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Lindsay's Lawyer: TMZ Users Hate Her Too Much

6/9/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's civil lawyer is asking a judge to delay a big civil trial ... because so many people want Lindsay to crash and burn at the moment, she just can't get a fair shake with the jury.


TMZ has obtained legal docs that attorney Ed McPherson will file this morning ... in connection with a lawsuit in which several people claim they were terrorized by LiLo during a wild, dunken ride down Pacific Coast Highway in 2007.  It's the same incident for which Lindsay is now on probation.

According to McPherson, "Every facet of the criminal proceeding and every facet of Ms. Lohan's life ... have been reported on TMZ and other media outlets literally on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis."  McPherson goes on:  "There are current widespread public feelings of intense negativity against Ms. Lohan ..."  McPherson says it's highly likely the jury pool will be tainted against her.

And McPherson includes some harsh comments -- he told us they're right from the "comments" section of TMZ -- including, "I hate her; she should be killed."  "She's a drunk, a junkie, a no-talent actress who has no respect for the law."  "This bitch needs to be locked up without her drugs and her roommates ..."

And McPherson adds, Lindsay could end up in jail for 6 months if the judge in her criminal case rules she violated her probation.  Therefore, McPherson says, the civil trial must be put on ice until the criminal case is resolved.

UPDATE:  TMZ has learned, the judge in the civil case just denied Lindsay's motion to postpone the trial.  But the issue can be revisited after Lindsay's probation violation hearing on July 6.


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@15 and you are a definite TMZ user........

The reason America pretty much hates this girl is this exact reason. Bull**** excuse after bull**** excuse to do whatever the **** she wants. She isn't getting away with it this time. GOOD.

1575 days ago


Dear Lawyer o Lindseys...Lindsey CHOOSE to live a public life its why they get the big bucks...people are pissed off becuase we see stars get light sentances and preferential treatment ALL the time. OJ. Paris Hilton, and yeah lilo. If I did what lindsey did i would quickly be behind bars for a long time. Celebs like charlie sheen and lilo get wrist slaps despite doing a really good job of showing they havnt learned anything, dont care, and dont give a damn. If lilo didnt want the world to judge her she should have toned it down and layed low for a while. She could have killed someone and has no remorse at all. brat with a bracelet judge would give me that if it was me i would be in prison for years. I think lindseys had enuff spoiling and coddling its what messed her up to begin with. she needs to face justice like the REST of us and be treated like the rest of us for a change. it would be good for her to discover their IS consequances for her behaviour. yeah i want to see lilo punished...just as i would be punished. lilo uses the press to her advantage ALL the time. if she doesnt want the press anymore she should retire from acting and get a job at walmart or burger king which is all she is quailified for. she makes a living begging people to LOOK AT HER...well we are looking.

1575 days ago


That tends to happen to people that thumb their nose at the legal system and get away breaking the law with things like felony actions (bringing drugs into a Police station)…
Really, the legal system is to blame, however..her fragrant attitude is what people get worked up about…When a person is a habitual offender, blatantly breaks probation and does it with such a FU attitude, yea, that is going to tend to turn people off.
There will always be the extremists, I am sure nobody really wants her dead, please…just accountable…just held to the same legal recourse as the rest of us..I think people are fed up with the rich and famous getting away with whatever they want…and laughing about it.
I can guarantee you if some normal Jo was busted for DUI and caught with coke on their persons, at a police station they wouldn’t be walking around with no jail time, no probation, and no fines, nothing...that is the problem.

It must be very flattering to TMZ that this lawyer thinks the everybody is posting comments on here…hahaha…I for one think it may have been a bad move to point these things out to the Judge..I mean, if he/she has to read through all of these comments one would conclude that people are not happy about the unfair treatment and the judicial system in general. Delaying the trial will only stir the fire IMO.

1575 days ago


Oops @14, not 15 on my last comment.

