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Coleman Executor -- Give Back Gary's Truck!

6/9/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife has pilfered Gary's truck, video game system, and lots of other stuff ... and now the police are involved ... so says the executor of Gary's estate.


Dion Mial tells TMZ Shannon Price entered Gary's digs and took, among other things, a 2005 Dodge pick-up, a cargo trailer, computers, telephones, musical instruments and furnishings. 

Chief Dennis Howard of the Santaquin PD tells TMZ last night his officers accompanied a locksmith who changed the locks at Gary's house, per Mial's request.  And the Chief says, Monday night cops went to the house as Shannon's family was loading Gary's stuff onto a truck.  Howard says his officers convinced Shannon's dad to return the load to Gary's house, but Mial says that was just the tip of the iceberg -- Shannon had already cleaned Gary out.

Mial tells TMZ he's told Price she's prohibited from entering the property again and is demanding the return of everything she's taken, or else he'll seek criminal charges.


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"Shannon may be a few bricks shy, inarticulate,and thoughtless but she was there when the others were not."

Posted at 7:15 PM on Jun 9, 2010 by Anonymous

*************SHE WAS THERE CUS SHE FKN PUSHED HIM DOWN THE STAIRS NOT CUS SHE GAVE A FK*********************************************

1599 days ago

Gsharon 710    

I just can't get over it. I understand the pics the bitch took of Gary dying has hit the internet. Someone in IMDB supposedly has a link to it. BITCH

1599 days ago


this woman is real piece of shi*. go to she is looking right into the camera as gary lie there dying. they should really reconsider pressing charges against her, i dont think she pushed him but after he fell she just let him lay there isnt that like involuntary manslaughter or something.

1599 days ago


Does she not realize they were DIVORCED.

1599 days ago


Some people keep saying she was there for him. Maybe he was there for her. Did she have anywhere else to go ? Seems like she doesn't like to work... so my guess is it was the other way around. He probably felt bad for her cause everybody else probably got sick of her freeloading.

1599 days ago


Too bad she isnt the one that had a seizure and hit her head and died. She just isnt worth the air she uses up.

1599 days ago


Will this woman ever shed a tear ?? Oh no, she's too busy cleaning out Gary Coleman's house when she was told not to enter the house. Will this woman ever grieve for Gary ? Oh no, she's too busy doing the interview circuit trying to get sympathy and money from his fans.

This woman has no boundaries and I wouldn't be surprised if his fall wasn't an accident. It seems like she's doing all this stealing of his property to worry about such things.

My father died yesterday morning and my eyes are practically swollen shut from crying, and this woman who supposedly loved Gary is too busy taking pictures and removing property that doesn't belong to her to even care if the man is dead ! His worst nightmare came true, but thankfully he passed away and doesn't have to see it.

I'm very suspcious about his accidental fall...this isn't a normal grieving ex-wife. Just must have really hated him and couldn't wait for an opportunity to push him down a flight of stairs...evil is what evil does.

1599 days ago


he was a mean sick LITTLE man when he was alive. he was so bad to her i would have left him a long time ago. i think she was a little touched in the head. she should get some thing for living with him at all.

1599 days ago


Why is she even involved? She is Gary's ex-wife. She should'nt be taking anything. She is owed nothing. People can be so disgusting when it comes to taking other peoples things.

1599 days ago


what a BCH. From what all I've read your ONE SRRYYY A^^ BCH. Why did you pull the plug on him so QUICK Miracles do happen. You MONEYYYY GRUBBING BCH. IMO the Police should look INTO what happened a little more. You and your MONEYY HUNGRY FAMILY CAN'T EVEN WAIT UNTIL THE POOR GUY IS LAID TO REST. WHAT TRASH, MAKES MEE SOO SICKKKKK. I GET SICKKK HEARING ANYTHING ABOUT YOU... TRASHHH

1599 days ago


TRICK on a Mission!

WOW She-Wolf can't even fake the greed!

Thank God for Dion! He seems to be the one man that got her number.
This Dizzy chick is on a roll and her father seems to be down with the cause too.

"Garry quoted" All SHE-WOLF cares about is money. And she has no shame in what and how she gets it ..... no time to morn she wants to get paid right now!

This was Garrys' property he worked for it, even when he didn't want to , she's A Nobody. A BIG FAT ZERO and she knows it too.

Just a "TRICK" try'n to get a nut. She-Wolf reminds me of "SWAMP THING" CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON,


Too bad He hooked up with a COLD unclassy trickster.

1598 days ago


This girl Shannon just beat out Rachel Uchitel for low class shank of the year. Profitting off of destroying multiple families, or profitting off the dead is the lowest anyone can go.

1598 days ago

something smells    

they need to autopsy him like everything and see what injuries he had/blood work--for her to deny shoving him down stairs without any prompting looks like she had more to do with him getting hurt, and then pulled him off life support so he couldn't maybe tell authorities something? too suspicious

1597 days ago

BQI Guy    

That gal Shannon is one UGLY looking broad - what in the hell did Coleman see in her grotesque puss?

1597 days ago


That cold-hearted evil bitch doesn't deserve Gary's house, vehicle, or anything else that belongs to him.

1596 days ago
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