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Heidi and Spencer -- Bored With the USA

9/9/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are each separately talking about permanently moving to Costa Rica.  Do we smell a rat yet?


Sources directly connected with Spencer tell TMZ ... he wants to move to Costa Rica for two reasons -- it's a lot cheaper than L.A., and he would be closer to Heidi and possibly salvage his marriage.

Of course, reason #2 assumes Heidi is also moving to Costa Rica.  So we checked with sources in direct contact with her, and they're now telling us Heidi is indeed noodling on the idea of living in the Republica de Costa Rica. 

So the question -- Is this whole divorce thing a pile?  Heidi's friends are kinda hedging, saying she loves Spencer but doesn't know how to deal with all the problems.

No word on how Costa Rica feels about this.


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Why don't they move to Cuba. First they need to learn helpful Spanish phrases. Since they are idiots, I will keep it simple. Spencer can point at himself and say "maricon" and Heidi can scream "Castro, chinga te culo, puto" at the top of her lungs. I'm sure they will have a blast.

1475 days ago


no way spencer here in Costa Rica!!! it's just crazy we dont want those kind of ppl here.. crazy ppl full of ****

1475 days ago


As a Costa Rican we don't want you there!!! You both are idiots and need to get a life. I pray they don't move there Costa Rica is fine how it is and don't need these two numb nuts in our Country!!!

1475 days ago


End of summer and here comes the reconciliation. So predictable! Who cares what they do? These two are history thanks to the games they play.

1475 days ago


I plan on moving to CR one day. My chances of being accepted by the locals will undoubtedly diminish if this happens. Somebody needs to off Spencer, seriously, somebody please put him out of his misery and make the world a better place.

1475 days ago

Yep I said that    

GO! GO! Do you need help packing your crap? how about a ride to the airport?

1475 days ago


PLEASE for the love of all that is good and right and holy, TMZ please quit giving these loosers print and video space!!! You are feeding the monster. If you ignore them they will go away. You are giving them the fame they crave. We don't care. Don't you get that? We don't care and never want to see or hear from them ever again. They have done nothing noteworthy in their sorry pathetic no talent, unscrupulous, sick lives. Quit rewarding bad behavior. They are liars and you buy into their shena****ns.

1475 days ago


To: Mr. Levin and Great Staff Of TMZ :
Who gives a Rat A$$ about The Pratts .
To: The good People of Costa Rica.
I feel really really sorry for You and You don't need two People in Your Lovely Country at all .
A better Place for The Pratts :
The Anwer is : He!! but the Devil won't want The Pratts in His Area.

1475 days ago


and don't let the door hit you out..babye!

1475 days ago


They're bored with America? We're bored with them. They're both so annoying. Good Ridence!

1475 days ago


COSTA RICA .. COSTA RICA .. One of the MOST Beautyfull country!
Pleaseeeeeee Don't ruin it !! Let's keep it clean !!

1475 days ago


i agree heidi and spencer are rificulous, no talent at all. pathetic people. and jersey shore a disgrace. cant believe these guys make money off of being drunk and sleeping with each other, what has people come to. and t.v. a disgrace. at least movie stars have some talent. and snookie lock her up.!!! if us ordinary people did what they did... well all of us would be in jail. makes me sick. they have no talent at all any of them. we should ban them off t.v.

1475 days ago


Funny....U.S.A. feels EXACTLY the same way toward them as well!

1475 days ago


WHO CARES! Stop giving them coverage and attention and maybe they will go away permentaly. Hopefully the rain forest will suck them in and they will never ever be herd from again.

The only problem with all the plastic in Heidi it will pollute the environment.

1475 days ago


OMG - Don't the let the door hit you in the butt! WooHoo!

1475 days ago
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