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Legal Fight Brewing in Jackson House

6/4/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned four of Katherine Jackson's grandchildren will be moving from her house this month, and the mother of the kids has lawyered up for a fight.

Katherine Jackson
TMZ broke the story ... Katherine told Alejandra Jackson -- who had been living at the Jackson family compound in Encino with her kids, Jaafar, Jermajesty, Donte and Randy, Jr. -- that her brood had to move out, because Katherine had her hands full just watching over Michael Jackson's 3 kids.

Katherine is allowing Alejandra and her kids to move into a nearby condo owned by the Jackson family, but Alejandra is pissed. Katherine is in Indiana until June 10. We're told when Katherine comes back, Alejandra has to move.

But it's not going to be that easy. We've learned Alejandra has hired Trope & Trope, a powerful law firm, to negotiate a separation agreement of sorts. We're told Alejandra wants some assurance that her family will be financially protected if she moves. As a result, she may challenge the move or negotiate a separation package -- which would include a place where she and her kids will live (not necessarily the condo) and what financial support she gets.

Alejandra has gone after Jermaine in the past for failing to pay child support -- and now that she's being forced to move, the money battle has been reignited. Jermaine is the father of two of the kids and Randy is the father of the other two children.

Katherine asked Alejandra to move after the stun gun incident. TMZ broke the story that Jaafar ordered a stun gun online and was playing with it at the house -- something that triggered an investigation by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services.



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Skimming through some (credible) posts, thanks for the response. Truly sad to hear KJ might have to give into this woman. Someone asked a good question any answer or guess as to why TMZ never post Genevieves' pic when mentioning Ale & children living in the estate?

Again thx.

1598 days ago



Yo’ man????? don’t choono I will cutchuovahim?!?!?!?!!!
You are my still my sistah in writing here goes: Interpretation, interpretation, interpretation!!! I did not say Michael put Randy up to forging a loan!! I said how do we not know that MJ was using Randy to do his dirty work “whenever” he (MJ) was about to out maneuver or double cross someone in business. I went on to say that perhaps maybe, Randy would take the blame if a deal any deal went sour. (out maneuvering or double crossing someone is immoral not illegal.) Its business and MJ was a very successful businessman. I don’t and never will apologize for loving MJ’s immediate family. Somebody loves me more than anything therefore, the grace that’s been extended to me I can extend to anyone.

When it comes to the investigation, I really don’t care about the details so much so that I research what’s happening. I read what’s on here and listen to the news. I have not been posting anything in regards to the investigation or the hearings. I might respond to something funny or agree with someone who makes sense. I do not spend one moment of my day researching anything about the investigation for it is too deep for me. I only respond to misconceptions about the facts regarding the siblings personal achievements. Yes they’ve made mistakes. Yet, I don’t see them as deadbeats because they accomplished more in childhood than I will in my lifetime. I don’t and never will apologize for loving them. I don’t go to other boards. I'm here to stay until there’s justice for Michael is granted.

I really don’t care about Hayvenhurst. MJ hadn’t lived there in 20 years. We had really bad weather, so I was just trippin on a Sunday afternoon. Remember I have a smart mouth. I would never set out to look for MJ’s signature on the web or any other do***ent. I don’t have too. I’ll take a look at most anything if someone sends me to me. Sometimes I will post an article that supports my statements or burst a hole in a hater’s lie. Usually my posted article relates to another family who has done or made the exact same mistakes as the Jacksons but no one seems to have a problem with it. Really, the majority of everything I post is based primarily on my historical recollection about the Jacksons, my employment history, educational background and experiences. I don’t web it out. I don’t have too!!! (we all learn differently. It’s fine for anyone else who enjoys it.)

