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Heidi and Spencer -- Suspicious Living Arrangement

6/6/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before Heidi and Spencer announced their big breakup -- there was a secret plan in the works that could prove the whole split is a giant sham ... possibly for a new reality show. 


It all has to do with the $5.5 million Malibu pad where Heidi and her friend Jen Bunney claimed they moved in to so Heidi could get away from Spencer.

But TMZ has learned the lease for the place was signed two days before Heidi's rep confirmed the split -- and neither Heidi nor Jen were named on the lease ... neither is Spencer. We're also told the lease is only three months long with an option to re-new for six months or a year.

So we have to ask the question ... did somebody KNOW the breakup was coming? Why would somebody else sign the lease unless they had something to gain ...somebody like a reality show producer?

Something's fishy here ... so we gotta ask ...


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Anybody would if she were their daughter....

1537 days ago


OH for f*cks sake, who even gives half a sh*t about these total douches. If I could, I'd flush these pathetic turds down the toilet, never to be seen or heard from again.

1537 days ago


these two need to get together with that octomom and that kate and jon and create another fabulous reality show.

1537 days ago


Can you guys PLEASE stop reporting on Heidi and Spencer! They're annoying, have no talent, and aren't newsworthy!

1537 days ago


How does a lease being signed by a third party (nobody in Hollywood uses their real names anyway. Sandra Bullock's divorce wasn't even in her name, just scrambled initials) 2 days before a rep confirmed anything proof of a scam? Do you honestly think nothing happens until the rep confirms it? Probably Heidi decided to leave him (if it is real) days before her rep told you. What arrogance to assume it isn't real until TMZ knows about it. Here's another newsflash for you: people are gay before they come out, too.

1537 days ago


I knew this was a 100% sham since the first second this was reported. You could tell it was fake when Heidi went out of her way to avoid saying they separated or were divorcing in plain words. Then all of a sudden only her friends and rep are reporting things. Pathetic liars all of them. Hope these two idiots drown in that pool.

1537 days ago


Are these two idiots really THAT stupid, that they thought anyone would believe that thet really broke-up?! That just goes to show how stupid they really are. I can just picture them at night giggling in their bed about "how great this is going to be, how all the stupid people are going to play right into their story"....and then now they are probably soooooo shocked that people saw through their scam! IDIOTS!!

1537 days ago


They got fired from The Hills for their irratic behavior and now they are panicking because they have no money coming in. Their only money was from that show. Have you noticed they haven't been on it the past couple of episodes? And they had that one episode where the girls decided they were done with them? Yeah. It's too fishy. They are trying to get themselves back in the spotlight. They are desperate for some attention b/c the people from The Hills told them to go screw. Jen Bunney is the same way. Lauren didn't want to be friends with her anymore so, then she got kicked off the show too. They are all desperate for fame. It's all so sad................!! They are crazy and I hope no one gives them a show!!!!!

1537 days ago


WHO CARES.......?

TMZ has slipped so much dissappointing.

TMZ. can't make the show on time at 4:30 est.....

TMZ treats its viewers like crap...they only answer the easy ones..

Harvey has gotten so full of himself..its hard to watch...

Their big story the last quarter has been nothing but LINDSEY"....
oohhh...still is...

The TMZ boat is sailing with the likes of News of the World

1537 days ago

bob d    

HEIDI, Ya tata's are fake, like ya break up, i'll still hit da puss\)?

1537 days ago


These 2 are freaks!! They, are by far, the most insignificant couple in the news. I wish Brad and Angelina would adopt a new kid!

I wish Jesse would tap that, then we can combine them. Spence, he can move to whocares-istan.

1537 days ago


heidi begs: put words into mouth and not another d:
ch'-ck please!!

1537 days ago

J Simp    

Who cares they are fakes anyway.

1537 days ago


Are you suggesting they might have made a decision about their marriage without announcing their decision to TMZ first?! The nerve of some celebrities. sheeesh...

1537 days ago


Ugggghh!!! Does anybody really care? They are a couple douche bags and deserve eachother. And Jen Bunny(sp) is a nasty skank.

1537 days ago
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