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Drew Peterson's Wife -- The Search Scene

6/5/2010 11:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of the scene where authorities are searching for the remains of Drew Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

Cops have taped off a section on private hunting ground in Peoria, IL. It appears officials have set up a tent inside the restricted area.

As we previously reported, cops received a tip that Peterson and an accomplice buried his fourth wife Stacy inside of a metal drum on the hunting grounds.

UPDATE: Authorities called off the search for the day at around 6:00 PM local time. 


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Way to go TMZ! And the hotel photos of Joran Van Der Sloot going into the hotel room 309 with that girl and leaving alone (in different clothes) hours later are starting to show up. Woohoo to catching both of them (hopefully)!

1601 days ago


I hope they find Stacey and her family can give her a proper good-bye. I also hope they find her so Scott Peterson never see's the light of day again.
Most of the country knows he killed her and he needs to pay for that crime.
What is sad is that if someone else did help him get rid of the body, that person should of came forward years ago. Now they are just as guilty as Scott.

I hope this is the break to finding Stacey Peterson.

1601 days ago

Just Sayin'    

Hopefully they will find her soon. I am kinda surprised that it is taking this long since they know where they are looking and supposedly touched the barrell with spikes last night.

1601 days ago


TMZ you rock on this story. The tent is a big clue that they've found something...

1601 days ago


Again, this is one of the times I love TMZ.

1601 days ago

Gary Fan    

can someone at TMZ find Sam from Different Strokes??!!

1601 days ago


TMZ... I thought and heard from CHICAGO NEWS that he was in isolation so his atty is denying this is true?

Glad to see they hopefully finally found her, he was such an arrogant ******* who thought he can get away with her murder.

I hope they also find Lisa Stebec(sp?) also missing Chgo. burb woman.

Justice for all the innocently murdered souls!

1601 days ago


Can Drew Peterson, Michael Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Jon Gosselin, Lindsay Lohan, the Kardashian family and Snooki all be put in a room together so they can destroy eachother? Sick of trash contaminating the media.

1601 days ago


Right idea, wrong case...
This case involves Stacy Peterson her murderous husband ex-Cop DREW Peterson...
You have it confused with the Lacey Peterson/Scott Peterson case from California...
Both are equally narcissistic, deviant, and just plain yucky...
Scott Peterson sits on Death Row in Pelican Bay, over-looking the very waters where the remains of Lacy and their unborn son Connor were found...
Drew Peterson will likely spend the rest of his days rotting in prison since Illinois has a moratorium on the Death Penalty, which is truly what this tool deserves...
Now, Joran Van Der Sloot is another story entirely...Peruvian justice IS swift, although his latest victims Father does not want him executed...

What a stellar week for justice...Let's hope it continues...

1601 days ago


Drew, I beg of you...... PLEASE marry Hayeden Panettiere. Marry the 'Heroes' whore. Make her *yours*! I don't want this bitch to sleep w/ yet *another* producer for her next part.

1601 days ago


Looks like they've found her or they wouldn't have set the tents up. Actually the person that helped him with the drum I'm thinking he was a friend or family member did come forward. I'm thinking he wasn't taken seriously because he too had a questionable background.

1601 days ago


Anyone notice on Joran Van Der Sloot how his hair is sort of the same color that Scott Peterson's was when he was arrested? I think when you put bleach on dark hair it must turn that reddish color?

Not to mention if you're putting bleach on your hair, you're probably trying to disguise yourself which implies consciousness of guilt!

1601 days ago

Mr X    

Big waste of time... She is not in that area...

1601 days ago


Fingers, crossed...that Stacy is almost "home". Wherever she's been, she's called-out to be heard...asking for someone to find her, and for justice to be done. Today is my birthday, and I can think of no better gift than for Stacy to be "found"...taken someplace "warm"...given the dignity she deserves, at last...and, for the law to take its course, in atonement for her abuse.

1601 days ago


Yvonne, you're right but they did believe him I think, he just helped load the drum. but didn't know where Drew took it. He did say it was warm,indicating maybe a body was in it.

1601 days ago
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