Cher, sometimes you talk like as if YOU cannot locate proof of their assets on the web that’s the final answer regarding the Jacksons net worth. It’s like according to you they or some of them have to be broke and that settles it because you researched it and could not find the proper do***entation. It’s like you’ve decided that their careers are over and they are over because you say so. You nor I don’t know about every investment they have made. Some bad and some profitable. All business ventures are not US based. Most of the posts I've read on here are written as if all the Jackson are broke deadbeat leeches and that’s not true. You said all of them seem to be looking for a bigger payoff through Michael again I say so what. There’s nothing wrong with making money. They just happen to be related to the most successful entertainer in the world. I do not fault them for going to their brother for assistance with their ideas and projects. Clearly he did not like their ideas and refused to get involved. I would never agree with them committing to a project with the intent that MJ would be a part of it without clearing it with him first!!! That’s just mean and shows a great deal of disrespect towards him as a man in general. MJ did not hate his family. I'm not saying that you said he hated his family. If you believe the siblings were constantly coming to him for a pay day, who did Michael go to for his pay day? He was the artist but he did not build his fortune alone. MJ went to and through people as well to get want he wanted. We all know what MJ would do once your services were no longer needed.

When I said Michael was not a wimp that was not meant in the context that you believe he was a push over. I was not trying to insult your intelligence or anyone else. Due to the way you write about Michael in contrast with dealing with his family, it sounds like you believe they were badgering him to get what they wanted and he did not have the balls to stop them. Therefore, they kept on coming at him and doing things behind his back and he kept taking it over and over and over. If I'm not mistaken, I think Jermaine clarified on the TV show that they (the brothers) received clearances/licenses from MJ prior to the beginning of production. I think production started 6 or more months prior to MJ’s passing. That alone has freed me from possible resentment or hostility towards the brothers. By getting those approvals they (the brothers) finally got it. MJ was their little brother, but he was a man who deserved their respect as well and they finally gave it to him.

I did not miss your point about family loyalty. Again, with the way you write, it seems to me that if the Jacksons do not respond, act, or react in a similar fashion as you believe that you and your siblings would have, that is considered as disloyalty on behalf of the Jacksons. I look at this way. A day or so after Michaels passing, remember how Joe Jackson came outside the Encino mansion and said “We are going to have Michael’s celebration service” and then he immediately started taking about a new record label. He just did not handle himself well at all to say the least. He can’t help it. It’s the same way for his children. It’s in the blood of his children to muck up the same way time and time again with their interviews and personal dealings. They will start off okay and then it tappers off to something unrelated making them appear to be discombobulated. Yet in their minds, they are making perfect sense. They feel justified in their dealings. That’s why I don’t have a problem with what they say or do because I get it. I get them.

When I say I will clear up a misconception, I mean any misconception. I can’t remember who but they believed that Jermaine suffered a great deal at Motown because the title of lead vocalist went to his little brother Michael. I pointed out that Michael and Jermaine were both awarded Gold certification for their solo projects while both were still members of J5. You have issues with some of the Jackson. I don’t have any issues with any of them. If I'm not mistaken doesn’t absolve means to pardon, forgive, release, free and clear. Michael forgave his family and their mistakes. Since I've clarified my clarifications we can now move on, unless there’s something else you need to clarify.

1598 days ago


A day or so after "Michael's" passing, remember how Joe Jackson came outside the Encino mansion and said “We are going to have Michael’s celebration service” and then he immediately started "talking' about a new record label. He did not handle himself very well to say the least!

1598 days ago


WHY in the World is Katherine the grandmother, expected to raise THESE GRANDCHILDREN, when her Grown A-- Sons are still alive and able to WORK? Kudos Katherine, They have been dumping their children on you for years...... Jackson Family you're mother is a senior and 80 years old, please love her enough to at least try to handle your own responsibility by caring for your own children. Particularly when you are alive and able to do so.
To the mother of these children Where is YOUR FAMILY SUPPORT? Your MOTHER AND FATHER.... MAYBE THEY CAN ASSIST YOU? Otherwise go to work and file for child support!!!!!!!!

