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Heidi and Spencer -- Suspicious Living Arrangement

6/6/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before Heidi and Spencer announced their big breakup -- there was a secret plan in the works that could prove the whole split is a giant sham ... possibly for a new reality show. 


It all has to do with the $5.5 million Malibu pad where Heidi and her friend Jen Bunney claimed they moved in to so Heidi could get away from Spencer.

But TMZ has learned the lease for the place was signed two days before Heidi's rep confirmed the split -- and neither Heidi nor Jen were named on the lease ... neither is Spencer. We're also told the lease is only three months long with an option to re-new for six months or a year.

So we have to ask the question ... did somebody KNOW the breakup was coming? Why would somebody else sign the lease unless they had something to gain ...somebody like a reality show producer?

Something's fishy here ... so we gotta ask ...


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They bolth are douches. What happened to having talent. Spencer is sooo ugly, he looks the ass on a pug.

1569 days ago


You know Spencer has a small weiner.

1569 days ago


they need to add a third option to yes and no...don't care...

1569 days ago


WHAT! SHOCKING! How can you write that either a reality show producer OR Speidy would do such a thing! Why all of those people are beyond reproach!
GAG... What a way to start a Sunday - an article about Speidy.... Gag....

1569 days ago


Of course it's a sham! If that hadn't been obvious from the get-to, given that it's these two pathetic fame whores we're talkin' about, it certainly was proven to be the case after that absurd staged photo shoot depicting "sad" Heidi sitting by the reflecting pool, trying to get her plastic, immobile face to appear pensive. GAG!!! Please, TMZ, stop giving these two so many column inches and maybe they'll just slink off into the night.

1569 days ago


my 2 cents
these two have NEVER been a couple and this is alllll for publicity and their painstaking urge to be famous
please don't buy into it

1569 days ago


Classy celebrities dont jump around saying 'look at me, look at me", just famous people. But oh yeah, people can be famous for a lot of reasons, who doesnt know who charlie manson is, or that balloon dad. all im saying is that anyone can be famous, but it takes class and talent to be a celebrity. oh and spencer if you read these comments, wich im sure you do, because of that big ego of yours, I Corinthians 15:33

1569 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

These two are a trip.I think that these two are a joke but are too dumb to know it.

1569 days ago


You forgot to add the third option to the poll ... Who cares

1569 days ago


PUBLICITY STUNT/ATTENTION WH*RES !!! - by f*ck this cr*p

1569 days ago


Losers. I hope that noone wathces this piece of junk and they actually have to get a job in the private sector and have to live pay check to pay check. Please stop giving these people publicity.

1569 days ago


You know, as bad as I hate to bring this up, she might be having a hard time leaving or be scared to leave. They are very public so he could easily find her. From my own experience an abusive man is hard to leave.They 1) Make you believe you are worthless, he's done that; 2) Alienate you from friends and family...done that; 3) Control every aspect of your life...done that too!!
Just saying....

1569 days ago


Dude's anger is clearly out of control! Can you imagine what it must be like behind closed doors!! People shouldn't trash her. She was just the weaker of the two. What if something happens? People always say "ask for help" well, maybe this is a scream for help...sure looks like it to me. His a$$ should be committed!!

1569 days ago

Heider Spenci    

Publicity stunt, and TMZ is just making them into something important when they are not.

1569 days ago


WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1569 days ago
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