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Oprah Fascinated By Murder-for-Hire Story

6/4/2010 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oprah Winfrey is trying to snag former Food Network host Juan-Carlos Cruz for a jail chit chat.

Oprah Winfrey and Juan-Carlos Cruz

Cruz is currently behind bars after being arrested for allegedly hiring three homeless guys to kill his wife.  TMZ broke the story ... Cruz's wife -- Jennifer Campbell -- was suicidal because the couple was infertile but could not take her life because it's a mortal sin in the Catholic Church. We're told even the cops and prosecutors believe Cruz may have hired the homeless guys as an act of mercy, that would be followed by Cruz taking his own life.

The story certainly got Oprah's attention.  We're told Oprah's peeps reached out to Cruz's reps for an interview. 

We're told Cruz hasn't responded ... so far.


No Avatar

Paula her Royal Highness deigns to delve-into yet another crime, in this country, which features yet ANOTHER sociopath...unable to cope with his situation...who adds a twist to his depravity, by adding homeless confederates! Wow! Since this comes from The Queen, all America will be buzzing! It'll be dinner-table talk, from coast-to-coast!! I see a do***entry! I see a "Movie-of-the-week"! I see MORE billions, in Her Highnesses' coffers!!! Having the Imprimatur, from OPRAH, adds "legitimacy", wouldn't you say? (Wink!) And, forgive me, while I up-chuck!

1567 days ago


Nice of Oprah to give to nuts more media attention. Go away already, Oprah.

1567 days ago


Murder-for-hire schemes are as common as Americans, who wear blue-jeans! What's the idea behind plowing over the same, old ground?

1567 days ago


Who is Oprah Winfrey?

1567 days ago


Even if Oprah does interview him, he won't be able to say much cuz the yappy cow constantly interrupts all her guests.

1567 days ago


"Hey Oprah, I have a fascinating story for you: Why don't you quit trying to look "white", as you have for all these years, and just be proud of your heritage?? LMAO"


Wow really what do you mean Oprah is trying to be white? really i have never seen her trying to bleach her skin pale before so how is she trying to be white. you see you are nothing but a hater and it just hurt you to see someone who got everything you wish you had. And mostly its even because shes black and a filthy billionaire you are probably one of those racist white people. YOU DISGUST ME

1567 days ago

big nuts    

Orca is a transvestite pig of an oversized trash bag full of creamed corn.

1567 days ago

big nuts    

Oprah, Gary Coleman and all the remaining Jacksons walk into a bar and the bartender stands up and says "GET THE **** OUT!!!!!" Lmfao what a bunch of clowns.

1567 days ago


She is pathetic!!!

1567 days ago


Where's the "BALLS" comment?

1567 days ago


oprah is sinking to a new low. she will do anything to get an interview. I refuse to watch the fat ass that has used the system to get where she has gotten. there is absolutely no one on this earth that i would want to see badly enough to watch the old fat lesbian. she has her nose stuck so far up osama obama a**h** and of course her special relationship with osama obama life partner??????

1567 days ago

Proud American    

Oprah is retiring soon, so I guess she is trying to bring some of that Old Oprah back in the day. When she was a journalist. Maybe should check on the Gary Coleman death.

1567 days ago


ffjkl' fds 2344f

1567 days ago


What's with the photo of Steve-0 from Jackass?

1567 days ago


Hey "amillification", or whatever the hell that means. Tried to "google" it, but, not surprisingly, the name just doesn't exist, ha-ha! So Oprah, who can't decide whether to wear her hair straight, curly, has had a nose job (look it up jackass) and has other obvious traits to warrant my first input, sure lit a fire under your arse. I could really care less how much money she has. She probably straightens out that hair "down below" too, LOL

1567 days ago
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