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Little People to Spike TV -- Stop Calling Us Midgets!

6/10/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A new reality show about vertically challenged wrestlers is seriously pissing off an organization called Little People of America ... and it's all over the word "midget."


The show behind the controversy is Spike TV's "Half Pint Brawlers" -- which features several wee wrestlers who drop the M-bomb on each other about a gazillion times an episode.

But the LPA claims the M-word on the show is just as offensive as "guido" on "Jersey Shore" -- because it reinforces "archaic, objectifying and stigmatizing stereotypes" about little people.

The LPA suggests more politically correct alternatives like "little person," "person with dwarfism," and "person of short stature."

But according to Spike TV, "Only the 'Half Pint Brawlers' use the term 'midget' in the show," and note that the Brawlers, "respectfully disagree with the LPA's assessment of the word."


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How recondite.

1509 days ago


Spike should now change the name to "Midget Clips"

1509 days ago


This is one I've never understood. I may be out-of-line here (and I'm sure some of you will let me know if I am), but "midget" sounds much better than "dwarf", and certainly better than "little person".

Why? Well because "dwarf" is too bound to literature and entertainment, as in, a troll with a battle axe. It also sounds too clinical.

"Little person" sounds too politically correct, like "European-American", "African-American", "Antarctican-American" [Why not? It's a continent, too.]

"Midget" means "short". Midget cars, midget this, midget that. It doesn't feel insensitive, but then, again, I wouldn't know. I'm not short.

I would think that the height-challenged people should rethink this. But that's just my opinion. I'm not height-challenged. I've got my own problems to deal with.

1509 days ago


I guess it's okay to call each other the M word like some rappers say its okay for them to call each other the N word... which leads me to my point that these words are supposed to be so offense yet in a manner of speaking not to offend we are inferring that these are the most important words that start with M and N...

1509 days ago


The P.C. Nazi's strike again. They should really get over themselves.

1509 days ago


How about shrinky dinks?

1509 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Wow, sounds like those MIDGETS are mad!

1509 days ago


The Half Pint Brawlers use the word midget to make money as Puppet himself admits to in a clip of the show. Their partnership with Spike sends the message that the word is OK to use and OK to refer to others with a form of dwarfism as such. In fact if you understand the history of the word and how it was used, you will find that puppet is not a midget. UNDERSTAND FIRST!

Back in the day, the word midget referred to someone of short stature who was proportionate…which Puppet is not. He refers to himself as one because there was a time when the word was used as an umbrella term for those people with a form of dwarfism that were exploited and put on public display because of their unique psychical features... a sideshow. Not only is it considered highly offensive by the large majority, it is a word that identifies a person of short stature as a “lowbar” spectacle, cheap gag, and sideshow act. It is humiliating and degrading when your only identity becomes the word midget and all the baggage that come with it. Puppet is a dwarf (puppet the psycho dwarf) if you want to use the so called correct term. So then why is it called "midget wrestling"? They call themselves midgets to profit much like how people in the past, and now like Spike, will profited from a persons difference for the entertainment and amusement others.

This in fact would be unacceptable to all networks and production companies if they utilized the "N" word or offensive slang terms that reflect other ethnic backgrounds, minorities, gender, or any other group that has large numbers. Instead Spike finds it OK to proceed with such programming when it comes to people with a form of dwarfism when the numbers and threat is low. A pretty cowardly act I am sure you agree.

BEFORE YOU START SAYING THAT EVERYONE IS BEING SO POLITICALY CORRECT, it is important for you to realize the impact that the word midget will have on children with a type of dwarfism. By labeling them as a “midget” It becomes their only identity, it lowers their self esteem, it casts them aside, it contributes to name calling, teasing, and bullying in school, less chance of employment and nothing less then contributing to lesser chance to succeed in life. If you had a family member or yourself had a form of dwarfism…would you like to be referred to as a midget? THINK!

1509 days ago


I call them nidgets.

1509 days ago


We all know how long the term "person of color" lasted in common usage, don't we? ***bersome, doomed to fail.

Politically correct terminal ends of the alimentary canal insist that we have a gentle, perfect, sensitive language in a violent, imperfect, and brutal world. Somehow, pretending something ain't so makes it easier to live with? Finding a prettier phrase to call it distances it more from a horrid past than a world that has evolved beyond the horror in its actions?

BTW, there is also nothing intrinsically wrong with the word "retarded" to designate people with inborn intellectual deficits. Their intellects ARE retarded. It's a legitimate, descriptive word. The insult comes when using the term AS an insult, especially toward presumptively normal people behaving stupidly or badly.

You can't insult nature's/God's choices. They are what they are. These people have nothing to be ashamed of. Why act as though they do and dance all around the reality?

1509 days ago


STOP IT WITH "THE M-WORD"! Midget! And I have a question for all the midgets out there... Isnt it MORE offensive to be called LITTLE PERSON?

1509 days ago


Please do not get so excited just understand. That is because you do not have a type of dwarfism or live with it and you do not want to take the time to understand the meaning of the word. While little person might not be the best choice for all, unfortunately we live in a world of labels. If you are little compared to the majority and are a person that might be the best label for you. Much better than a word that associates you with all the negative baggage it carries. As I explained before, the word midget is used to profit off a persons difference. The majority of people with a form of dwarfism preferred to be called “little people”.
Why not respect the wishes of the large majority and understand the reasons why the word midget is considered offensive and live on?
Of course they have nothing to be ashamed of so stop referring to them as something that suggests they do.

1509 days ago

Mad Martigan    

What about Peck? Can we call them pecks?

1508 days ago


Well this sets precedent, now the NAACP can go after Chris Rock, the estate of Richard Pryor and basically every black rapper over the past 20 years (Will Smith excluded, of course)

1507 days ago


That is brilliant! If it makes you feel better about yourself...go right ahead.
No sure what is so hard to understand but yeah everyone needs to fell good about themselves.

NAACP would shut this show down in a minute. Spike would never have the balls to run something
called "****** wrestling" Smart or Coward?

1506 days ago
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