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Jesse James Chills for Lunch During Trial

6/9/2010 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James and his lawyer, Joe Yanny, went to lunch during a recess from his latest trial.

Jesse James
Jesse is being sued by a clothing company that claims he reneged on a contract.


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1605 days ago

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ewwwwwww..whats with his fingers??????

1605 days ago


Why would he not goto lunch? **** TMZ find something a bit more substantial I swear.

1605 days ago

Just Sayin    


1605 days ago


Tooth picks are a deal breaker for me !!!!!!!!!!!! LOL What the heck was Sandra thinking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1605 days ago


Why is it everyone and their pet parrot has a clothing line at Walmart?

1605 days ago

who farted    


1605 days ago


I don't know how some of these poor celebs stand the constant dogging by photogs. They can't ever look bad, scratch or have a bad day that isn't on film. And if there isn't any subsequent pose, some photogs hurl insults at them and snap the resulting expression.

Pretty harsh stuff. Goes with the territory but it's still terrible.

1605 days ago

bring back recent posts    

JLS...ya boohoo for the celebrity dealin with this...for the less that 1% who make it in the least they have wads of cash to cry in..awwww..poor celebs...geeeeez

1605 days ago


Walmart over the years has made millions and millions off of Jesse tshirts, sweatshirts, calendars and all the other stuff they could put his likeness on.

What most dont realize is that after Walmart takes their cut, Jesse gets his cut after taxes, he really doesnt make all that much to be called a "star" or horrendously rich. He isnt getting 2 Million per episode a week like Charlie Sheen or other actors and their 20 million a movie.

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon now to get a piece of Jesse while the majority who would be on a jury would find him guilty of pee'ing on a toilet seat, seriously. The man is down, the world hates him for hurting his wonderful wife(which is substantiated)and there are not many who isnt going to be bias'd.

Judge needs to throw this action out, it has no merit primarily and is just some other gutter slime trying to make a buck off someone who has a bit of money.
Like the Exwife who gets out of a treatment center, she needs money, is selling all her stories(or others do it for her and she gets a cut)is wanting custody of her daughter back, hello and all this screams is MONEY, Child Support!!! If this woman cared about her child she would have NEVER done the things she did, or gotten into the shape she let herself with drugs, porno, men etc.
For this case, the Judge needs to tell her to get a job(after all she did get her GED while in jail), be able to support herself and go for a year with weekly drug and alcohol testing and then file for child visitation. A schedule to start slow with supervision for a few hours a week. If this woman cared about her child and improving her own life, this is what she would be doing, finding employment, continue going to school(free college for single mothers) and keep working on getting her life together.
Not filing "give me custody and child support the day she gets out of housing".
Judge if you are reading this, you know the drill and how this stuff works. She needs to concentrate on herself, a job, college, and getting herself together before she even takes up the courts time. Then short supervised visitation times during the week for the well being of the child, nice and slow.

Now, everyone out there wanting a chunk out of a broken man, and he is broke(not monetary) then your timing sucks and is premeditated.

Its always the people who have already made a chunk off the name Jesse James and WestCoast Chopppers who keeps wanting more and more and more.

Jesse, yep we know each other, havent seen each other in a long time, but friends of the family kinda thing. Off roaders, harleys etc.
So stay cool huney, let everyone have their cameras, stalk you and your children, and keep concentrating on what is dear to your heart, you family, kids, Westcoast. All the paparazzi will end back up in the gutter where they sit in the slime and wait for the next "big" story, while the rest of us work our butts off.

Or, I would like to see some "famous" folks get something moving in the laws that prevent these photographers from laying in wait, predators, to take pictures of children. You should get that rolling my friend with a few others and make it happen, cause it makes me sick.

1605 days ago


What has happen to a AOL site by placing a ad on this site

1605 days ago


The gelled-combed-back hair style. I wonder what his hair does when he's in his gorilla mode???? Probably swishes gel everywhere.
An emotionally arrested bottom-feeding chamelion...those of us who have 'experienced' one see it all so clear.

1605 days ago

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