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Gary Coleman's Wife Behind Gruesome Photos

6/7/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Gary Coleman's ex-wife is the mastermind behind the photos which show the actor in the hospital, bloodied, with tubes sticking out of his body ... and there's also a photo taken after he died.

We're told Shannon Price had a production company shoot the photos.

Our sources say Shannon is featured in one of the photos.

We're told the photos are being shopped around for five-figures ... and Shannon is set to get a cut of the profits.


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horse faced, snaggle tooth, nasty a** piece of garbage. BURN

1564 days ago


OMG!!! What kind of freak is that woman!!! She probly pushed him down the stairs so she could get those pictures in the hospital!!! I only live just a little under 20 miles from her i should go and kick her right square in the head and ask her what the heck is wrong with her!!! What is she doing selling those pictures on Ebay like hes some kind of side show!!! Is selling those pictures even legal? She should be thrown in jail!!!

1564 days ago


What is the police doing? Please... that woman is strange

1564 days ago


hasn't he been taken advantage of enough throughout his greedy & slimy can u be?!!

1564 days ago


If anyone in the film community has/had any feelings or compassion for Gay Coleman you can't allow this to happen. Step up someone for him, please.

1564 days ago


Everything you do good or bad will always come back to you...Ahem...Shannon

Someday youll be on your deathbed.

Not much lower she could go than this...

Between this and the tone of the 911 call, I hate to think of what Gary's life was like. It looks like he truly had no one he could trust, much less love.

Makes me wonder if he REALLY died of "natural causes" or if it was onset by something else, like a blow to the head maybe?!

Everything she has said and done should be thouroughly scrutinized now.

1564 days ago


Mom always told me if you have nothing say about someone don't ssay it at all, but I can't resist this time mom. Sorry. What a b&*ch!!! Karma will get her. I hope she dies a miserable death. She was a no one and will die a no one. What kind of person with any morals would take pictures of her dying husband and sell them for money? Wrench!

1564 days ago


Not only is she ugly with gums like Mr. Ed ... but she's trash too - shocker.

1564 days ago


SICk...SICK...F_CKIN SICK!! Trailer trash B_TCH!! I hope Gary's parents renew their fight to get control of his remains and lay him to rest properly. This sick _HORE is not even his wife. She has no legal right to ANYTHING. I hope she finds herself out on the street living out of a gutter.

1564 days ago


Definition of pure white trash! What a piece of ****!

Good gawd, I so hope he did not leave her one red cent.........

Karma Shannon! You will spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder.

1564 days ago


You know, we read this website for something to do during our breaks, lunch hour or whatever and then I read a story like this. I sometimes think that I have about seen it all. Then comes along this woman ... I just live with the thought that one day she will be judged. Just sad.

1564 days ago


Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.

Ha Ha Ha...............This B*TCH just figured out a way the make the rest of the world hate her.

1564 days ago

Just Sayin'    

That bitch KNEW he was going to die and was able to get a camera crew there in time for pics. Things that make you go HMMMMMMM.

That bitch killed him. (I said I was going to refer tothat bitch as "that nitch" from now on and I am)

1564 days ago


This woman sickens me! Where are her mother and father?? Certainly someone can stop this. This just proves she killed him. She has the motive and the opportunity. Poor Gary.

Shannon is a vile, horrible woman.

1564 days ago


WTF this girl is sick i feel so bad for Colemans real friends and family

1564 days ago
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