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Hospital Knew Gary Coleman's Ex Took Pics

6/7/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials at the hospital where Gary Coleman died tell TMZ they were "aware" that Shannon Price and her family were "inside taking pictures" around the time Coleman passed away.

A rep from Utah Valley Regional Medical Center tells us, "We were aware that Shannon and her family were inside taking pictures ... we made notes that the family was taking pictures."

Shannon's rep -- who had previously doubted the existence of the photos --  now tells us, "Shannon and her family did take pictures but they were never meant to get out."

As we first reported, Shannon is set to get a cut of the action -- but her rep is still adamant that Shannon "is in no way getting compensated for these pictures."


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How low can you be? Taking pictures of your spouse fighting for their life for profit. Plain sick. This woman is one morbid, gruesome, greedy, tramp who is on a scholarship straight to hell wearing a gasoline thong!!!

1563 days ago


Good thing a nurse has the brains to do***ent, do***ent, do***ent. Just helps ass fuel to the fire about what a low-life Shannon Price and her family are.

1563 days ago


Her rep, Sheila, was smiling one day after they pulled the plug WITH Shannon by her side. The rep is terrible. ADDITIONALLY, the hospital was AWARE of the FAMILY taking pics around the time he died. WHAT FAMILY? Gary wasn't in that family any longer and hasn't been for years! Pics being taken at this time weren't a red flag to this hospital? OH.MY.GOD!

1563 days ago


To the person that defended Mr.Ed, shut T.F.U and for your info it's BP not BR. DumbSh.t. Are you related to Shannon(Mr. Ed)Price? Maybe one of her parents Seabiscuit or The Black Stallion?

1563 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Not getting compensated my Aunt Jenny

1563 days ago


ok, I'd have to say that comment is from a 'family member'. TMZ doesnt' have to paint much. Most of us know what the scene is in the situation and the idea of anyone taking a photo op during it is insane. Plain and simple.

No excuses out of this one, Shannon has by her own mouth done this...not TMZ or any other tabloid site/newsprint

1563 days ago


Gary Coleman was a unique person with a unique set of cir***stances set before him. His health, his physical stature and the fact that he was just a really cute kid star and no one ever let him forget that. Poor Gary had such a hard adult life. No one would let him get past his past and that's all he seemed to want to do.
Here comes his EX wife...For two seconds I felt sorry for this woman. But wait a that Gary is gone, let's see how much I can make off his death. What a BEOTCH!!!! I see Gloria Allred in her future...

1563 days ago


Well if you didn't believe this was a "suspicious death" than this is the evidence that will make you think otherwise.Being a former homicide investigator this action made every alarm in my head go off. She had better get very well lawyered up after this action, because any detective worth his salt will be after this one.

1563 days ago


About the only thing that could make this worse was to find out this is Tonya Hardings cousin

1563 days ago


Uh (comment 44) where did TMZ recant? They didn't, they said the hospital knew it. Where are you coming from on this?

1563 days ago


With all that money maybe she can get some gum reduction surgery!

1563 days ago


Um, I call BS. You don't call the press for an interview immediately following a loved one's passing unless you're looking to capitalize on it and people don't sit around taking pictures of their loved ones during the process of their death unless they want to sell the photos. Seriously, who sits around reminiscing with old photos like these? "Oh, here's Gary on the ventilator. Here's the one after we had it removed. Good times."

1563 days ago


It's no wonder that she was kind of paranoid when asked about the cir***stances surrounding his death? She stupidly didn't realize she was being so obviously heartless. I wonder if she's in the new and latest will? It would have been around the time of their divorce. Gary wasn't a total dummy, he got something out of her being around so in a way she's entitled to something if there isn't any money left.

1563 days ago

Scott I am from Canada such a peace loving pot smoking home (no disrespect to U.S or any other Countries don't read into that!). I am so upset over this bitcheees comments and actions that I would love to see someone ring her doorbell and beat the living chit out of her (females only please). I in turn would chip in for your bail and sponser you to live in Canada till it blows over! If you get it on video and post it on utube in slow motion I would even chip in on your bail!

Any takers?

1563 days ago


the whole thing is just sick, sick, sick :( RIP Gary, your ex wife will recieve justice (or karma)

1563 days ago
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