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Chris Brown

Blocked from UK

Over Rihanna Incident

6/8/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Blocked From UKChris Brown
's violent past just caught up with him in the UK ... where he was just denied entry into the country.

Officials in Great Britain revealed they wouldn't let the singer cross the border because of his criminal record ... specifically the attack on Rihanna.

The move seriously screws up Brown's tour -- which had at least 3 scheduled stops in the UK.

Soon after the decision, Brown tweeted, "SORRY to all the fans in Europe!!! my tour is cancelled. Im pretty sure yall know. my entry was denied in your country. I love you. SORRY!!"

The tweet was later removed -- and his publicist later claimed the rejection was based on "issues surrounding his work visa."

Britain's Home Office also released a statement, saying, "We reserve the right to refuse entry to the UK to anyone guilty of a serious criminal offense."


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oh wait...did ya'll forget to remember??! uk only, really ONLY allows terrorists to enter their country! toodles!! :D

1536 days ago


People still say toodles? Interesting.

I'm glad they have that law, and I don't even live there. You should always have the right to deny entry for those with a criminal history, that only makes sense.

If someone is mad about that, they should have thought about it before performing their crime.

1536 days ago


If someone was hitting and throwing stuff at me while I'm driving, I'm going to try to hit back too so I can regain control of the car. I'd rather he hit her than me while I'm trying to drive on the same street. Why hasn't anybody brought up her lack of control? She's just LUCKY he didn't lose control of the car and hit something or somebody. It'd be her fault. She should have taken control of her emotions and waited for him to not be behind the wheel to start physically attacking. It's the same for anyone that throws a sucker-punch(cuz he was driving) prepared and not suprised to be hit back and don't whine when the strike is more than you can take.

1536 days ago


He's also in good company on that list. They banned Snoop too. They should ban their own Prince Charles for conspiring to kill the mother of his children, Princess Diana.

1536 days ago


Good for the UK!!!!!!!!!!!

1536 days ago


That's just BS -- a domestic fight!!! come on -- we all know it takes 2 to tango! He does NOT deserve this BS -- hasn't he paid enough for his mistake??? Come on -- I'm sure Britain will let Charlie Sheen in their country -- and didn't he use a weapon? Come on people -- wake up!!!!! Why don't you go after the real terrorists!!! I'm so sorry for Chris!!! He's doing just what's he's supposed to be doing and yet another setback! Shout out to Chris!!! Have faith my Brother! Your day will come!! Virginia loves you -- always!!!
Really mad fan!!!

1536 days ago


I'm not a violent person, but he should've busted her ass in the face with a brick! I bet 99% of people who are talking crap would've done the same thing!

I bet Ozzy can perform, and Sean penn can go there. One was convicted, and other one blamed drugs.

1536 days ago

Nicole Lynn Slaunwhite (Halifax, NS)    

What would be a really awesome public Relations for Rhianna, is for her to do a concert in London and have all the proceeds go to domestic violence against "WOMEN".... ENGLAND ROCKS...Chris Brown SUCKS !!! To all you Rhianna haters out there...Your Jelousy doesn't make it right for her to get face beat in...Rhianna is a Classy lady and a damn good talent!

1536 days ago


What a bunch of SICKOs saying Rihanna deserved it! Cuz a girl slaps you you beat the everliving crap out of her? It's called being a man and walking away. Browns a punk and a criminal.

1536 days ago


He's a pig and criminal. Why would J. Sparks even WANT to do a song with this woman beater? Put a fork in him. He made the choices he made and chose to beat the crap out of a woman.

1536 days ago


No one has to be a Rihanna hater and no one has to be a Chris Brown hater -- what the frick -- would you have even noticed if this were some unknown? No. Chris is young enough to learn from his mistakes -- why can't you just leave it at that? Were you there? Get over it! Life goes on -- I love em both -- their music is awesome and it is a tragedy that this ever happened. Both of their careers have suffered. Two beautiful people caught up in this media frenzy and I just hope that they both do well in their careers. Just know that every setback is a setup for a comeback.

1535 days ago


Are all Americans this dumb?

1535 days ago


To demmi who posted "Are all Americans this dumb?" Let me tell you -- my ancestors wanted to get away from the Europeans then and for obvious good cause -- it is the American compassion and heart that started this country -- that feeling still lives here -- if you don't like it -- stay OUT OF AMERICA

1535 days ago


Chris has paid dearly already, I truly believe he is sorry for his actions. I for one have let any hard feelings go.. He is a very young and talented artist and I feel his voice should be hard..

1517 days ago

Ms. Lady    

U people need to get a life, always making things worse than what they really are. YES,YES he was wrong for putting his hands on her. Is he the only famous person that have put his hands on there significant other. No he's not. There are females and males that goes through family violence. The media haven't ruined their lives. I mean he's young and I'm pretty sure, he has learned his lesson. I mean I can write a list of names that has or have had problems, that are still doing there thing. No one has ruined there lives, so why should they ruin he's live. After a year and it's still going on, come on. She's fine, she has gone on with her life, she's still making a lot of money. Her life is great! That's wrong the UK has banned him from coming over their, the US haven't banned her from coming or staying over her. They're acting like she's a PRESIDENT or something!!!! He has done or is doing his time, let him have he's career back!!!!!!! MUCH LUV to RI RI. Never stop LUVVVVVV U CB!!!!! Keep ur HEAD UP!!!!!! Let da HATERS HATE!!!!!

1517 days ago
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