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Sandra Bullock

Kisses Scarlett Johansson!

6/7/2010 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock sucked face with Scarlett Johansson at the MTV Movie Awards -- talk about one helluva rebound!!!

The girl-on-girl action went down last night -- after Sandy got a huge standing ovation while receiving something called the Generation Award.

After the smooch, Bullock addressed the attention now placed on her personal life, saying "Can we please go back to normal because therapy is really expensive. Go back to making fun of me, I don't care, it's time to get back to normal."

The kiss comes around the 4:00 mark.


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She should have kissed her x-husband more often and maybe he wouldn't have been chasing afater other women.

1596 days ago


do something original like show you boobs,...oops cant do that ya dont have any..Sandra is sooo yesterday..remember this lady did speed of the worst ever please go away sandra and go raise your tar-baby

1596 days ago


Not necesssary but I still love Sandra!

1596 days ago


EPIC FAIL!!!! What is she trying to prove she can be a "bad girl" too. Extra wack!!!! at 23, i looked up to her for her strength n hw she handled the situation as a woman. Now i think she is no better than psycho brittant, always wind up alone Madonna n the rest of the women who sell themselves out for media attention. Its not cute, its trashy!! You really want your daughters growing up thinkng this behavior is okay??!!! ITS NOT ITS NASTY!!!!! SANDRA LOST ALL MY RESPECT!! NOW HER SON DOESNT HAVE TO ONLY BE PICKED ON FOR HAVING A WHITE MOM, BUT FOR BEING A FAKE LEZI TOO..THINK WOMEN THINK!!! YOU ARE FAILING SOCIETY! TRICKS!

1596 days ago


That ruined the last ounce of respect I had for Sandra Bullock. She appears to be a sicko like numerous others. I had my doubts about her before this.

1596 days ago

Daisy Mae Duke    

Oh, she's just bein' Miley guys. So edgy! *rolls eyes*

1596 days ago


I thought it was a funny way to bring up recent events in her life and tell people to move on. Way to go Sandra.

1596 days ago

Elizabeth is a class act    

I, too, have lost respect for Sandy, as it seems she is degrading herself with the attempt at humor(?) by grabbing up women to kiss up on, whenever the camera is on her. Some may think it is amusing, but why not clean up your act and set a good example and try to be a LADY, which have gleaned more brownie points, than smooching yet another woman. Enough is enough. What is so cool about kissing women if you are straight!?! Kissing on the mouth is an intimate act. Grow up, Sandy, and act with decency and quit this crap. It doesn't go over well with your fans who want to respect you. Sheesh.

1596 days ago


Sandra has prooved that now she has "The Oscar", she does not need a Jesse!

1596 days ago


sandra bullock proved she is another crap ass whore actress. i dont feel sorry for her at all. dont give a **** that her husband cheated on her. so what it happens every day. just another bi sexual piece of **** hollywood public relations whore. will never watch another movie this lying nightmare no nothing except to a bunch of sheeple teenagers is in. betraying the public and proving once again that public image is lying and deception at it's deepest to brain wash generations of mob induced mentality idiots. your squeaky clean image you built your selling point on just took a dive in the **** pool. laugh it up honey, jessie couldn't stand you either. he went out to play.

1596 days ago


Everything she does is calculated ....

1596 days ago


she could have said NO to the producers
that was simply discusting

1596 days ago


Smacks of desperation!! No reason for Sandra Bull**** to even be at the MTV awards.

1596 days ago


Scarlett is not good enough to kiss Sandra's feet!!!!!!

1596 days ago


Trash is as trash does. And I think it just goes to show that someone is just about as bad as her ex.

1596 days ago
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