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Bench Warrant for Lindsay Lohan's Arrest

6/8/2010 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is a wanted woman -- Judge Marsha Revel has just issued a bench warrant for her arrest, and it's all about the SCRAM


Bail has been forfeited for the previous hearing.  The new bail has been set at $200,000.

We're going to break it down for you.  Lindsay was on probation when she failed to appear in court last month.  At that point, Judge Revel revoked her probation and set bail at $100,000.  In return for bail, Lindsay promised to appear for a hearing on the probation violation -- set for July 6.  Because of the SCRAM incident, the $100,000 bail has now been forfeited.  Instead of throwing Lindsay in jail pending the July hearing, the judge is allowing her to post new bail -- set at $200,000, so she can remain free.

Lindsay's SCRAM bracelet generated a report to SCRAM officials sometime after the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night. 

Sources say the SCRAM data shows evidence of alcohol.  The D.A. has confirmed our sources ...  the violation is alcohol-related.

UPDATE:  Lindsay just Tweeted, "I did not violate anything at all."


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Sam L    

Bet you the SCRAM just picked up some trace of alcohol from the air at a party.

1575 days ago



Linsday should demand that a hospital administer an ethyl glucuronide alcohol test IMMEDIATELY, like RIGHT NOW.

It can detect alcohol use from blood up to 3.5 days from use.

If she hasn't drank, she should go to the hospital NOW and get an EG test on her blood. Also, her lawyer needs to do some heavy research into SCRAM false positives.

1575 days ago


ahahahhaha what a stupid bitch

1575 days ago


Why would you hate the judge, Nicole? She set a list of conditions BLOWhan had to meet; BLOWhan blew them off & disregarded them. She set up a second set of condition BLOWhan had to meet; she blew off & disregarded them. Now, she's had a SCRAM report indicate the presence of alcohol, in direct violation of her orders. The judge is doing the right thing; it's BLOWhan you should hate, for being such an arrogant, self centered little snot.

1575 days ago

Buh Bye Alexis!    

pragmatist: The only glass Lindsay cleans is mirrors, and she doesn't do that with Windex. The yeast wouldn't surprise me though. LOL!

1575 days ago


Oh snap. A round of applause for Judge revel! ~standing ovation~

1575 days ago


she's wasted such a hot body


1575 days ago


Sam is right.

All she has to do is peck someone who has been drinking on the cheek, and it will trigger an alert. I'm guessing the after party 'air' of alcohol, a kiss, or inadvertent contact triggered it.

Let's be honest: if Lindsey were going to violate, she'd go all out and get sloshed. I'd bet money this is a false positive

1575 days ago


If this time she finds reasons to accuse her father or someone else for her problems, then shame on her. She is destroying herself.

1575 days ago



1575 days ago

Pretty LL    

5 false positives?

1575 days ago


My biggest take from this is she is a big fat liar, (as I suspected). I was giving her the benefit of the doubt, but she just tweeted that it wasn't true regarding her SCRAM bracelet going off. Obviously, a lie. I hope they lock her up this time.

1575 days ago


pragmatist stop defending her already! it showed 5 violations not just one or two. So I think JailLo was drinking.

1575 days ago


WHOO HOO!! I hope this spoiled bitch goes to jail.

1575 days ago


Pretty LL: i've seen cases with five-HUNDRED false positives per month! If you don't bust your ass to find EVERY household and hygeine product that is free of alcohol , you WILL have false positives. Usually women suffer more because they use more chemical body products. You have to sit in a bubble and never move, drink only water and never use hygeine products, and STILL you'll probably get at least 2-3 false positives from transient contact.

SCRAM has put a LOT of innocent (of PO violations) people in jail, i can promise that.

1575 days ago
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