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Gary Coleman Death Photo -- For Sale

6/7/2010 12:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman Death PhotoTMZ has learned a series of photos of Gary Coleman in the hospital are being shopped around to the media -- and in one of the photos ... Gary is already dead.

We've seen one of the photos and declined to even look at the rest. In the pic, Gary is in the hospital, his eyes are closed and he is hooked up to a ventilation machine. It is not a pleasant sight.

The person selling the photos claims to have four photos -- the one we were shown was taken about an hour before he died. The final photo was taken after he was taken off life support.

Asking price is in the low five figures.

We're guessing someone will buy it. It's just the way it is.


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It is not only sick, it is cruel. I hope someone ( not his wife or his parents) sue.

1597 days ago


Whether one liked or disliked Gary Coleman, this is a disgraceful thing to do to a human being, dead or dying. Shame on the photographer but even greater shame on the buyer(s). Let the man rest in peace now.

1597 days ago


These four pictures were obviously taken in the hospital by someone who has access to patients. I would hope this person is found out, fired, and has their license revolked. This type of disregard for the family and for the patient should never go unpunished. I ask TMZ to please turn this person's name over to the police and to the hospital's employee relations department and ask that both institutions prosecute vigorously. This event took place in a Utah hospital. While I am not a Mormon myself, I have the highest regard for the Mormon people's moral and ethical standard. If this can happen in Utah, think what little disregard is shown the patients in hospitals in other states. It makes me want to die at home.

1597 days ago


You should have bought them and not released them cause someone is gonna buy them and release them.

You could have done this man some justice.

1597 days ago


Pretty sad when you have a loved one fighting for his life, and all you have is dollar $$$, in your eyes. I hope we find out who the slime bag is that took the pictures and is trying to sell them. They have a heartless soul.

1597 days ago


EWWWW No one wants to see that. Shannon must be doing this. She was the only one really there to do it. She is as bad as MJ's Dad.

1597 days ago


If it is an employee from the hospital, TMZ please report that person to the authorities. Patients in a hospital deserve privacy. Even in death, their privacy and dignity should still be maintained.

1597 days ago


TMZ, will you continue to take the high road when these photos eventually come out, or will you play the, well we didn't do it FIRST, so it's OK for us to post them now card? We shall see how you play it out before you get KUDOS from this kid.

1597 days ago


Yes, I agree with no. 12 - TMZ you will print the story but not the photo; you shouldn't even print the story then no one would know it even happened; which maybe it didn't anyway!

1597 days ago


does anyone remember the pic of River Phoenix in his coffin??

1597 days ago


Well I guess that's why she pulled the plug so quickly, she was preparing for an estate sale. Wow, seems like the executor can stop this. She is an evil, awful person.

1597 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

TMZ thanks for not adding them... Some things are best left unsaid & unseen.

1597 days ago

The Watcher    

MMA-pretty much everyone knows Gary Coleman. In his later years, it wasn't for being a television actor, but more for making fun of him. He was angry, bitter and disenchanted and rightfully so. His parents betrayed him took most of his earnings and set nothing aside for him to protect him. He even worked as a security guard in Culver City and cameras were there to "catch" him at work making minimum wage. Poking fun at him. It must have hurt him. I'll say it again as I have in posts before, he was a survivor. He stepped up and he did what he had to do to support himself. Add to that the fact that he was physically ill his entire life having had both kidneys transplanted before he was 14. What a tough life. My prayers are with him and he is with God. To the one who posted there is no God, how arrogant can someone be???

1597 days ago


HA!!! TMZ grew a freakin' conscience?! what a joke and what a bunch of hypocrites you people are...LMAO!

1597 days ago


Thank you TMZ! my granpa died with a ventilator on and i was in the room with him. It really is not something that needs to be passed around. RIP Gary! it is a damn shame that someone is trying to gain from his passing. I bet it is his POS ex wife!

1597 days ago
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