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Coolio's Tattoo Screw Up

Nothin' But a 'G' Thang

6/7/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Coolio's brand new tattoo was supposed to impress his tour mates Insane Clown Posse, and their fans -- unfortunately whoever inked him up didn't use spell check.

The body art was supposed to be an homage to ICP fans -- who call themselves "juggalos." Coolio's tattoo reads "Jugalo Cool" -- ironically one 'G' shy of actually being cool.

The "Angsta's Paradise" rapper isn't losing any sleep -- telling TMZ the typo was done on purpose and he doesn't plan to fix it.



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the man's a crip..he aint a double G

1564 days ago


jugalos or juggalos are retards either way you spell it.

1564 days ago

Inside Man    

@ comment 10. : "play it" in spanish is written "JUEGALO", not jugalo. Just to get things clear. Cheers.

1564 days ago


Jugalo doesn't mean anything in spanish, in any case is "juega o juegalo". mistakeeeeeeeee

1564 days ago

marais morris    

sorry slaphappycretin, rappers aren't the only dumb ones. i see gross grammatical errors, along with misspellings on magazine covers, and even on crawlers under CNN and MSNBC and FOX News crawlers; one talked about leno retaking the "reigns" from conan; "alot" is quite often misspelled as one word; & so very few know the difference between "Bad" and "Badly". No one seems to know the difference between "affect" and "effect" and certainly not "effect" as a verb. Forget "who" and "whom". and when is anyone going to pronounce the word "mischievous" correctly on television? "Forte" [meaning "strong suit" is NOT pronounces "FORE-TAY" but rather, "Fort" like the military building. "Except" is not the same as "Accept" and yes, one looks quite dumb when this is confused on an internet dating site. I could go on and on some more, but you [should] get he point: Rappers are not the only stupid ones and I would bet you everything I own that Tupac Shakur was ten times brighter than you ever dreamed you were as he was reading THE PRINCE while his critics read THE LITTLE PRINCE.

1564 days ago


I've been a Juggalette for 11 years and people like this suck... hopefully it was the tattoo artists fault and not his...

1564 days ago

D-Boyz Allstarz of Flint MI.    

F@$K what white races people think its coolio arm n if he want 2 spell it tht way let it b! U all must b ***S staring at another ***** tatto B@t%ch azz people

1564 days ago


What about "POOPDOGs" Tatt when he passed out at a party in LA and his homeboys paid to have it put on his butt?

1564 days ago


Oh isn't that cute - a stupid tarbaby with a tattoo of a stupid tarbaby.

1564 days ago


Look at him! What do you expect? Just another dumb wannabe gangster who can't sing one lick of music and plays NO instruments, but is a musician? LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA IDIOT!

1564 days ago

mike lambright    

****** is even dumber than juggalos.

1563 days ago


we feed off your hate. so keep on hating.

1563 days ago


well since neither spelling is an actual word, it really doesnt matter, does it? so all who commented about it being wrong are stupid. has anyone ever heard of a dictionary? i hate rap, but coolio is right on this one its his tattoo and body and his money.. so its right. you all are stupid right along with tmz... this **** is funny you morons. oh yeah, i DID try looking it up in the book and on line NOT A PROPER WORD! GET YA SOME OF THAT TMZ

1563 days ago


you idiots will never understand the Juggalos.

also, ICP made almost 11 million last year. How much did you make?

oh yea you dont have a job. Dumb ****s

1563 days ago


Apparently us juggalos have low IQ's....funny because I myself have a very high IQ, and I own my own business.

Whats really wrong with people today? They take judgement on people and things before they really know the story, or what that person is about. Stop being so damn judgemental, and take the time to get to know other people, and the stories before you decide whats really going on. Douchers.

1563 days ago
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