1575 days ago

Katie C    

Dear Ed McPherson:

There is not a single solitary TMZ (or other site) reader that takes Ms. Lohan by the hand, pours the alcohol down her throat, and then lets her behind the wheel of a car. She did that all on her own. Please understand... I'm sober 20 years -- we know one when we see one. It's not rocket science. If she doesn't want the public having a bad opinion of her, PERHAPS she should do DIFFERENTLY. Just a suggestion.

1575 days ago

LA Native    

This is utterly ridiculous. She made all this happen and if she can't deal with it, then tough luck. If she would just get herself OUT of the spotlight for once then none if this would be happening. You've ruined your own life and nobody feels sorry for you anymore. You have had way too many chances to prove us all wrong and you've FAILED miserably. Another day, another lie, no-one wants to hear you anymore because nobody can believe you.
What a lame excuse....after excuse...after excuse....when does it ever end?
TMZ has been on her, yes, but then so have ALL the other pap sites, LA Times, etc. and who's fault is that, hmm? You can only blame yourself Lindsay and why don't you just go sit on a deserted island somewhere and shut the F up for once in your insignificant pitiful life. Get the H.E.L.L. away from everything and take a good hard look at what you've become, it's shameful. Take your con acts somewhere else, we don't want them in LA anymore. We've had ENOUGH of your lying BS. Oh, and don't come back.

1575 days ago


What her lawyer said is true. It is very apparent TMZ would like nothing more than Lindsay's death. They were the catalyst for her arrest warrant, keeping the world up to date on her alcohol classes. This put nothing but public pressure on our justice system which should be concerned with real criminals. Lindsay needs help and love.. nothing more, noting less.

1575 days ago


I don;t think I would hate her at all if I could get away with everything she does and not have to go to jail. I mean seriously how can she use "TMZ people don't like me" as a defense... I guess it goes to show you Lindsey does frequent these forums

1575 days ago


She's a stupid f*cking botox fake fish lipped b!tch that thinks her own **** don't stink. F*ck her......

1575 days ago


Excellent, let me add some more for the lawyer to tell the judge about.

Lindsey is a spoiled little bitch who looks 20 years older than she actually is because of all the drugs and alcohol she's plugged into her body.

Lindsey should get her ass kicked for so many reasons that there just isn't enough space here to list them, but I'll start with that ASININE lawsuit against E-Trade.

Lindsey should have already been in jail about 19 times and I think her ****bag lawyers should get thrown in there with her for all the bull**** and spin-doctoring they do. (I know, they're lawyers, so "bull**** and spin-doctoring" just comes with the territory, but frankly I'm in favor of ALL lawyers serving time with their lawbreaking clients when they're found guilty, and/or for just wasting the time and money of the public on stupid **** such as anything and everything associated with LiLo.)

We are all so sick of Lindsey and her entire family that if they were to all go down in an airplane to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, we'd probably call Congress to have that day proclaimed a future national holiday.

Oh, and finally, the one thing Lindsey Lohan is good for, she probably isn't very good at.

1575 days ago


You reap what you sow!!!...Have fun in jail!

1575 days ago


this bitch car jacked these people any one of us in the real world would be doing 10 to 20 years what she did she stole a car and kidded napped these people she healed these people agaisted the will did not oj get life in jail **** herput her ass in jail

1575 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

I don't know about anyone else but I don't like her very much

1575 days ago


I love Lindsay and I only wish the best for her and hopefully some day people will come to know her and love her for who she is. A know talent drug abuser.

1575 days ago


Sorry, but I don't feel sorry for her at all now. If that were an ordinary person such as myself pulling the crap she did, you can guarantee that my a$$ would be in jail. She did the crime, she should do the time, but instead she is continuing to do the things that put her in the situation she is right now. Face it she wanted to be a celebrity and she is, but for all the wrong reasons.
There are many other celebs out there far more known than her, and they manage to keep on the straight an narrow.
In my opinion if she wanted to better for herself she would, no one is to blame but herself, and no one can help her if SHE doesn't want the help.

1575 days ago
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