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Jesse James Ex: He's Leaving Calif. for Texas!

6/5/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James and ex-wife Janine Lindemulder are hurling accusations back and forth over their daughter Sunny ... including a claim that Jesse is leaving California with their daughter -- this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Lindemulder filed papers Friday claiming Jesse planned to leave California for Texas with their daughter, thus effectively denying her any possible visitation. Lindemulder claims Sunny told her Jesse planned on making the move to the Lonestar State.

Jesse is silent on a Texas move, but comes out swinging against Lindemulder. He claims his ex isn't fit to raise their daughter, because she's a "well-known pornography 'actress,' stripper, drug abuser and convicted felon on probation."

In the docs, Jesse asks the judge to appoint a doctor to evaluate his ex-wife's stability.

On Friday, the judge rejected Lindemulder's bid to win temporary visitation rights.

A formal hearing on visitation/custody issues is set for June 17.


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It's not like he is any better than her- he just has more money.

1545 days ago


And Jesse "cheating" James is the better parent because? And he was all fine with her being a stripper when he was with her. He's even found a few more while he was with Sandra Bullock.... what has changed? OHHHH Now he's trying to play the honest, trustworthy guy that wouldn't do such things. Maybe to get his WIFE back! What an a hole. I'm still wondering if "Bombshell" McGee wasn't the one who "found" his dog Cinnabun. He probably left it at her place and just didn't know how to ask for him back without leaving clues all over the place that he was sleeping with her.

1545 days ago


We have serious issues in the Gulf! Where are all the celebrities? If the oil was gushing in "Haiti," they would be all over it! We need to start a clean-up concert. Please help. TMZ help! The United States is in trouble. One hurricane will blow all the toxic oils on the humans and the cities. Not a silly matter.

1545 days ago


yeah jesse knows a thing or two about "strippers & porn stars" he has no right to even speak. Janine deserves a chance to watch her daughter grow up!

1545 days ago


TMZ why you NEVER post recent pic of Lynn so everyone can see she has on same places tattos with Ms.MCGee

1545 days ago


I want to remind all of you who said:"James is a cheater but he's is a good father."The reference's was in "In Touch"James ACQUAINT SUNNY AND "BOMBSHELL" MCGEE!Who is better:porno star or dirty tattoo whore?I feel sorry for the little girl.Let's see custody for a porn star,or custody for a cheater Nazi loving tattoo freak?

1545 days ago


Isn't Janine married to a man who got out of jail last August. Do either Janine or her husband have a job? They want Sunny for the child support money? I think it's better that Sunny remain with Jesse. If he wasn't a good father, Sandra would say so.

1545 days ago


Psycho-stalker needs to leave Sandra and HER son alone. She divorced you, moron, she doesn't want you or your diseases near her. Geez, get a clue.

1545 days ago


So she was a porn star when he married her and that was ok then but now it's a problem??? Both of them are poor choices for parents--give Sunny to Sandra and cut out the middle men.

1545 days ago

dee dee    

SO Jesse, is basically moving to be in TEXAS , near Sandra as I do believe she has a home there as well is an NEW ORLEANS...Correct?
Talk about Pathetic...He's so DESPARATE to try to win her back, that he is bordering on the side of STALKER....Does anyone know if he's stopped wearing those STUPID BIB OVERALLS??????

1545 days ago

dee dee    

sorry but Jesse is using his youngest daughter as bait for keeping Sandra in his life.... people break up everyday, and step kids are involved. it doesnt always mean that the step children go along with the divorce settlement for the step parent.. they have mothers of their own.. LEAVE Sandra alone, unless she isnt telling us everything to this story...

1545 days ago


"well-known pornography 'actress,' stripper, drug abuser and convicted felon on probation."

Didn't seem to bother him when he was with her....

I'm not sure that's any worse than being the guy who thought more over getting off than insuring that child kept the stable, loving home he had for her with Sandra.

1545 days ago


She is actually the birth Mother and if she has turned her life around and wants to bond with her birth Daughter, Sunny, then Jesse should be a decent human being and allow that. The Judge should deny Jesse from taking the child away from the birth Mother. Sandra should respect that someone else is the birth Mother as well and certainly does not have the resources to lavish children with gifts like she and Jesse were able to do. She should just concentrate on her adopted Son and leave Jesse (who is a horrendous role model himself) and the birth Mother to duke this out and straighten out their own lives alone without Sandra in the picture.

1545 days ago

anjel thomas    

How can he have the nerve to sit and say that the mother is unfit for his daughter because she's a former stripper when he is cheating on his wife with strippers. Jesse James is a cheating no good dog and he doesn't deserve Sandra Bullock.

1545 days ago


sandra said he is a great father regardless what he does in his personal life. he must be doing something right, sandra adopts a babye while they were together, and every one in the imediate family kept it a secret, there seems to be some loyalty there. and to the person they said stop stalking sandra her the baby. duh.......... she lives in new orleans NOT texas.

1545 days ago
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