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Why Charlie Sheen's Plea Deal Went South

6/7/2010 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... a woman who works in the Pitkin County Jail derailed Charlie Sheen's plea deal today, because she refused to honor the agreement -- even though her own boss signed off on it.


We're told the Pitkin County Sheriff signed off on the deal, as did the undersheriff, the lead prosecutor and Pitkin County District Attorney Marty Beeson.  But the woman who supervises the work release program at the jail threw the monkey wrench before court today, saying she wasn't going to honor the deal because she had problems with the way it was structured.  In short, she would not let Charlie do what all of the parties agreed he could do to complete his 30-day sentence.

We're told the woman made it clear ... she didn't care if her boss made a commitment -- she would not enforce it.  We're told the Sheriff would not force the woman to honor the agreement. 

At that point, attorney Yale Galanter, who brokered the deal for Sheen, pulled the plug.

Charlie is in Aspen tonight but we're told he will not be going back to court tomorrow.

If the parties work it out, a new court date is set for July 12.


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Why are they wasting tax payers money? His wife wanted to drop the charges, so how is it that they can still proceed?

1607 days ago


She's the supervisor of the work release program, so she does have the right to decide if the plan fits the requirements. Sounds as though they didn't consult with the right people during the negotiations to see if there would be any problems with their plan. She's just being fair, treating this as she would any other work release proposal. Don't know what the problem is, all TMZ reported was that it wasn't structured properly. But it's not her fault that they didn't consult with her about it in a timely manner.

1607 days ago


She's only the supervisor, NOT the head of it.

1607 days ago


I think part of the problem may have been that the supervisor has to sign off, verifying (perhaps even under oath) that he worked certain hours, and maybe she could not do that because she could not verify what he does at the acting school all day. As one poster said, he might just sign autographs, pose for photos, spend time in a smoking lounge, etc. -- she has no way to supervise his work hours as she would if he were with a group of people in orange uniforms who are driven to a particular work site, like picking up trash along a certain roadway, where staff can actually supervise what they do.

1607 days ago


Hey, that lady got some integrity... Or just hoping to become the next Gloria Allred's client...

1607 days ago


Well gee, I wonder why she wouldn't honor it - all the comments from the staff at the place he was suppose to do his work released kinda acted like they would just have him sit around and maybe talk on opening night - what the hell kind of "work" is that?
Bottom line, there was clearly no work involved.
Team woman that wouldn't honor this!

1607 days ago


We know who wears the cajones at the Pitkin County Sheriff Department, a woman clerical worker. Is this Sheriff is such a whimp he takes orders from a clerk? They could have typed up something & processed.

1607 days ago


Anyone who knows anything about acting and theatres, knows that it is only a big kindergarden, it is like Charlie goes to summer camp, and at night boys get into their own house, girl get into their own house. So finally ONE person saw sense and hopefully sees more sense as is raelizing Charlie need therapy-release all day from jail, intense anger management classes all day long every day and jail flr bedtime. THAT is what he needs. Not a theatre wher ehe has ample opportunities to hook up with more hookers all day long, that's probably why we saw him smiling like crazy, he was probably thinking of all the fun he would get from his joke of a work release program.

1607 days ago


love this women sick of this piece of cra p getting away with everything

1607 days ago


Yale Galanter is Brooke Mueller's attorney. I doubt he was brokering a deal for Charlie.

1607 days ago


So tell him he has to pick up trash along the highway and let the sentence commence. Let the man get it over with, 17 to 30 days? 12 hours of physical labor will make Charlie humble and remember why he was sent there. Stop with all the drama.

1607 days ago


Colorado is a ****z azz place. Over and over they have enhanced this and screwed it all up. I will never travel there again. NEVER.

As for the stupid azz poster that thinks he beat up Brooke the addict/alcoholic, you need to check the facts of this. He broke her glasses, that's it. She initially said he threatened her with a knife to get him in trouble and then recanted her story after she sobered up. She registered drunk on her test the police administered that night. Posters like you scare me. Sooooo STUPID and you didn't even care what the facts of this were.

1607 days ago


One stupid fricking Colorado jailer screwed this up and cost Charlie a private flight from LA to Aspen. Bill her for it. She wanted to get into the news and watch while she screwed up what a bunch of high powered lawyers and even the top sheriff brokered here. What a power hungry biatch. Get her....humiliate her.

1607 days ago


Looks like the woman who refused to sign off on the deal was the only man among all of them. Guess she was the only one that found domestic abuse offensive enough not to send Charlie out to play for 12 hours each day. What's with the black smurf hat?

1607 days ago


and I guess SHE can foot the hotel bill for all involved and fly time etc etc food.. she's wasting money and time

1607 days ago
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