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Hospital Knew Gary Coleman's Ex Took Pics

6/7/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials at the hospital where Gary Coleman died tell TMZ they were "aware" that Shannon Price and her family were "inside taking pictures" around the time Coleman passed away.

A rep from Utah Valley Regional Medical Center tells us, "We were aware that Shannon and her family were inside taking pictures ... we made notes that the family was taking pictures."

Shannon's rep -- who had previously doubted the existence of the photos --  now tells us, "Shannon and her family did take pictures but they were never meant to get out."

As we first reported, Shannon is set to get a cut of the action -- but her rep is still adamant that Shannon "is in no way getting compensated for these pictures."


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Shannon- You are a despicable troll. Karma is a bitch and so are you.

1596 days ago


Dear Jerry although I normally try not to respond to trolls do us all a favour and "try" to get your attention at home not here. Speaking of feet if I ever met you I would be more then happy to help your fetish out and plant my foot up your ass....sonnnnnn

1596 days ago

Just Sayin'    

It just dawned on me that the police were familiar with their address because of domestic violence calls in the past. Doesn't that warrent suspicion?

1596 days ago

yeah right    

You are a complete moron! First,get your facts straight if you wanna talk ****,lol..You're so smart huh,its BP not BR you inbred! Second,who gives a **** what your loser ass says. She's a horse toothed bitch that killed Gary Coleman! So go back to your 8 wives you mormon hillbilly. You as well as anybody in that inbreeding state don't give a rats ass about a black man. But mr Ed's sister is so honorable that you'd make a jackass out of your stupid as hell self and defend her? Pathetic loser!!

1596 days ago


I do not understand what she is doing. I am not a gary coleman fan. They were no longer married, but he left her on to take care of his medical needs if he was unable too. So not to be rude, he left his self open to her and her family to do this to him.

He has problems with his family and alot of other people in his life. Did you all forget the way he treated people in the past, he was no angel but seems like people forgot that about him. One more thing, because he was an actor and seen in the public or on TV, what do you all think gives you the right to be commenting on his life or what is being done now. What makes it your business? Did everyone forget people have the right to do what they want without everyone else getting int thier business.

So sorry what is happening with this world and everyone thinks they have the right in but into ANYONES LIFES AND GET AWAY WITH IT. SHOULD JUST MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND LEAVE OTHERS ALONE.

1596 days ago


People had NO RESPECT for Gary.All the insults he had to deal with. Of all of them, she is his ultimate insult!

1596 days ago


Michelle try man in the mirror by MJ I look like a freaking angel next to this twerp and I have done a lot of bad...

1596 days ago


"21. So anyday now we should be seeing on TMZ where Gloria Allred is the attorney representing the widowed Mrs. Coleman?!?!?!
Posted at 2:30 PM on Jun 7, 2010 by OscarP17"

Ironically it was Allred's daughter who ambushed Coleman on television which resulted in him having seizures. Seizures which may have led directly to his death if in fact the fall was caused by a seizure.

1596 days ago


WELL what goes around comes around. She is a little young, she will find out. Keep living.

1596 days ago


I am not a man of religon but if I were this would test my faith.....I hope karma comes back around...

1596 days ago

My two cents ;)    

This woman is as disgusting and morbid as you can get. How can no one consider her the one who killed Gary...She is a disgusting person! I have a family member who took pics whenever someone was dead and she is evil. I havent spoke to her in 2 yrs because that's just the tip of her dysfunctional iceberg and I am seeing the same vile qualities in the bitch who killed Gary Coleman.

1596 days ago


"68. I am from Canada such a peace loving pot smoking home (no disrespect to U.S or any other Countries don't read into that!). I am so upset over this bitcheees comments and actions that I would love to see someone ring her doorbell and beat the living chit out of her (females only please). I in turn would chip in for your bail and sponser you to live in Canada till it blows over! If you get it on video and post it on utube in slow motion I would even chip in on your bail!
Any takers?
Posted at 3:40 PM on Jun 7, 2010 by Scott"

Uh, Scott, I don't know how it works in Canada but here in the U.S. you technically just committed a crime. A pretty serious crime at that. So your explanation that you were obviously just kidding and would never knowingly solicit someone to commit an act of violence against another human being would probably be a good next move on your part.

1596 days ago


Of course it was a joke Greg come get me...........I am between the corn stalk crops and the weed plnate around it....I wih you folks would loosen up I would never ever wish bad upon anyone it was merely an open ended question on your own concious.....

1596 days ago


Is there a life insurance policy or was he too sickly to afford to have one?

1596 days ago


what a horrible person, cant trust redheads with bad teeth. I have to stop making those.

1596 days ago
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