1598 days ago


This is Heartbreak Hotel - 2.2.......
-#482: BusyLady, that has to be the CUTEST post I've ever seen! And you're right, of course--it's just I get so carried away when I'm talking about my fave topic--MICHAEL!!! But I get your point and thank you for your patience!
-#481: Hey Butterfly! Always great to hear from you and see your name...LOVE that song...."You give me Butterflies, inside, inside..."
-#484: Hey Grump! Good point--they do always leave Genevieve out. I tried to search the info online and didn't find the answer, but came to a few conclusions. FOr one, I don't think she's living at Hayvenhurst. From her profile, she's about 19 and has embarked on a recording career so she could easily be living elsewhere. Randy has another daughter, Steveanna by Eliza Shaffel, his first wife, maybe Genevieve lives with her. That's the only reason I can see for TMZ not mentioning her, because all of these stories deal with the occupants of Hayvenhurst.
BTW-In my search for info on GenV, guess who I found out her Mgr is? None other than Alejandra. Maybe she can get GenV's career going and live off her. Her music is nothing to write home about and she doesn't even have a recording contract, but she does sound a lot like Janet so she may get her moment soon. Randy's other daughter Steveanna is an actress who has had success on the Disney channel with Zoey 101.
Another interesting bit I found is about Janet's so-called secret daughter. James DeBarge said the daughter's name was Renee and she was living with Rebbie, but I think that was a cover story. More and more, I'm starting to believe that Janet story is true but the girl who think is her daughter is the one that was living with Jackie on the Brother's reality show--BRANDI. All along I thought she was Jackie's daughter but it turns out Jackie and his wife Enid ADOPTED Brandi in '82, around the same time Janet and James were married--possibly to cover the fact that she was pregnant. She probably gave her up due to her career. And you know how Katherine is, she was probably determined to keep the baby in the family somehow. Wonder who Donte--Randy's "adopted" son actually belongs to......
................SIMMERING.........To be continued......

