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Lindsay's Lawyer: TMZ Users Hate Her Too Much

6/9/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's civil lawyer is asking a judge to delay a big civil trial ... because so many people want Lindsay to crash and burn at the moment, she just can't get a fair shake with the jury.


TMZ has obtained legal docs that attorney Ed McPherson will file this morning ... in connection with a lawsuit in which several people claim they were terrorized by LiLo during a wild, dunken ride down Pacific Coast Highway in 2007.  It's the same incident for which Lindsay is now on probation.

According to McPherson, "Every facet of the criminal proceeding and every facet of Ms. Lohan's life ... have been reported on TMZ and other media outlets literally on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis."  McPherson goes on:  "There are current widespread public feelings of intense negativity against Ms. Lohan ..."  McPherson says it's highly likely the jury pool will be tainted against her.

And McPherson includes some harsh comments -- he told us they're right from the "comments" section of TMZ -- including, "I hate her; she should be killed."  "She's a drunk, a junkie, a no-talent actress who has no respect for the law."  "This bitch needs to be locked up without her drugs and her roommates ..."

And McPherson adds, Lindsay could end up in jail for 6 months if the judge in her criminal case rules she violated her probation.  Therefore, McPherson says, the civil trial must be put on ice until the criminal case is resolved.

UPDATE:  TMZ has learned, the judge in the civil case just denied Lindsay's motion to postpone the trial.  But the issue can be revisited after Lindsay's probation violation hearing on July 6.


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deborah mcdermott    

this is b.s. lindsay makes people not like her through her actions and what she says.

1595 days ago



1595 days ago

From Norway    

Everybody makes mistakes and sometimes we all could need som help. She is young and she really needs that help. I really hope someone gives it to her before it is too late. And I really hope she takes it when she gets it.She needs good people around her who can give her something better than what she gets today. It must be hell living like that.

1595 days ago


It's already been 3 ****ing years! Hasn't the bitch ever heard of the right to "A SPEEDY TRIAL"? IT'S TIME TO FACE THE MUSIC LILO....THE VICTIMS DESERVE THEIR DAY IN COURT AND THEY DESERVE JUSTICE!!!

You're correct "Mr. Lawyer" the public is very tired of her antics and feel she should pay for her crime as any other citizen would.

1595 days ago


Here is a bright idea: how about instead of trying to blame TMZ for bringing the public's attention to her, they blame LINDSAY, who posts about the situation on Twitter and makes videos speaking about it. She is drawing attention to it just as much as the media. How is treating her special once again and postponing her trial going to make anyone like her more and give her a more fair trial? It won't. It is just going to make people think she is a spoiled brat and want to make her miserable.

1595 days ago


O.K., Mr. Attorney, hand the Judge this post...

Your Honor,
As a taxpaying citizen, I find it reprehensible that one Lindsay Lohan is allowed to remain free on bond to continue her path towards destruction.
There has been no concern for the residents of the State of California and the costs associated with Miss Lohan's criminal prosecutions, which she rightfully earned. In fact, it appears that Miss Lohan is being given preferential treatment due solely to her celebrity past, and the status that affords her.
As a taxpayer, it matters not to me that she may have it rough if incarcerated. Is that not the point of sentencing one to jail?
As millions are facing unemployment, it also matters not to me that Miss Lohan's SCRAM monitor may interfere with a photo shoot, as she surely can afford to have it air-brushed out. We ALL know she's quite used to having her images air-brushed, as her REAL appearance leaves a lot to be desired due to her wanton ways.
In a nut-shell, Your Honor, the cat and mouse game that the Courts are playing with Miss Lohan sends a very bad message about the justice system. It shows other young people that money IS a solution to the inconvenience of CONSEQUENCES, and that if you're rich enough, you can do anything you want without fear of those CONSEQUENCES.
I challenge you, Your Honor, to use Miss Lohan as an example of how the justice system is "supposed" to work. Show these young people that justice is blind to money and celebrity, and that CONSEQUENCES apply to us all.

