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Gloria Allred Dogs Charlie Sheen in Aspen

6/7/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen may have dodged a bullet, but he didn't dodge Gloria Allred -- because she's in Aspen, armed with a woman who we're told would have been a witness in Charlie's case had it gone to trial.

We're told Allred flew in over the weekend and will hold a news conference after Charlie's court hearing today. The woman -- we do not know her identity -- will be by Gloria's side and will speak as well.

Gloria has a history with Charlie ... she repped Brittany Ashland, who sued Charlie in 1997 for allegedly physically abusing her. We're told Ashland reached a settlement with Charlie but the terms are confidential. Charlie pled no contest in '97 to misdemeanor battery in the criminal case.

We're told the woman who will be by Allred's side is neither Brittany Ashland nor Denise Richards. It's almost certainly not Kelly Preston.



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Can't someone please just whack WHOREia allred already? I'm sick to death of this arrogant bitch & her attention whoring. It's so bad that, believe it or not, "she actually gives attornies a bad name..."

1602 days ago


To the first, second and third commenter... you can't spell or what? LMAO.

1602 days ago


Is that media whore at it again. Another opportunity to promote herself as the lawyer who profits from skanks suing celebrities whether or not any crime was committed. Other wise who is paying her to go & appear in a case that's none of her business.

1602 days ago


who cares what this lady is flapping her gums about. sick of u broad just go and collapse somewhere.

1602 days ago

Allen Ridak    

She's like the Robin Hood of the legal fraternity - Takes from the rich and gives to the whore

1602 days ago


Wait WTF? This is 110% blatant media whoring. This case is what 6 months old almost? He's already been to trial and he's already been sentence..So why is Allred coming out with a "witness" to the assault? LOL wa?

1602 days ago


Who does this broads makeup? Oh, that's right, she only knows how to apply war paint.

1602 days ago


How many homeless men will we have to pay to get rid of Gloria Allred?

1602 days ago


If the media would stop showing up at this press conferences held by this Media Whore / Ambulance Chaser then she'd no longer have a platform. Ignore her and maybe she will stop stalking celebs.

1602 days ago


Another example of white hollywood getting little moral reaction from the public and the law. If dude was black it would be totally different reaction. He would have been like Chris Brown and booed and the judge would never have left him off so easy. He most definitely would have been on probation for years. White people would have been outraged and would have boycotted his shows. Women's right's groups would have picketed his show. Didnt happen plain and simple because he's another white person that got away with something that if they were black it would not have gone down the same wat under the same scenario with this guy's track history.

1602 days ago


Gloria is an ugly looking weasel faced woman (?) who gives lawyers a bad name.

She probably needs a boyfriend or girlfriend to take her mind off of other people's business.

Disgusting human being.

1602 days ago



1602 days ago

US Army Wife    

What could she possibly have to announce at a news conference about Charlie Sheen with some new skannnnk she found ?

Is it that Charlie slept with a hooker ... or maybe he did drugs ... oh, wait I know .... he had an affair??

Gloria, seriously, that is so old news like around 1988 to 1997.

Girl - you have got to get a new gig. Pulling the same news over and over with new celebrities and new girls you find stupid enough to hire you doesn't interest anyone except to make you look like the moron that you have always been.

You're a scavenger that preys on wounded doves who try to milk sympathy from their being skannnks for a living.

I wager Gary Coleman's wife is next that you have perched on a podium to tell her heartbreak and tragic lawsuit coming forth.

1602 days ago


Ole Gloria has a turkey neck. I wonder if all media Hos have them.

1602 days ago


Walter (#8)seems to make the most sense!! HA!!

Nearly fell out of my chair!!

I'd bet it's a "stripper" AND/OR Denise Richards fame whoring a$$. She all of a sudden made a very public trip to Disney with Charlie AFTER she gained total custody?!!WTF??

Who would do that?? You wouldn't unless your thinking that this is your chance to get your name and pic in the papers n mags!!

1602 days ago
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