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The Next 'Jersey Shore' -- Rednecks Wanted

6/9/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The masterminds behind "Jersey Shore" are looking for a new stereotype for a new reality show -- keg tappin', mud ridin', Skynyrd lovin', God fearin', honky tonkin' Southern folk.


TMZ has learned Doron Ofir Casting is looking for "12 lucky guys and gals who are keepin' it country and want to party their asses off" to star in a new reality show called "Party Down South."

According to DOC, there will be a casting RV that'll slow ride through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennesse, Kentucky and West Virginia -- and hopefully land a crop of rednecks wild enough to make "Jersey Shore" look like "Hey Dude."


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First, Northern people are not snotty or rude, they are just moving to fast for the trival pleasantries, second umm...people in the north believe in God too and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit Amen!
We have **** to do, places to go and money to make, and we rest on the weekends. In the south whether it is rush hour or not yall stil drive only 1 3/4MPH, yall's blinkers are always on even if you are not turning and yall are slow as heeeellll. So if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black. WOW. Lets take the 2 by 4 out of our own before we try to pick the toothpick out of someone elses shall we?

1568 days ago


Ugh. If they aren't ripping off old movies, Hollywood is ripping off each others' bad reality show ideas.

Find something that sells and milk it for all it's worth, guys!

1568 days ago


What? No Georgia or either of Carolinas? Number one, I have been around the US and I have yet to find another region (Northwest, Mid West, New England, etc.) that can hold a candle to the hospitality and genuine friendliness you find in the South. People will hold doors for you, say "please", "thank you", and "you're welcome" to everyone ,and will talk to you like you're their best friend regardless if they've known you 15 minutes or 15 years.
The South gets an extremely bad rap because of the steorotypical ignorant, boot-wearing, trailor park living, beer-drinking redneck but there are A LOT of sophisticated, educated people as well. So, for all you people who are trash-talking but have never been south of the Mason-Dixon Line, you have no room to talk.

1568 days ago


No way a Southerner would do something this classless. Can't imagine any young person from here would want to intentionally embarrass themselves, their parents, their communitites, and their churches. I agree with some of the other peoples' comments above. You will never find a true redneck who would participate and that it will end up being some white trash transplant from someplace other than the south. We are not the type--- stick to the snobs up there where things are oh so much more sophisticated and dignified.

1568 days ago

Mississippi Girl    

I am not a redneck, but my brother is. It is a way of life, not just because you are from the South. Most rednecks that I grew up with are hard workers. They know when it is time to work hard, and make every effort to play even harder. They usually have very nice trucks. They enjoy fishing, hunting, or anything having to do with the outdoors. All get togethers are usually a family thing.

1568 days ago


This should be called "Redneck Riviera" and should be filmed in Panama City Beach, FL!

I came up with this idea the first night I saw Jersey Shore! Jeezzzz....should've gotten this idea patented!

BTW!!! I am a Southern Girl who likes to party!

1568 days ago


They are going to end up with a bunch of people who drive fast cars like Mustangs/Camaros or meticulously clean full-size pickup trucks, go to the lake all the time, shop at the regional outlet mall all the time, live at the ballfield in the summer, had kids too young, drink Sparks, have a tanning bed at home, worked at Sonic at some point and who don't have any restraint when it comes to drinking and fighting.

It is the combination of these things that is the notion that they're gonna get and won't be a true representation of Southerners OR of country people. Instead it will be a version that combines every one of these different things (and any other less sophisticated traits that you can think of) into one giant, exploding personality of redneck, white trash AND "konnnnntry as hell". Yeah...that times 12 contestants.

1568 days ago


AWESOME!!!! I AM GOING TO WATCH FOR SURE!!!!!! I may even apply! ????

1568 days ago


Wow, funny to see how Southerners become so indignant when stereotypes and bigotry is thrown in their direction! To this date, I still hear stories of racism from friends who visit the South. So much for Southern Hospitality.

1568 days ago


Well, I have said from the beginning that Jersey Shore is the Yankee Northern version of rednecks so this should be interesting. I'm Southern and they are redneck Yankees.

1568 days ago


come to polk county, florida and u will find all the rednecks your hearts desire.

1568 days ago


They need to cast that Ashley character off of Tila Tequila, he is a character. We met him at a baseball game and had him to scream Tila!!!!!!! Then he passed baseball with my son.

1567 days ago


*Kicks her pink tractor*
What about Pennsylvania casting calls? Some of our necks are quite freakin' red!

*Kicks her pink cow*
I don't like dem dare stereotypes ya'll tryin's to spread bout peoples dat live in these there states!

1567 days ago

Oh My God...    

Proof that Country music has "Jumped the Shark". This is the same company that cast the last season on "Nashville Star" and the public HATED that season!!!!

1567 days ago


Wow, why are so many people hating on the South? Those of you who are using stereotypes to bash Southerns are the ones that sound unintelligent. People are people--whether they are from the North or the South. Anywhere you go, you will find people that are lazy and without respect for themselves or others. You shouldn't pass judgements on someone based on where they grew up.

That said, there is no reason not to take some pride in where you grow up! I am Arkansas born and raised, love the Hogs, beer, and spending time outdoors. Instead of playing up on negative steroetypes, people should take it as an opportunity to show the world the South that we love!

In reality, though, I bet they pick people who simply play to the stereotypes. Unfortunate, for sure.

1567 days ago
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