1598 days ago


This is HeartbreaK Hotel--Mymjj Edition Pt. Deux......
-#485: Hey Mymjj! Girl, you are too much! Just a few things real quick:
1. I understand we come from different backgrounds--I get it. The fact that I relate to your posts often makes me forget. As for Michael's business dealings, I based what I said on that incident with Randy and Don Stabler because there was a suit that resulted from it and Michael point blank stated that Randy and his partner were behind it. I doubt that Randy would've just stood there and took the heat on top of getting fired without clearing his name. Michael even went on to say that Randy was so upset that he and Don stormed out of their meeting with Katherine and wouldn't speak to him for a long time. Here's one of the articles on this:
2. I accept that Investigation ain't your thang, but it is mine--when it comes to Michael. I know it won't bring him back to me, but it will ensure that the demons who killed or conspired to kill him are exposed for what they are, and be dealt with. You say you want Justice for Michael and that's what this Investigation is all about. Not simply accepting old bottom-feeder Murray in his role of the bumbling, but well-meaning doctor/friend who only did what the rich star he worked for asked him to do. Not accepting the media's exploitation of one lone nurse's statement and using it to completely discredit Michael to the masses, in order to absolve Murray of guilt. Not accepting that AEG truly had no idea of Michael's physical limitations (weight loss, dehydration, INSOMNIA) to the point where they believed he could complete all 50 shows. Not accepting a will and Trust that was produced by a man who had been fired by Michael years ago and suddenly is rehired, just in time for his death. Not accepting a Trust that gives it's Trustees--Branca and McClain, more power and benefits than it gives Michael's beneficiaries...and etc, etc, etcetera..............
Thing is, SOMEONE has to investigate in order for the truth to come out. The culprits are relying on all of us to settle for Murray and be done, but that's not my style. I believing in getting to the bottom of things and I'm so happy there are many more like me. Of course, I respect your right to not get involved. The reason I do get involved is because I remember what Michael said about the Earth and how we can't just sit around and say "They'll do it or Somebody will do it, Who? IT STARTS WITH ME AND YOU..."
3. I'm all for your historical recollections and enjoy every one! However, there's no harm in cross-referencing to get the facts. You'll find the Internet has a wealth of info that can be used for GOOD. Why not put it to work for you if it's there?
4. I apologize if I come across as a know it all...guess it's in my DNA like being a smart mouth is in yours. I never meant to imply that just because I couldn't find do***entation on something you posted, it was invalid. However, wouldn't it be an added plus if it could be validated with do***entation? That way, we wouldn't have to take it as hearsay which is always taken--with a grain of salt.
5. I'm going to say this for the last time about the family:
-I don't think ALL of them are leeches, just SOME of them
-I would NEVER say their careers were over anymore than I would want anyone to say that about mine--that's downright foolish!! I simply think MANY of them are in denial about the state of their careers AT PRESENT.
-We will never agree on how much I think the family used Michael. My opinion is not a judgement, it's based in FACT. However, I have no intention of invalidating your opinion. If that's what you think, done deal.
-Of course Michael worked with and used others to build his career and empire--he was brilliant enough to realize that it takes a TEAM to make things happen, but that team also needs a LEADER with strong VISION/SKILLS/GIFTS of his own to bring to the table. Without these assets, success can't happen. My point is that the other siblings, (with the exception of Janet) either lack these points, or lack the focus and drive to put them to use.
As for why Michael fired staff, I say SO WHAT? Many employers do this every minute of the day. The only reason it's an issue is because it's Michael and if you love him, people think you need to be educated on his shortcomings. Well I already made my statement on that one....HE WAS A MAN, WASN'T HE? Besides, there's 2 sides to every story and the only side we've heard comes from the ones who were fired. Michael could've gone on record listing their shortcomings but he didn't....well, except for Branca who he accused of EMBEZZLEMENT with SONY. Another thing research would tell you is that Michael had many advisers and Bus. Mgrs over the years and THEY did a lot of the firing. For instance, Raymone Bain said she was fired by none other than Randy J. Others were fired by Tohme. Maybe they were doing Michael's bidding. maybe not. Who's to say?
6. Regarding the Family loyalty issue--yes, I hold myself to a certain standard, but I am noone to judge anyone on their way of life and would NEVER imply that anyone had to act the way I want them to. Last I checked, the only person with that authority is JESUS/GOD. However, I can recognize inappropriateness when I see it and I stand by what I said about Janet and Rebbie's statements being disloyal to Michael. If it offends you or anyone else, I'm sorry. Can't win 'em all....
7. Thanks for the clarification. I often type in a passionate fashion and get ahead of myself. When I said absolve, I meant to say "more so than approving of their actions." In other words, he saw the wrongness of their actions, but chose to forgive them. And let me say this, I respect your right to not have issues with the Jacksons--good luck with that. Sorry to say, but the fact that I have issues with some of them probably won't change. The minute one of them reverts to type regarding Michael, I will have an issue with it...sorry just keeping it 100....
Bottom line, It's still all L.O.V.E. and I hope you were "nourished by it..."
No Peace till Justice!

1598 days ago


Heartbreak Correction on #488:
Meant to say James DeBarge's brother, YOUNG DEBARGE stated Janet and his brother had a daughter named Renee...

1598 days ago


Brandi and Donte

1598 days ago

tommy d    

First of all no matter what,everyone will have a negative opinion of this Alejandra woman , but what surprises me is that she gave birth to 2 kids, and the brothers are ok with this???And now they expect baby brother Michael's legacy to house and take care of them for life ,I have been to where the Jackson's grew up in Indiana , I say send the woman and her 2 hids to live in that house and provide for herself, she found a way to get pregnant,now she can find a way to survive

1598 days ago

Lee Ann    

I am with everybody else on this. This is nasty. And she needs to go. Oh my. She must have something good.......... I would not know that that could be because she is straight up nasty.

