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Jailer Wanted 'No Smoking' Zone for Charlie Sheen

6/8/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who threw the monkey wrench in the Charlie Sheen plea agreement wanted to tighten the screws on Charlie to the point he couldn't even light up a cigarette while he was out working at a local theater ... TMZ has learned.


Beverly Campbell is Pitkin County's Jail Administrative Officer.  We've learned ... on Monday, Campbell insinuated herself in the deal her boss -- the Sheriff himself -- signed off on.  Campbell believes Charlie is not eligible for work release, but rather his daily get-out-of-jail pass should be something called "Useful Public Service (UPS)."

We're told Campbell believes under UPS, Charlie should only get out between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM.  Under the work release deal her boss signed, Charlie was supposed to get out between 8 AM and 8 PM.

Even worse, sources say Campbell believes under the UPS program Charlie has no right to eat, drink sodas, or smoke when he's working at the Aspen Theatre. 

And, under the UPS program, Charlie would have faced a longer period of probation after serving his time than under the work release program.

TMZ broke the story ... the Sheriff and the D.A. actually signed a plea deal that utterly contradicted what Campbell was demanding, but the Sheriff would not overrule or discipline her ... at least not while he was in court.

In the end, we're told Charlie's lawyer, Yale Galanter, refused to relent and pulled the plug.

Will the Sheriff lay down the law to Beverly?

Stay tuned


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Who....IS...this silly braod who is clearly injecting her own personal animosity towards Sheen via her job? She is merely an employee. Why the he!! would her boss let her get away with this?

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Sheen this woman blatantly going against orders is...out of order and even violates her job contract.

From the Prosecuting Attorney to the Sheriff, this cow is employed by them and they are her superiors and she is to abide by their orders. Not the other way around.

Hope Sheen's lawyer can get this broad's superiors to put her in her place.


1568 days ago


I'm sorry, but if everyone else agreed, I don't know why a "jailer" has the right to derail a plea deal. The sherriff got pwned. He should have stood up to her IN COURT and said everyone agreed. I don't think Charlie was getting special treatment in this, in fact I think she's doing the opposite, trying to get her 15 minutes while sticking it to a celeb.

1568 days ago


She's probably just as sick and tired as the rest of us that celebs get treated with such kid gloves. My butt would still be sitting in jail and there would be no work release to go play in the theater esp. if I had the priors he has. At some point these people have to pay like the rest of us.

1568 days ago


I'm so sick of these celebrities who ham it up for the cameras when they're going through the court system or a divorce (yes,you sandra). Jeez, have some dignity, class whatever you want to call it.

Hey, look at me..I roughed up my wife and now I'm going to jail..hahahaha. Or, my marriage (still a sacred thing to most people) just imploded *partially due to my own horrific judgment* and now I'm going joke about it and kiss this actress ..???"

1568 days ago


Seriously TMZ! Is douche bag Charlie Sheen that interesting???
Do people really care?
I would rather see a story about Snooki’s coochie!

1568 days ago

get a life ho    

no eating or drinking soda WTF?
they give you food in jail but you aren't allowed to eat while out on work release if she has her way ?
this beverly campbell is out of her friggin mind

1568 days ago


Does Charlie the heavy smoker & drinker think he's immune from disease or sickness as heavy as he indulges in bad habits? Or did that deal he signed with Satan a long time ago allow him to name his time and place of death? Just wondering.

1568 days ago


It is not her business. Her job is to oversee the program. Not negotiate the plea agreement. Like the agreement or not. Simple not her place.

1568 days ago


Why should there be a special set of rules for Charlie? Anyone else given the same 30 days sentence for the same charge would be eligible for work release. The same rules should apply for him as they do for everyone else. Others on work release are allowed out from 8-8, they are allowed to smoke and eat and drink soda. Wouldn't surprise me that even if Charlie is a model prisoner this woman is going to refuse to give him the "time off". I think she has a personal vendetta against him simply because he is a celebrity.

1568 days ago


ATTENTION: Charlie, go along with the program for the duration. Then turn around and sue the pants off the county for "torture" as they can't withold food from you for that amount of time. You'll win dude. Just do your sentence, swing back around and nail 'em.

1568 days ago

Ted Allen    

Seriously, waste some more tax payer money on a guy who's wife was plastered and he broke her glasses. This woman needs to be reprimanded now. No cigarettes or sodas for Beverly!

1568 days ago


Perezhilton claims today that the deal did end up going down and Charlie will start serving time today. Thats what his site is saying. That will piss Gloria off and others.

1568 days ago


This is stupid. Sounds like she is just on a power trip. The only quibble she could have is the extra time from 5-8pm. he would be allowed to stay out of the facility. I have known people who have been on work release and they are allowed to go to work and do (eat, drink, smoke whatever!) what they do throughout the day. They would be tested for drugs and alcohol when checking in to the jail but as long as they were on time it was no big deal.

As others have noted you can buy snacks and pop on commissary. Most jails are non smoking now but I had a friend who was a trustee and would wash the police cars during the day. If the guards were cool sometimes they would give him a cigarette. Heck, how many of us have driven by work release crews picking up trash and seen them smoking while on break.

This woman is a trip. I bet if the jail tried to regulate what she could eat and drink while she was at work she would be screaming lawsuit. And by the release is considered a real job. Doesn't Federal law mandate you be given at least 2 15 minute breaks and1 half hour lunch per 8 hour shift?

1568 days ago


I don't know what her job entails but there should be someone who oversees and stops obvious abuse and injustice such was happening with that plea agreement. Shame on the Sheriff and DA for agreeing to the deal in the first place.

1568 days ago


Charlie is a bad boy & everyone knows it, leave him alone move on....

1568 days ago
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