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Drew Peterson's Wife -- The Search Scene

6/5/2010 11:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of the scene where authorities are searching for the remains of Drew Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

Cops have taped off a section on private hunting ground in Peoria, IL. It appears officials have set up a tent inside the restricted area.

As we previously reported, cops received a tip that Peterson and an accomplice buried his fourth wife Stacy inside of a metal drum on the hunting grounds.

UPDATE: Authorities called off the search for the day at around 6:00 PM local time. 


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According to the Chicago Sun Times they found NOTHING. They dug for 12 hours and have no plans to do any more digging. If you want the real skinny on this go to the Sun Times site.

1601 days ago


i will be your worst nightmare........................... good luck dude...................

1601 days ago


This guy is a pig!!! How's this working out for you Drew? Still all smiles and cracking stupid jokes? Maybe they'll put you in general pop and justice will be done for all your wives. Karma or justice is a bitch, like you!!!

1601 days ago


really mr x do you know where she is?

1601 days ago


So much for X marks the spot of some so called accompliss

1601 days ago


Drew is such a slimy serial killer! He thought he was a smooth as Scott Peterson. Ha... The truth will come out.

1601 days ago


59. the guy that leaked info to the police lives on west james road in peoria. a week ago, he was arrested for beating his ex girlfriend and her current boyfriend in a chicago house. in an attempt to get off of those charges, he told cops he had info on the drew peterson case and that is how they came to this place for the search.
Posted at 7:36 PM on Jun 5, 2010 by peoria resident
This guy?? Timing sure fits and to think ISP would fall for the oldest trick in the book.

Michael B. Lashmett, 40, of the 2800 block of West James Road, Peoria, has been charged with home invasion, violation of an order of protection and domestic battery, Batavia police report. He is accused of breaking in to the home of an ex-girlfriend on the 900 block of Ekman Drive and beating her at 12:30 a.m. May 22. Lashmett turned himself in to Batavia police May 28. He is being held in the Kane County jail on $750,000 bail

1601 days ago


What a woman beating creep and also threatened to kill her and her family. I sure hope ISP did not act on this man's words.

Peoria man arrested in Batavia for attacking ex-girlfriend

Authorities in the Kane County community of Batavia have arrested a Peoria man for allegedly attacking and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend.

Batavia Police Detective Kevin Bretz says 42 year old Michael Lashmett turned himself into authorities last Friday on an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Lashmett is accused of breaking into the victim's home in Batavia about 12:30am May 22nd and assaulting her. Lashmett also allegedly threatened to kill her and her family during the attack and via phone after he fled the scene.

He made an initial court appearance following his arrest where he was charged with home invasion, battery and violating an order of protection that had been in effect since last December.

Lashmett is being held at the Kane County Jail on $750,000 bond.

1601 days ago

South Beach    

Van der Sloot and Peterson, suspected of 2 murders each. Perhaps some long awaited answers for the families. Pretty such Sloot is finding out Aruba under Daddys protection and Peru on his own have little in common.

1601 days ago


#65 - you are correct. Unfortunately, it appears as if Drew made the whole story up - probably just for laughs. Creep.

1601 days ago


And just think he was serving his community as a police officer and all the while he was busy in his personal life murdering his wive's. What a piece of work he is !

He's been nothing but a loud egomaniac who smiled for the camera's. Thought the whole thing was a joke because he felt he would never get caught.

The person who came forward whoever that might be was probably afraid to come forward sooner because we all know he is capable of killing people and this person probably was threatened at the time.

I truly hope that they do find Stacy so she can finally get justice and to have a proper burial. Bye, bye Drew ! Gotcha !

1601 days ago


I recall in the first story posted here about the initial search that they brought in cadaver dogs and the dogs went crazy. Well not crazy, but you know what I mean, they picked up the scent of Stacy or some other dead person. So there has to be some part of this story that is true.

If they went to the lengths of bringing in dogs it surely is telling of what is located at that spot.

1601 days ago

Just Me    

Ok, just to let everyone know I live about 10 miles from the "Search Area". They DO have plans to return, but not until Monday. We had about 5 tornadoes touch down today in a 15 mile area, flash flooding and severe thunderstorms. Which is why they halted the search around 6pm tonight....Storms started rolling in about then.

I hope for her family's sake they do find her. It will be unfortunate that they can never wonder if she is alive, but on the same token at least they can lay her to rest and have some sort of closure.

I think the dirty ba$tard should rot in prison....death penalty is too good for him...let him be everyone elses bit ch for the next 50 or 60 years...I guarantee he wont make it that long anyway..

God rest your soul Stacey.

1601 days ago


So... just how is this guy a celebrity? Has he been in a movie or TV show? Does he live in the 30 mile Zone? Is this part of the entertainment industry?

1601 days ago


Shame on you society!!! People in this country are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If Drew Peterson did it, justice will be served. Until then, he's considered innocent. What is wrong with you?

1601 days ago
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