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Charlie Sheen

May Be Screwed

in Plea Deal

6/8/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Pitkin County Sheriff will not go along with the plea deal that was supposed to be approved yesterday -- and Charlie Sheen's lawyer says it just ain't right.

Charlie Sheen

TMZ broke the story ... the plea deal went south yesterday because Beverly Campbell, the Jail Administrative Officer, was adamantly opposed to giving Charlie work release.  Campbell felt Charlie was only eligible for "Useful Public Service" -- UPS.  Under UPS, Charlie would not be allowed to smoke or eat outside the jail, and his hours of freedom would be more limited than work release.

Sheriff Bob Braudis refused yesterday to order his underling to approve work release for Charlie, even though multiple sources tell TMZ Braudis had already given thumbs up to a signed plea deal between the prosecutor and Charlie -- a plea deal that specifically approves work release.

Now we're told, the Sheriff is backing Beverly ... leaving it all up to her.  And we're told Beverly is firm ... no one gets work release under these circumstances.

Charlie's lawyer, Yale Galanter, tells TMZ, "People should always honor their agreement, no matter what the circumstances."


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The only way a person can “Trump” a superior’s decision is if they were in the wrong to begin with or she is the superior decision.
For those that really think they would starve poor little Charlie while on work release, the jail provides a lunch food/water and so forth when you are out on work release and work release doesn’t mean you can go out and do as you please….you are still in jail after all and have to be accounted for….
I find it really interesting that people are asking why his X isn’t in jail as well…I guess I am missing something..did she threaten his life with a knife? Does she have a violent track record? Has she been in trouble with the law before?....all of these things play into account when you are charged with anything…maybe she needs rehab…oh, she did that already didn’t she…
You Go Miss Campbell!!!!!!!!!!!!

1597 days ago


Beverly prolly wants Charlie in his cell those extra hours so he can give her free acting lessons, she just knows she has what it takes to get out of the Sheriff's office.

1597 days ago


So... now we've got the Judge, the Sheriff, and now this chick deciding a person's fate? Seems a tad on the unfair side.

I'd say that Ms. Campbell has an axe to grind. Trouble is, her karma meter is deep in the red. If you don't give a break, you don't get a break. She'll understand better when someone does her dirt just 'cuz.

1597 days ago


Who's in charge here? Seems like a circus with three different acts in three different rings going on. What a joke.

1597 days ago


lock the ass up he did the crime he can do extra time

1597 days ago


he should have to do the same kind of community service every other wife beater gets. this pig shouldn't get any rights that any other wife beater doesn't get. ok let me add to that. than any other low class wife beater would get, not the rich and famous

1597 days ago

i like you    

I love his hat and he's so terrific, I thought he was cute answering back to your inquire TMZ,, you'r gold charlie ,,LOVE YOU, IN A VERY strange way I'm always inspired and absolutely enthalled , and I do more, + I don't smoke or eat meat, drink coffee ect ect,, and but if he's cut off soda, I won't drink pop until he comes out! That's so crazy, thats how i am,, maybe it's a good thing I'm nobody and far away looking in sometimes and had to be in love with Charlie sheen!

1597 days ago


Wow, guess Pitkin County doesn't like to honor a plea deal and it seems all around Justice in this County is non-existent!! The pissed up wifey shouting and throwning a tantrum gets to free - Charlie who's unbelievably sober, with a test to prove it, gets to spend Xmas in jail because wifey says he threatened her with a knife and guess what they find a knife closed and locked away in a suitcase somewhere?! When wifey sobers up and realises her meal ticket can no longer come near her due to the restraining order issued, she tries to stop charges being pressed but the Sheriff wom't listen! It's worse than a soap opera, she has two babies in the house and had to be doubly as pissed the night before as she was at 8 a.m when the sobriety test was done hm?!
When you get out Charlie divorce her, get full custody of the kids due to her being an unfit mother (o.k, o.k lol) then NEVER, EVER get married to one of these bimbo's again!! Stay single and enjoy yourself man x

1597 days ago


Since the cop that responded Valerie that got canned and now gloria is representing screwed up the case, he was not read his rights, he should use some of his money and fight to have the case tossed out.
If the agreement was made between the DA and a judge signs it I fell ms smart ass beverly should honored it otherwise she should be tossed into a cell for contempt. To me the DA has more authority that she does and if she don't want to lose her job she needs to realize that she may be asked to allow him to do things she don't like. But I don't like a lot of things but if the judge rules on it either you go along with it or appeal it to the next court all the way to Supreme court.

1597 days ago


Good for Beverly Campbell! It is about time the law treated celebs the same as everyone else. Now if only the Judge in Lohan's case would see sense and bang her up in Jail for a few weeks/months to get he life sorted.

1597 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

He should be Made to clean every public OUT-HOUSE and public toilet in Aspen- This ROTTEN bastard deserves NO BREAKS at all- He is a crude, DECADENT human piece of CRAP- INSIDE and OUT!!!

1597 days ago


Why should Charlie get special treatment for physically attacking his wife and threatening her with a knife. Perhaps if Orenthal Simpson had gotten more severe punishment the first time, or the second or third, or forth or the eighth time that he beat up Nicole she would still be alive today. Is Yale Galanter the spokes lawyer for all knife welding, wife beating celebrities?

1597 days ago


Stick to your guns Beverly. If Charlie didn't have the time, he shouldn't have done the crime. Put the bum in jail where he belongs.

1597 days ago


Yah, well, people shouldn't beat up their wives, either.

1597 days ago

Tabby Loid    

First of all, Yale Galanter is NOT Sheen's attorney. He represents Brooke Mueller Sheen. Galanter, though, does enjoy being quoted and having his picture taken. Why he was even at the Hearing is very questionable, to say the least.

Re: Why should Sheen, who already has had the two felony counts reduced to misdemeanors, be able to spend his days working in a community theater??? I think his alleged offenses would not warrant such soft treatment.

1597 days ago
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