A Concerned Citizen

1595 days ago


I am not upset with Lindsay as I am upset with the California judicial system, as a tax paying resident of California me and my family should get the same treatment as Lindsay Lohan or any other celebrity, the fact that these "celebrities" think they can get away with murder is just infuriating, what will happen when they put someones life in danger or kill someone. Not to mention our taxes our raised to protect these imbeciles with security. She belongs in jail just like anyone else that violates there probation 10 times.

1595 days ago

Total Moron Zone    

As if TMZ is a recognized paragon of public influence. More like public flatulence.

MR. McPHERSON, since you frequent this site, it's obvious you're not above fishing in a sewer for more lame excuses for your client.

Typical lawyer delay and obfuscation tactics of a matter regardless of how foolish it makes you look. What's next, some sort of Twinkie defense? Her dog chewed off her scram?

1595 days ago


"There are current widespread public feelings of intense negativity against Ms. Lohan ..." McPherson says it's highly likely the jury pool will be tainted against her."
Gee, I wonder why that is. Could it be that her client acts in a way that is incredibly annoying to us normal folk, while at the same time taking absolutely no responsibility for her actions? Could it be that she...

1) Kidnapped 2 people, stole a car & engaged in a high speed chase, probably under the influence of alcohol & blow?
2) Drove drunk numerous occassions?
3) Was arrested with blow in her pocket and said her assistant set her up?
4) Is a full blown alcoholic & drug addict (rehabbed 3x & CHOOSES to drink & INSISTS on hanging out in high risk enviornments like bars & parties nightly)?
5) Steals property from friends & others (photo shoot property, a ladies fur coat, over $1 million in jewelry from a BH jeweler)?
6) Has been thrown out of & barred from numerous bars in LA & New York because she causes problems wherever she goes (including throwing full bottles of liquor at people)?
7) Continues to demand attention by texting the papps ahead of time, to let them know where she'll be so they'll take her picture?
8) Is incredibly irresponsible, never once taking responsibility for how she acts?
9) Refuses to meet her legal requirements (shows up hours late to legal proceedings, doesn't finish her alcohol education classes, misses legal deadlines, etc) while continually blames others when she's caught with drugs or doing something infuriating or illegal?

She's a provocatuer; she purposely provokes people, hoping to get a response & attention. Well, she's gotten a response; people hate the way she acts, hate how shes such an insufferably arrogant entitled little princess; in short, they hate her. Don't blame tabloids for this; it's totally her fault & any "tainting of the pool" has been done by her & her alone. So, deal with it & stop whining; your client is the problem, not TMZ...

1595 days ago


Lindsay, to put it simply, we all hoped you would get help a long time ago. You have continued to duck and dodge for years now. And now, you're flaunting the law and using your money and lawyer to get away with continuing to abuse substances. We're all sick of it.

1595 days ago

Rod Longer    

I can't wait to party with LiLo when she's off the SCRAM.

1595 days ago


@150 Idiot Great post! They should bring your post in and show it to the judge.

1595 days ago


she's ****ed!!

1595 days ago


Her attorney has a valid point. Thing is, it's TMZ that fuels the hate because--it make's money for them. TMZ got on the map back in the days when Lindsay, Britney and Paris were all being bad girls. I remember TMZ posting that Paris was going to take "little pink blankies" to jail with her and it got close to 500 comments about "special treatment" etc even though it was obviously BS. If you pay attention to anything negative about her on TV news they usually start with "According to TMZ". Without "haters" TMZ would probably be out of business. Sure everyone has the right to freedom of speech. That's not what the attorney is talking about. It's the content of that speech that concerns him.
If you want to let TMZ pull your chain that's up to you. Post all the hate you want. It's your right.

1595 days ago


Regardless of her status in life she still continues to make dangerous mistakes and should be held accountable. Let's stop with this "I'm a victim of bad publicity" bs because she knew what being a celebrity would entail, your life under a microscope. If it weren't for HER bad and odd behavior she prob wouldn't have any publicity anyways.

1595 days ago
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