1598 days ago


To: Cher
(backin’ up from the table, swellin’ all up, huffin-N-puffin, index finger pointing in a downward slope, high on the right side, head and neck fixated due East at a 45 degree angle!)
YO’ MAN!!??!!??. DON’T CHUNO THAT I WILAH’ CUTCHUOVAHEM????!!!! I know it’s over. I just felt like opening widdit again. Here goes:

Thanks for the article but stuff like that in my opinion is toxic. Especially for me since MJ is gone. I never accept the bottom line from the media. As for the investigation, I do not research on my own even if I don’t believe the story. Like millions of others, I can still make a well informed decision about the information that’s given without investigating it personally. When the information makes sense or seems feasible, I’ll accept it. If it sounds like some more of that fabricated foolishness I’ll reject it. I leave investigations to everyone else.
When MJ’s beneficiaries become of age they can hire their own attorneys. Besides, didn’t Branca and Mcclaim receive a court order for the additional power(s) they received if any?
Sometimes, my historical recollections are crossed referenced just to ensure that i have the correct date before I post it. Especially when talking about the Jacksons in the 1970s. Otherwise it’s straight from the experiences of my HEART of HEARTs!!!!
Just think of all the celebrities in Hollywood. Do we need written do***entation to believe or accept the fact they’ve GOT IT LIKE THAT$$$$$$$? Especially those who have not have a hit record, movie or TV show since goodness knows when. Yet they look good and or prosperous looking on the red carpet!
I don’t think any of the Jacksons are in denial about their careers. IMO: they know that the under 29 crowd is not for them anymore. That’s why I stated they should venture into Jazz. We all know Jazz is the foundation for a lot of music genres. I believe that Jazz is ageless and age appropriate for them at this point in their careers. Even with Jazz they could still pay homage to J5.
The family used him…...that’s matter of opinion based on the situation.. I think most times, they were trying to get help and connections with their ideas. MJ just was not interested. If they went behind his back he found away to forgive and let it go. Since MJ dropped the banner against what they did and or tried to do, I most certainly will not pick it and continue to wave it. For me in conjunction with his passing, that saga really is over.
We are in agreement about some of them not being a leader. That’s why they kept coming to Michael. MJ had it, “they” or some of “they” did not. I believe Janet was not a leader either. Janet idolized MJ to the point that she patterned her music career after him. Janet was still young and cute enough to pull it off without looking like a copy cat. IMO whatever Michael could do as an artist Janet believed that she could do it too. And she most certainly did. As for Latoya no question she is very beautiful. Latoya wanted to use her first name only when she began her solo career. Her daddy wanted her to capitalize on using the Jackson brand again. LaToya never did shine as an individual in the music industry. She had some modest hits, but I don’t think she achieved certified gold. We all know that Rebbie was awarded a gold record for Centipede. It was a “JaYuM” back in the day!! I think her late start due to marriage and motherhood put a lid on some of her best years. She’s still quite attractive and perhaps she will find her niche somewhere. Regardless I don’t believe anyone in the family should be ridiculed on a never ending basis for their efforts or mistakes. As soon as I get my first gold record or break out on Billboard’s hot 100 then maybe I’ll utter whose in denial about their music career.
I have no beef about Michael firing anyone. I don’t care why he hired or fired anyone. My point was in business, once MJ got what he wanted he had no use for you. He did not have clean hands all the time. Mike’s family was using him. Mike was using people he hired. Michael Jackson gave as good as he got. My King was a rascal and a “spare-no-expense-scoundrel” when it came to getting what he wanted. MJ’s life was like a big roller coast conquest for him.
Again in regards to Rebbie and Janet’s statements, in their minds it was not inappropriate for them to say what they said. He was their brother, and that’s how they viewed “his” actions. I'm not offended by “their” actions. Everything should be out in the open. Get it over with. There’s nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Just tell the truth as you know it. Let the chips fall where they may because they most certainly will fall somehow someway. Just get it out in the open.
When you have peace of mind and clear understanding that your love is just fine (tit for tat, in the past, he said, she said, Y.U- do-dat, baby mama, great-grandmama, I'm not my brother’s keeper) drama has no place to reside.

