereau. Tom’s been a friend for 20 yrs. I hired him 4 the 05 trial. We discuss all of the discrepancies about my brother’s passing. 3:37 PM Jun 6th via web

# The will: Me knowing my brother, Yes I believe its fake. I’d love 2 talk more in depth, but can’t. Am I doing something about it? of course 3:33 PM Jun 6th via web

# Hang on... I'm reading.... 3:28 PM Jun 6th via web

# i know fans have rallied together against this tribute & thank you for your help. I also have not given up on trying to stop this tribute. 3:26 PM Jun 6th via web

# Yes, they r still trying 2 do the tribute in Rome. But I stand firm in my position about the fraud & deception from the organizers. 3:23 PM Jun 6th via web

# I can't promise but there's a possibility that fans will b able 2 go inside. I have 2 discuss this w/my family as well, I'm fighting for u 3:14 PM Jun 6th via web

# We met with Forest Lawn - its true they agreed to let the fans go up 2 Holly Terrace on the 25th & I'm working on something even better... 3:12 PM Jun 6th via web

# I'm here! Thanks for meeting me. I'm reading your tweets now.... ask anything you like and I'll do my best to answer. 3:07 PM Jun 6th via web

# Thx 4 all ur kind words! I am going to do a Q&A tomorrow. Meet u here @ 3:00pm PT 3:25 PM Jun 5th via Twitter for BlackBerry®


Here is a few of my own questions about this stuff:
I wonder what Randy plans on doing about the Will if a judge has already said it was legally binding?
What do these people think, charging FANS Michael Jackson concert prices to give them other people singing HIS songs, or to listen to the same CD's we all already have of himself doing those songs in this tribute and it isn't even going to benefit his own kids? Do I misunderstand where the money is going? Discuss please. I am very interested in others opinions on these things.

Also, there's still people going on & on about the skank who is dogging Kate, but please brush up on articles about the custody between Ale & Jerm as they explain why Alejandra can and is fighting. Kate was court ordered to allow Ale & the kids (Jermaine's) to live at Havenhurst during the custody hearings. She was trying to help Jermaine outta a tight spot since he was ordered to pay 11 grand a month to Ale. She did this by her own accord FOR dead beat Jerm. In the meantime Alejandra also had kids by Randy and so naturally those kids would stay there with their mother as well. Kate was trying to help her son and keep the mess as low key as poss. in the end he is why this is happening cause he doesn't pay his support or spousal support as ordered. It may seem like Ale is the bad guy here but even if her plans were with gold dig intent it still took 2 brothers and 5 kids to get to this point, sorry but this woman did not get to this on her own. It isn't like she trapped them both with ONE UNWANTED KID, there is FIVE and 2 MARRIAGES. This wasn't a 1 night stand thing. She MUST be absolutely furious when she sees Jermy parade on TV in designer threads & high rolling in expensive cars while his wife Halima kisses his ass & licks his shoes. I'd be pisst too watching him travel the world while I sit & get called out by fans for accepting Kate's grocery cards insteada getting what the ex hubbys owe.. IMO, Randy is not at fault for that since he was cheated on by his wife AND BROTHER, but the question is, did or does Randy support Ale & HIS own kids he has with her? If so, then why would Ale be so afraid to go to the offered free condo? Cause no Jackson ex husband pays her the support they were ordered to. She cannot make it on her own, and don't tell me the Jacksons wouldn't try taking Jafaar & Jermajesty from her simply because they will say a low income lifestyle is bad on the family image. Any thing Alejandra does is spied through a magnifying glass by the family. They happily let Kate bare the burden FOR THEM. Wow, what a mess.

And everybody said KATE was the glue.. looks to me like Mike was cause without him its all gone to hell in a hand basket.

1606 days ago


I apologize for that insanely long post.


1606 days ago


To add to questions, I gotta wonder what the family thinks about Randy and his nephews (3T)opposing the Rome tribute when it was started by Marlon? I may be mistaken on that but I was under the impression Marlon was who was doing the Rome thing?

1606 days ago


BarbieJean...I agree with you about Michael being the glue in the family. Even though the whole family is talented, without Michael, the rest of them seem to be lost. They just can't seem to pull it all together, without Michael. I noticed that when they had their show on A&E. Sometimes, we don't really appreciate what we have, until it's gone.

1605 days ago


BarbieJean....I must agree with you last statement. You told the truth about everything going to hell, without Michael. He was the glue, regardless of his faults. No, he wasn't perfect, and he made mistakes just like everyone else does. But without him, the rest of them seem lost. It's really sad, because the whole Jackson family is talented. Sometimes, we don't appreciate what we have until it's gone. Maybe Michael wasn't really appreciated like he should have been, until he wasn't there, anymore. It's sad.

1605 days ago

tommy d    

this girl is a hoe; not only does the biatch get pregnant but she makes sure its both brothers, incase one makes more than the other???evidently she found a way to make money by spreading her legs for any one thats famous and decided to keep it in the family

1605 days ago
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