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Jailer Wanted 'No Smoking' Zone for Charlie Sheen

6/8/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who threw the monkey wrench in the Charlie Sheen plea agreement wanted to tighten the screws on Charlie to the point he couldn't even light up a cigarette while he was out working at a local theater ... TMZ has learned.


Beverly Campbell is Pitkin County's Jail Administrative Officer.  We've learned ... on Monday, Campbell insinuated herself in the deal her boss -- the Sheriff himself -- signed off on.  Campbell believes Charlie is not eligible for work release, but rather his daily get-out-of-jail pass should be something called "Useful Public Service (UPS)."

We're told Campbell believes under UPS, Charlie should only get out between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM.  Under the work release deal her boss signed, Charlie was supposed to get out between 8 AM and 8 PM.

Even worse, sources say Campbell believes under the UPS program Charlie has no right to eat, drink sodas, or smoke when he's working at the Aspen Theatre. 

And, under the UPS program, Charlie would have faced a longer period of probation after serving his time than under the work release program.

TMZ broke the story ... the Sheriff and the D.A. actually signed a plea deal that utterly contradicted what Campbell was demanding, but the Sheriff would not overrule or discipline her ... at least not while he was in court.

In the end, we're told Charlie's lawyer, Yale Galanter, refused to relent and pulled the plug.

Will the Sheriff lay down the law to Beverly?

Stay tuned


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I thought that s*** sheen was the bad guy here. How can these JERKS turn this around on the person attempting to get that s*** sheen to shape up.
Put sheen in Jail for a year. That might help a small amount.
As it looks now, Beverly Campbell will be serving the time and is the bad guy!

1568 days ago


That seems only fair. Good for her--why should he get special treatment?

1568 days ago


She should mind her own damn business and be the employee. She does not get to make the decisions - her boss does. I would fire her ass or throw her in jail.

This is one thing wrong with America now. Women are allowed to have say.

1568 days ago

Spread the Love    

let's get some perspective here by looking at the facts. Carlos (aka Charlie) has a long record of 'allegedly' beating and abusing women. you or i would be on our 10th year of a 15 year sentence if we did the same things he has. stabbing women, hitting women, cheating on women, drug abuse, hiring hookers, and who knows what else....Carlos is a low life s*** bag. Thank god, there is still someone in this country willing to stand up and do their job. We elect these people to enforce the law equally and fairly. All too often, they bow before the veil of hollywood celebrity and coddle these crazy self-entitled wacko's. Today I am happy to hear that Carlos may actually have to spend a few hours of jail time for abusing his wife, while high, and holding a knife to her throat. You go girl!!

1568 days ago

Susan Jeter    

Charlie Sheen is trash...Pure and simple. Why anyone would pay him the money he makes is crazy. Can't stand him or his stupid show.

1568 days ago

Ted Allen    

The deal was beyond fair - his wife DROPPED the charges. I'll bet that community theater isn't too happy with Beverly. This deal would have generated a lot of interest for their community projects.

1568 days ago


Sounds like an angry, power-hungry, liberal lesbian wants to get even with Charlie. It's not like he's going to rob a store or kill someone.

1568 days ago


She is nuts. So according to her he cannot EAT all day, DRINK a soda all day, or Smoke. That is ridiculous. She does not have the authority to change a plea agreement. If the court agrees to his being on work release she cannot change his status.

1568 days ago


What a c unt. What in the hell is wrong with people? Sure, celebs shouldn’t be treated better but they also shouldn’t be treated worse. This is a stupid little case that should be over and done with. This stupid whore just wants her 15 minutes of fame. And is the sheriff screwing her or something? Everyone important in the case agrees and this stupid bitch walks in and screws it up and the dumb sheriff doesn’t even say anything? Wow, for a rich little resort town it sure is run by some complete morons.

(And P.S., idiots, she's not standing up for what's right or any other noble thing. He's not murdering people, it was a stupid little case and it should be easily resolved. She wants her own 15 minutes of fame. So since you hate celebrities so much, and she's now made herself one, you must hate her too by your screwed up logic)

1568 days ago


For all of those who think she is doing a service in standing up are full of crap.

This is nothing more than formal deal anyone could have gotin most of the non LA court rooms anywhere. IF I was Charlie I wouldn't have taken a deal. Let that messed up dept try to convict me...

1568 days ago


Only a celebrity would get a deal like the one Sheen got, and this women knows it. She did the right thing. Something her boss and the DA didn't have the balls to do. Sheen should do real jail time.

As for Coloradoans hating Californians. Absolutely do. You come to our state, act like pigs and demand that we just allow you to get away with. Please - every Californian boycott us and go back to the state you already ruined. Aspen and Telluride were once beautiful - now they suck - because of celebrities moving in and bring all their trash with them.

1568 days ago

Ted Allen    

I hate to tell you this, Kathy, but when they leave, they will be taking their $$$ with them. Hope you're prepared for that.

1568 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Don't take away his smoke breaks...make it mandatory for him to
smoke 10 packs a day. Lung cancer posterboy.

1568 days ago


She should have said something before now. Who does she think she is to waste more taxpayer money and court time? What a joke. Just one more person making a mockery of our court system just to make herself feel special.

1568 days ago


A deal is a deal! This is all because he broke his some glasses, right? Why don't they put there minds to work cleaning up that damn oil spill.

1568 days ago
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