(i love you Michael but "Let's Get Serious" by Jermaine was a bigger and better "j-A-y-Um" than "Rock With You" (IMO of course)

1597 days ago


Hey Mymjj!
To quote Michael in TII:
"Let me just say that I know what you're trying to do and I know you mean well..."
Again, I totally understand and respect your right to your opinion about the Jacksons, but please realize that you will NEVER change my mind about them. It is MY experience, MY Interpretation, and MY right!
The thing you have to realize is that I don't sit around HATING them or anything, I don't even think about them most of the time. And I agree, it's foolish to keep bringing up their shortcomings from the past, HOWEVER, the only reason I brought them up is to illustrate their track record to you. I admit that they wouldn't even come up on my radar half the time, but since Michael passed, they're in the news every week--always with another foolish tribute, scheme or talk show Interview...ENOUGH ALREADY--QUIT LIVING OFF MICHAEL AND GET YOUR OWN LIFE is all I'm saying....
-As for the investigation, as I stated previously, I accept the fact that you don't investigate, but someone has to...and NOW, not in 2020's when MJ3 comes of age and noone cares anymore. Matter of fact, MJ3 is the BEST reason to deal with it now so that they are protected from some of the culprits who continue to masquerade as close associates and well wishers of Michael's. Why put it off on them when it can be accomplished NOW by people who have a passion to bring these vultures to justice. He gave us so much--an epic lifetime of outstanding Music and magical entertainment. And now IT'S OUR TURN to give him something back. As I said, I've never been a passive person and I'm not about to start now.
-As for The Jacksons evolving into a jazz group, I agree that would be a great move for them. Maybe we'll hear about what they're going to do with themselves in the next season of "JFD"...if there is another season. I haven't heard anything since TMZ reported that there was supposed to be an offer on the table and the A&E website doesn't have anything listed about a new season....
I also agree that none of them were leaders including Janet who patterned her career after Michael's--I know this, however, I gave her an exception because she seemed to be the only Jackson sibling who was SMART ENOUGH to realize that Michael had something that took him to a higher level and act accordingly which is why she was successful. For me, her and Rebbie gave the best offerings out of all of the siblings--Jermy included. I know you like him, but I'm not a fan and that's the bottom line. His music has been average at best.
"Let's get serious" is better than "Rock With you", one of my all time fave songs of Michael's that still gives me goose bumps when I hear it to this day? GET REAL!! There is NOTHING Jermy has ever done in his life that could even come close to what Michael's done, that's why his tail is still jealous to this day. Don't make me come get you....
-Regarding Michael and his business dealings with people, I don't think either of us know everything that really went on. In my heart, although Michael is human and has made mistakes, I don't think he ever meant to be mean so I disagree with you on this one. I agree that he was business-savvy and knew how to get what he wanted, and he was ABLE to do it because unlike most of his siblings, he did what he had to do to GET THE JOB DONE. Yes he was an extremely ambitious, over achieving VISIONARY/GENIUS. It was in his DNA and I LOVED IT!
-Bottom line, no comment on the Janet/Rebbie fiasco. I told you what I thought and I stand by it. It's still all love and I'm done.
No Peace till Justice!

1597 days ago


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies.....Behave yourselves. Michael would probably get a chuckle out of you two. I'm curious, was he aware of your love for him? Did he know about this passion that I keep reading about, from you? You should have let him know how you feel. I'm sure he would have been impressed and humbled. Wow!!

1597 days ago


-#483: Hey BusyLady!
Another cute post from you--OMG!!! Yeah, I luv that Mymjj chick but she is something else! Imagine comparing Michael to Jermy of all people--RIDICULOUS!!! But since I know she loved Michael, I forgive her.
As for letting Michael know how I felt, No, I never did. Have to admit I'm an old school girl when it comes to romance--I believe in letting the man pursue me...even if he's Michael Jackson.
Thing is, Michael was into flirting but he wasn't a chaser like his brothers. Seems every girl he worked with fell for him--Michael had that 'thing' where if he concentrated on you, it was over and you were slain for him.
I just wish I could've told him how I felt. I can hear him giggling now...BEAUTIFUL.....
No Peace till Justice!!

1596 days ago


What a freeloader. Mrs. Jackson doesn't owe her child support. Randy and Jermaine has to worry about that. Mrs. Jackson doesn't have to offer the freeloader a place to live either but, she is doing it for the kids. Once all the kids are 18 I hope Mrs. Jackson gives the freeloader notice to leave the property.

1596 days ago
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