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Lindsay Lohan -- Bench Warrant Recalled

6/8/2010 9:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bench warrant for Lindsay Lohan's arrest has been recalled ... a little more than an hour after it was issued, thanks to the fast work of bail bondsman David Perez.


Perez's peeps just posted $20,000 (the standard 10% of bail) in Judge Marsha Revel's court.   The judge recalled the warrant, which means she is able to remain free, though she has a tough road ahead.

If Lindsay violates the terms of the SCRAM program again, it's likely the judge will throw her in jail pending the July 6 hearing on the alleged probation violation for DUI.

In short, one more false move ... and she's probably going to the slammer.


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Really???!!!! Who cares about this bitch? What did or does she do anyway? She needs to serve time just like all the rest of us would in the same situation! Enough with the excuses!

1565 days ago


Revel isn't going to do $#!+. As a "judge" that is supposed to fairly, impartially and equally dispense justice, she is a complete failure.

1565 days ago


What a loser. Why won't they do something about these "celebrities" ? I cannot believe someone would post her bail. Next week it will be something else, but of course, nothing will happen.

DISGUSTING. They should put Lindsey and Shannon Price on an abadoned island. Cause they both suck. If I never heard about either one of those two losers again, it would be too soon.

1565 days ago


This is a joke. How many ****ing breaks are they going to give this girl? Throw her ass in jail already and teach her a lesson once and for all.

1565 days ago

george fudge!    

the judge should just rule that she will wear the SCRAM monitor for a year. Also send her @ss to Afghanistan and put her on a bomb sniffing crew.

1565 days ago


She is sitting at home (or the bar)saying "nana, nana, booboo" and singing "Can't touch this"

1565 days ago


Can't wait for the autopsy photos

1565 days ago


Although I actually like Lindsey, I truly believe she needs to be confined to some type of facility for a minimum of 3 months because, clearly, SHE DOESN'T GET IT!!
Why should she, when she is surrounded by apologists and enablers (this moronic judge included) who don't have Lindsay's best interests in mind. If they did they would let her find out that in the real world there are consequences to her actions and she can only mess with the system for so long (she has been very, very lucky) before it lands on top of her.

(Maybe they should let her share a cell with that "Pretty Wild" chick so they they can commiserate on how unfairly the world has treated them.)

1565 days ago


B.s. She has the courts wrapped around her finger, IF this was us, we'd be in jail looking at 4 walls. BUT because she's talentless, useless, dumba*( lohan, she gets to walk free, whatever. Go ahead wait til she's killed someone or better yet herself. That SCRAM thing is a joke, she won't get caught. She can't stay sober for more than a day. How many times does the SAME woman have the same teeth worked on so that she can get her hands on pills. WHatever it is, she's sold her sould to the devil, and the CA courts are along for the ride. DUMB!

1565 days ago


The Sobrietor has been mentioned as a substitute for the SCRAM - I would instead suggest using both together. The Sobrietor depends on voice recognition followed by a breathalyzer test, and it is possible to drink in between the tests if they're scheduled too far apart rather than totally random or you're into taking risks.... But using it a few times a day in conjunction with the SCRAM might be helpful in dealing with false positives of the SCRAM. Also the SCRAM is continuously monitoring (data uploaded once or twice a day) while the Sobrietor is not continuous. That's the advantage of the SCRAM - it can track your exposure to alcohol 24/7. The Sobrietor just checks your breath at a certain time, which can show if you've been drinking within a certain timeframe.

The biggest problem with the SCRAM is simply that there is such a big delay between the alleged alcohol drinking event and the report back to the wearer - days or even weeks. The wearer really needs to get tested another way very soon if there is a false positive on the SCRAM. The Sobrietor won't really help in that situation unless you're very lucky in the timing. The SCRAM would need an alert on the device itself to notify the wearer about a potential violation; the daily data uploads don't happen often enough.

Another advantage of the SCRAM is that it's mobile, making it useful for people not under house arrest. The Sobrietor doesn't seem too portable at the moment.

1565 days ago


How many one more times does she get?

1565 days ago


this &*%$# needs to be locked up !! forreal i cant stand this girl lif it would have been me they would have thrown the book at me raggety a$% girl shes a dope feen like her mom and dad her mom did a poor job of parenting seriously!

1565 days ago


Take off the anklet and let 'er rip down the road in Malibu and right over the freaking cliff.

1565 days ago


So nutz!! She should already be in jail. A regular person like myself, would be!!

1565 days ago

John Costello    

She will never be thrown in jail I've come to believe. California law system is a ****ing joke.

1565 days ago
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