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Why Charlie Sheen's Plea Deal Went South

6/7/2010 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... a woman who works in the Pitkin County Jail derailed Charlie Sheen's plea deal today, because she refused to honor the agreement -- even though her own boss signed off on it.


We're told the Pitkin County Sheriff signed off on the deal, as did the undersheriff, the lead prosecutor and Pitkin County District Attorney Marty Beeson.  But the woman who supervises the work release program at the jail threw the monkey wrench before court today, saying she wasn't going to honor the deal because she had problems with the way it was structured.  In short, she would not let Charlie do what all of the parties agreed he could do to complete his 30-day sentence.

We're told the woman made it clear ... she didn't care if her boss made a commitment -- she would not enforce it.  We're told the Sheriff would not force the woman to honor the agreement. 

At that point, attorney Yale Galanter, who brokered the deal for Sheen, pulled the plug.

Charlie is in Aspen tonight but we're told he will not be going back to court tomorrow.

If the parties work it out, a new court date is set for July 12.


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This fool makes millions from his stupid lame t.v show while schoolteachers make $20,000 a year and firefighters make $30,000 and the economy still sucks and we are worried that he had to pay to bring in his high paid harem of lawyers and handlers.Give me a break it is called checks and balances the employee who is responsible for making sure he is not slipped contraband would have a nightmare trying to police the whole group and she denied the existing plan.the end

1600 days ago


Charlie should let his attorneys work this mess out while he's behind bars.
The worst that could happen is he'll do 17 days without work release.
Just get it over with.

1600 days ago


Eh, no one listened to me when I said he was wearing a piece, and that was after TMZ posted he'd gotten a buzz cut. Nice protective headgear, probably cranial cold.

1600 days ago


Pitkin County is making Mayberry R.F.D. look good in comparison. Pitkin County Sheriff is the new Barney Phiff.

This this very im-potent clerk did not approve what her boss agreed to, she wanted to also make sure to change his work time to 10 - 4, make sure he did not smoke nor (ohhh this is a good one, DRINK SODAS.

Letting Charlie work in the community would benefit the town more than keeping him locked up longer during the day.

1600 days ago


pah...I meant Colorado....duh

1600 days ago


So how many hours is he going to be in jail? If he did not hit women I would give him a pass on this one.

1600 days ago


If I refused to do my job, the job I was paid to do, I would get fired. This person obviously was never in the military where it's called a court-martial. She is probably a close friend/lover/relative of the popo that got fired and is associated with G. Allred.

1600 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

I would like to thank this lady.
Charlie can rot in jail like the rest of us would if we had done the same thing.
It is time for justice for all. No more reasonable doubt at a reasonable price

1600 days ago


i have to admire this woman, she stood up and refused to take part in this joke of a sentence for this ass clown. 2 thumbs up for this lady! give her a metal or key to the city- at least she couldnt be bought unlike all the other pond s*** that is working to keep old ass looking charlie out of the clink. i mean he is already doing the time because even he knows he can't stay out of trouble for the next 2 years- thats why he didnt want probation. is that celebrity rehab calling?????

1600 days ago


OH It's ASPEN! Dollars have been wasted on worst things in Aspen - well Colorado remember Balloon boy?

1600 days ago


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1600 days ago


Sheen looks so creepy in this picture. I guess nothing can really be said about this and we have to wait to find the outcome out after the case is heard in july. There was also an interesting article about this Sheen case on The Celebrity Cafe.

1600 days ago


Nice to know that the real power broker is administrative and not the sheriff or the prosecutor or the judge. What does this broad do for all these guys to get this kind of control. What's going on out there. Lawyer, prosecutor and judge all agree to a plea deal, but the admin clerk says no way??? Anyone else see something a little off kilter about this?

1600 days ago


i like Charlie, but i really dont care about his personal life. people are acting (TMZ) like this is the first man to go to get over it...

1600 days ago


CONGRATULATIONS TO THIS "WOMAN." Now, perhaps other so-called celebrities will think twice before doing damage to others. Good for her! She stood her ground! We need more like her!!!

1600 days ago
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