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Hospital Knew Gary Coleman's Ex Took Pics

6/7/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials at the hospital where Gary Coleman died tell TMZ they were "aware" that Shannon Price and her family were "inside taking pictures" around the time Coleman passed away.

A rep from Utah Valley Regional Medical Center tells us, "We were aware that Shannon and her family were inside taking pictures ... we made notes that the family was taking pictures."

Shannon's rep -- who had previously doubted the existence of the photos --  now tells us, "Shannon and her family did take pictures but they were never meant to get out."

As we first reported, Shannon is set to get a cut of the action -- but her rep is still adamant that Shannon "is in no way getting compensated for these pictures."


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John Arsenault    

As hororific as it sounds selling pictures of one that they love for a monitary gain it is also messed up by those who are actually dumb enough to buy them. All in all it is pretty messed up.

1596 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

The tramp needs money so sell the pics and maybe be able to afford a funeral? How sick is that - and what hospital would allow for a photo op? SICKENING! I just hope the police are keeping tabs on her and her stupid remarks and THEN lower the boom and off to jail she goes.

1596 days ago


Ok then how did the media get the pictures? And who is getting the money. Somebody is getting paid. IF she was his wife it would be a different story about everything that happened. The 911 tapes is what killed it for her. She didnt sound like she was to willing to step in and she didnt care about him that much or maybe she was afraid of him with his temper. WHO KNOWS. I dont think she killed him because he was talking in the hosiptal and he would of told someone she pushed him or something.If I was her I would gat out of LA and disappear for awhile tell this story ends. She is just making hard on herself.In away I feel bad for her losing Gary then getting ripped by tabliods

1596 days ago


Oh I get it so she did have help planning this murder! I knew this hillbilly could not pull all this **** on her own! Wayyy to stupid especially how she is ****ing herself now with all these interviews! She is in cahoots with the rest of her hillbilly family! One of them is smarter then your average HB but he must have been struck by lightening or they killed him off for his cut because she is practically screaming look at me I murdered Gary for some money!!!

1596 days ago


This is so disgusting...which is worse?: the gold-digging, fame-wh$ring ex-wife and her white trash family that took pictures as Gary lay dying or the hospital that allowed the pictures to be taken? Pretty sure H E L L has a nice toasty spot for them all.

1596 days ago


As she stated before that she didnt have money for a funeral I bet that with the profit of the photos shes now able to provide a decent funeral so in the end she still looses.

1596 days ago


Never mind just read that hes gonna be turned in to ashes.

1596 days ago



1596 days ago


Why would anyone take pictures of a loved one right before they passed away, and AFTER they passed away?
He was worth nothing alive, so i have read. But someone would only takes pictures of such a sad,private time for a family if there was a reason too. AND HER REASON WAS MONEY.. As Gary laid there dying ,becasue she decided to pull the plug within minutes of Gary being put on life support..All this pathtic women did was think about way to benifit off his last dying breath.


Her actions with these pictures that she decided to sell, seems like a motive for her to want him dead. Motive for murder.
Now maybe the cops will take notice and do a proper investagation.

Shannon -Your a sick twisted women..Who is all about greed.The pictures were yours, so any monies made from them is for you..You belong behind bars..
I will boycott whatever mag bought these pictures, it is in very poor taste for anyone to buy the photos. Even with selling the photo's this witch is just gonna get gary creamated ?? He deserves a funeral and a casket that she said she could not afford, but now with sale of the pics, the only excuse is GREED..

1596 days ago


Liar liar pants on fire!!!!! Go to work you gold digger you are a dispicable woman

1596 days ago


We as the consumers should not buy the magazine or gossip rag that prints these pictures. We can send a message that this is WRONG. We can give the man some dignity in death. I will personally not look at these pictures. Let us know who bought the pics. And an address to send complaints too.

1596 days ago


Better idea.....Harvey you should buy the pictures! Then destroy them!!!!!!!!

1596 days ago


I just CANNOT believe all of this. When is there going to be justice for Gary? WHY aren't cops investigating this whole situation? Do not cremate him until an autopsy is done - PLEASE!!!! All of this just doesn't add up, and even though he is dead and gone, they should get justice for Gary. The woman belongs in the looney bin. All of this is crazy - investigate NOW!!!!

1596 days ago


It's not illegal for her to take a few last photos as a "loved one" is dying. I even took a few last photos of my cat (not to compare him with a human being, just saying I understand the sentiment). If she sells them, it may be so that she can pay for his funeral -- better than begging the public for contributions.

1596 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

HEY _ COPS - get on the ball and investigate this idiot!! Being mentally "off" is not excuse. Selling the pics is a sick mind and she needs more than money - she needs a nice comfy jail cell. An autopsy is more than called for now - as she is proving she is the one who TRIED to kill him and then pulled the plug - so double murder - attempted and then the real one.

1596 days ago
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