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Charlie Sheen

May Be Screwed

in Plea Deal

6/8/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Pitkin County Sheriff will not go along with the plea deal that was supposed to be approved yesterday -- and Charlie Sheen's lawyer says it just ain't right.

Charlie Sheen

TMZ broke the story ... the plea deal went south yesterday because Beverly Campbell, the Jail Administrative Officer, was adamantly opposed to giving Charlie work release.  Campbell felt Charlie was only eligible for "Useful Public Service" -- UPS.  Under UPS, Charlie would not be allowed to smoke or eat outside the jail, and his hours of freedom would be more limited than work release.

Sheriff Bob Braudis refused yesterday to order his underling to approve work release for Charlie, even though multiple sources tell TMZ Braudis had already given thumbs up to a signed plea deal between the prosecutor and Charlie -- a plea deal that specifically approves work release.

Now we're told, the Sheriff is backing Beverly ... leaving it all up to her.  And we're told Beverly is firm ... no one gets work release under these circumstances.

Charlie's lawyer, Yale Galanter, tells TMZ, "People should always honor their agreement, no matter what the circumstances."


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This would be a good time for him to quit smoking.
He has his four children to live for.
Man up, not everyone cares about him being a big
shot actor.
He needs to man up!

1605 days ago

sick to my stomach    

Wow sheriff is "Backing Beverly".. "leaving it all up to her".. wonder if the Sheriffs wife knows why??? just sayin'

1605 days ago


Is this Beverly holding out for a bribe or for her 15 minutes? Somebody needs to do some research and see what deals other people get. I'm not defending Charlie Sheen but why wasn't his wife charged with something. Didn't she assault him too?

1605 days ago


This is BS really, I know someone that was in jail 90 days for his 6th DUI and they gave him work release 12 hours a day because they get to charge for the work release.

1605 days ago

the Ronster    

#13 I agree 100%. Even if Charlie is a putz and does deserve Jail, A deal is a Deal and she is just throwing her lesbo weight around. With that being said, he attny should tie this up in their courts for time and money, get them to hire extra security and drag that lame b**** through the mudd. lets see the skeletons in her closet. Bet it wouldnt be a game anymore!

1605 days ago


Plea deal agreements shouldn't be made public until EVERY POSSIBLE person involved has agreed to it. And someone along the chain was brave enough to take the stand that CS was getting an easier deal than the rest of us would.

1605 days ago

Iggy Brown    

All this fuss over 15 nights in Jail? What a wimp.
Then again, he is a woman beater.

Give it another 10 years and he'll be in the Spector club.

1605 days ago


Brooke should be right there with Charlie. If reports are true, she's not 100% innocent, and charges against Charlie are exaggerated. I guess he's taking all the heat to protect her? Big question: Did she lie, and was she drunk? I agree, Aspen law officials are going too far. They're looking ridiculous. Anyone think they're using Charlie to draw attention?

1605 days ago


Don;t worry when the price is right a judge will order work release. End of story.

1605 days ago


I'd bet on Beverly knowing the rules better than the sheriff (who is elected, doesn't necessarily know all the details about all the programs). It does seem odd for the original plan to be work release, since the theater thing isn't really his "job". Work release is for people actually with, um, jobs. You know, that thing that pays the rent, buys the groceries, pays the electric and water bills, keeps your family in one piece while you do your time?

Charlie's original plan does sound more like community service, which is what she's saying also (that must be what she meant when she said there was a problem with the way it was structured). The rules must be different for the different programs. Why shouldn't she speak up about it? That's her job. If she didn't and TMZ found out later that the plan didn't match the rules - y'all would be screaming about celebrities getting special treatment... Can't win.

I do have to say that taking the 30 days doesn't mean anything as far as "guilt" is concerned. The whole thing is rather confusing, not sure if he did anything or much of anything myself. Would help if his wife had been cold sober at the time the police came... she was too high to trust without witnesses, unfortunately. Of all the options, the 30 days is the one with the least disruption of his life. I imagine he would plead "no contest", which is not an admission of guilt but rather a willingness to just "pay the $5" as the joke goes rather than deal with continuing to fight it.

1605 days ago

Jon Marco    

Maybe Ms Campbell should learn to adhere to her superiors agreements. How does one person trump the DA, the sheriff, the agreement, and something the judge was okay with? I am not letting Mr. Sheen off the hook, but a deal is a deal. Maybe Ms Campbell has Gloria Allred in her mind. Buck your boss in a public manner? Maybe she has something on the sheriff??? Maybe she is just another glory hound that wants her 15 minutes. Get a grip on your department sheriff. If it is not a good deal, don't make it. We will be watching to see Ms Campbell's next move. What a joke.....

1605 days ago


Finally!!!! So in layman’s terms…the Good ol boys tried to pull a fast one for Charlie, (probably paid them) and the only person that had the balls to do the right thing pulled the plug on these guys and their illegal crap! YOU GO GIRL!!!!! The rich and famous should not live by a different set of laws then the rest of the world..and to offer a guy that admitted to assault and has of history/record of violence as well as drug addiction work release or as it would seem “play time” as a sentence is a slap in the face to everyone. No matter what the feelings are of any of his x’s nobody deserves to be threatened, assaulted or harassed…NO-ONE….This guy is NOT a nice guy and his acting skills are debatable, but I for one will be happy to see for once, someone actually telling these guys that you can’t repeatedly break the law and get away with it…I don’t care who you are!! I’m sure this is not the end of this….I will still be surprised if he has to do time at all….The great American way….But for now…You Go Girl!!!!

1605 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Mr. Galanter- everyone should honor the law, no matter what their Hollywood status. Rules are rules. Just because someone wanted to bend them for Good Time Charlie doesn't mean they should be bent.

1605 days ago


He should be forced to latrine duties not assisting in an actors school. Or forced to pick up trash side of the road.

1605 days ago


Guess attorney Yale Galanter, Brooke's attorney, should have been negotiating w/Sheriff Beverly Campbell instead of Under-Sheriff Bob Braudis

1605 days ago
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